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Phylotek Dynasty


Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Minor Power


4 tomb worlds

Head of State

Cariamekh the Beloved

Head of Government

Cariamekh the Beloved, various Overlords

Governmental Structure

Liberal Autocracy

State Religion/Ideology

Lovecron Fanatacism


Necrons, Humans

Military Force

Necron Forces

An army of Lovecrons


– Amarvykar the Giftbearer

"F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea!"

Phaerakh Cariamekh explaining her ideology to the captured imperial governor of an aquatic world, with her retinue of Lychguard as the chorus

The Phylotek Dynasty, also know as the Lovecrons, are Necrons that love to love. They wear pink and love loving.

They are generally considered insane by the other Dynasties, and the rest of the Galaxy for that matter, but they don't really care, and are quite happy to give all those other Gloomy Gusses great big hugs whenever they get the chance. Their primary goal is to spread their ideals of love and affection wherever they can (by force if necessary.)

Lolicron is suprisingly not a Lovecron, but this is mainly Papalith's fault.


The history of the Phylotek begins all the way back in the War in Heaven, when they were simply a ordinary Necron Dynasty. However, due to a fault in their Biotransference Furnaces, the C'tan were unable to consume the tiny fragment of their soul associated with love and compassion. This wasn't much of a problem as the remaining fragments were so small they didn't appreciably effect the amount of sustenance the C'tan gained, and the Necrons were fully under their control, so there was no chance of them causing any problems.

This changed during the time of the Great Awakening. By this time the surface of the Phylotek Crown World of Venuxiatel had been colonized by The Imperium of Man, and an invasion of Chaos triggered the tomb's anti-warp protocols. When the Phylotek awakened, the remaining fragment of their souls came to dominate the entire psyche of every Necron in the Dynasty. Thus, when they saw that there were humans on the surface who were being attacked by the servants of the Formless Horror, they immediately decided that a) Humans were the most adorable things they had ever seen and that b) they must rescue them immediately, which they did with all gusto. They then declared the Humans of the planet their new Subjects/BFFs, and set about repairing all their stuff and giving all the Children candy.

After this they started enacting their resurrection protocols as normal, bringing nearby tomb complexes online and generally securing their domain. Now, with their Crown World fully active, they begin their relentless march across the stars, to restore their kingdom to greatness and spread their message of love, compassion and general good-will to the rest of the galaxy, whether the rest of the galaxy likes it or not.

As of recently, They are currently engaged in repelling a Tyranid splinter fleet from their territory.

Relations with other Races[edit]

Imperium of Man[edit]

The Phylotek Dynasty has an complex relationship with the Imperium of Man. On the one hand they love Humans and think they are absolutely adorable, on the other hand they view the Imperium as backwards and oppressive, and as a result of this often go about "liberating" human worlds and adding them to their empire, much to the Imperium's chagrin. The Imperium itself simply views the Phylotek as another subversive enemy to be destroyed once they can muster the resources to do so. The inquisition in particular finds them to be quite annoying, as they often have to cover up the fact that the standard of living of Phylotek worlds is significantly nicer overall than that of Imperial worlds.


The Dark Gods hold the interesting position of being one of the only two sets beings that The Necrons of the Phylotek Dynasty unequivocally dislike, with the second being the C'tan. Despite this, when fighting the forces of the Formless Horror they often go out of their way to capture their mortal servants whenever possible. They then place these poor creatures in warp shielded cells, and assign them therapists (actually just warriors in fake glasses and ugly sweater vests) to try and rehabilitate them. This almost never actually works, but they keep trying nonetheless. Daemons and warp spawn, however, are simply purged, just like in every other Dynasty.


The Phylotek Dynasty finds the Orks to be absolutely hilarious, and mainly focus on containing them to worlds set aside as Ork reservations. This Strategy has had mixed success to say the least, and some amongst the Dynasty advocate that they try to "cure the Orks of their Madness" altogether. As no one knows how they would even begin to do this, however, the current policy stands.

The Orks themselves, while they find the Phylotek to be a little strange, don't really have strong opinions on the Dynasty, and are mainly just glad that they get a good scrap out of them when they inevitably come to blows.


The Phylotek genuinely pity the Eldar, seeing most of their current struggles as the result of the fact that they were Bioweapons not intended for long-term existence outside the context of a war, and were unable to properly take care of themselves after their creators were destroyed. They thus feel partly responsible for the Eldar's current predicament, and are trying to find ways of helping them out. The Eldar themselves, however, treat the Phylotek as they would any other Dynasty, i.e. with extreme prejudice, and, as a result, efforts to render aid by the Dynasty have been slow going.

