Low Fantasy

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Low Fantasy is a fantasy Setting Aesthetics term which practically no two people agree on the precise definition of, beyond being the polar opposite of High Fantasy. At its core, it adheres much closer to a "realistic" version of a semi-historical world - it's usually set on a world other than Earth, though, which helps distinguish it from historical fantasy, but not always. A Low Fantasy world generally has a "shades of gray" approach to morality, often slanting towards the cynical, which is why the term is often confused with Dark Fantasy. Magical elements are extremely rare and subdued; dinosaurs are more likely to appear than dragons, and even then still be rare, whilst the world is distinctly humanocentric, with minimal (if any) demihuman presence and magic being extremely rare and/or weak. Adventurers are usually normal people who have taken up a cause, if not just wandering psycho bastards.