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Luchs means Lynx

During WW2 the Germans developed a staggering number of vehicles, like seriously the Germans in Flames of War (Battlefront's WW2 15mm game) have roughly 200 unique vehicles. Among this multitude were a variety of 8 wheeled reconnaissance vehicles like the SdKfz 234 and Schwerer Panzerspähwagen. After the war, and the rise of the Iron Curtain, the West Germans began developing new generation of reconnaissance vehicles, which happened to have the 8 wheels and the same general layout of those WW2 armored cars.

Aside from the glaring similarities to its precursors, the Spahpanzer Luchs was an armored scout car that was utilized by the West Germans During the cold war. The Luchs was armed with one 20mm Rh202 autocannon in the turret and a 7.62mm MG3 mounted on a pintel for the vehicle commander.

In Team Yankee[edit]

Die Stats

Like most Reconnaissance Vehicles, like the BRDM-2 or the Lynx_Reconnaissance_Patrol, the Luchs is not very good in a straight fight. The front and side armor of 2 means that it can stand up to small arms fire, but anything serious, like a .50 cal stands a good chance of destroying you Spahpanzer. Also, the disappointing top armor of 0 means that ARTILLERY and SALVO weapons stand a decent chance of wiping out a platoon of these things.

When shooting, rather than being shot at, the Luchs is actually quite adequate. The 20mm Rh202 autocannon's AT rating of 7 lets the Luchs easily deal with other recon vehicles or transports, though the Firepower Rating of 5+ means that you are more likely to merely bail your target than destroy it out right. The MG3 for the commander is quite capable of mowing through infantry with its consistent 3 shots, through for more dug in targets you might want to use the autocannon.

However the greatest asset at a Luchs' disposal is not its weapons, its speed, or its stealth, it is the Spearhead Rule. Now, how the Spearhead rule works is, after you have deployed your Luchs', they may move out of your initial deployment zone their standard move distance, and then in an 8-inch bubble around them, you may deploy any unit as though it was part of your deployment zone. If you suddenly had a vision of a half dozen Jaguar 1 HOT missile launchers tucked safely away in an advanced position with LOS into your opponent's deployment zone, you have the right idea. Since these Spearheaded units start your turn immobile, any weapon that needs to be stationary to fire is completely ready to go the instant your turn begins *evil german laugh*.

Luchs come in platoons of 2 for 1 point each (not any more, cost increase by 1pt), a bargain given the shenanigans you can get up to with the Spearhead Rule. Take note that they are incredibly fragile even for a recon unit, and should immediately duck out if you do not wish to give your opponent an easy kill point.


"Ve don't tok about vat grandpa did durink ze war".
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