Craftworld Eldar[edit]

The Dynasty has had little overall contact with the Craftworlds, and the few attempts they have made to initiate diplomatic exchanges have all ended in violence. Now they simply give the Craftworlds a wide berth, and hope that they eventually come to their senses. The Eldar of these Craftworlds are convinced that the show of kindness is simply a rouse, and are waiting intently for the other shoe to drop.

Dark Eldar[edit]

The Dynasty is not entirely sure what to make of the Dark Eldar, but the general policy is, if they can be taken prisoner, to simply place them in stasis fields until they figure out what to do with them. The Dark Eldar themselves absolutely despise the Phylotek, due to them being, not only the exact opposite of everything they stand for, but also absolutely useless for holding back she-who-thirsts. Not only can they not be tortured in the traditional manner, but they also lack enough of a presence in the warp to draw any useful energy from. General consensus is to kill on sight.


It is with the Exodites that the Dynasty has had the most success in making friends. They declared some nearby Exodite homeworlds as being under their protection, and while the locals weren't exactly happy about it, there is very little they can actually do to stop it, so they just put up with it as long as no Necrons actually come to the planet. The Phylotek see this as an absolute win.


There has been no interaction between these two factions to date, but what little info the Dynasty has on the Tau suggests that they would get along famously. Wait until they learn about the brainwashing pheromones. That won’t end well.


Initially the Phylotek viewed the Tyranids as simply another challenge to be overcome, but after several disastrous attempts by their Psychomancers to befriend the Hivemind, they eventually gave up and accepted that they would simply have to be exterminated. They may not like it, but that's the way it is. As for the Hivemind itself, well... who can really say what they think?

Other Necrons[edit]

As mentioned above, all the other Dynasties view the Phylotek as insane, and the Phylotek don't much care for many of the other's practices as well. They're closest neighbors are the Sautekh, and it's a well know fact that the Stormlord has his Oculars set on someday either absorbing or destroying them. The only reason he hasn't yet done so, is because he is still too busy with his more immediate neighbors and threats.

Trazyn the Infinite[edit]

The Phylotek Dynasty does not like Overlord Trazyn, as they view him as a thief and kidnapper, which is absolutely true, and as such they have declared him a persona non grata. Trazyn himself, of course, doesn't care about this at all, and frequently pops in to pilfer things and make a general nuisance of himself. On occasion he will even abduct human citizens to take them on tours of his galleries, as they are some of the only beings in the galaxy who not only can appreciate his work, but also don't scream the whole time he is talking.

Characters of Note[edit]

Phaerakh Cariamekh the Beloved[edit]

The Phaerakh of the Phylotek Dynasty, she is currently working on rebuilding her empire while also helping out the new neighbors. She is essentially a combination of your cool aunt and your fun grandmother, and is a strong contender for nicest being in the galaxy, and while she may not be as wily as fellows like Phaeron Imotekh and Nemesor Zahndrekh, she is still in the habit of getting shit done on a pretty regular basis.

Cryptek Amarvykar the Giftbearer[edit]

A high-ranking Cryptek Biomancer, Amarvykar is most well-known for his invention of a far more effective rejuvenat treatment that is also cheap enough for the common man to afford. He purportedly did this so that he would "have more time to spend with his friends." His current main project is finding a way to reverse biotransference, but it's rather slow going, as he restricts himself solely to ethical means of research, and the side-gig as a pediatrician doesn't exactly help either. Illuminor Szeras hates him with a passion that shouldn't really be possible for a Necron to experience.

Lord Houzytar the Stoic[edit]

A major General of the Phylotek forces, originally just a Hardass, he is now a Hardass with a Heart of Gold, and is currently leading the campaign against the Tyranid splinter fleet that is invading Phylotek territory. One of the Necrons who was most thrown by the current state of affairs for the Dynasty, but he was, and is, a soldier first and foremost, and upon receiving clear orders of where to go and who to shoot he adapted quickly enough.

Note on Coloration[edit]

Although the Phylotek Dynasty is most famous for their heavy use of the color pink on all their units and war machines, this behavior is actually the domain of a small group of enthusiasts, and is not representative of the Dynasty as a whole. In point of fact, the majority of Phylotek forces continue to use their traditional color scheme of gunmetal necrodermis with salmon highlights and energy. Any leader facing them on the battlefield, would do well to remember this, and not let themselves get distracted by their more brightly colored forces.