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lumpley games (intentionally uncapitalised) is an independent internet publishing house run by Vincent Baker. Among the highly-praised inventory are:

  • Dogs in the Vineyard - Mormon peacekeepers tryin' to look after the good folk on the American frontier
  • kill puppies for satan (intentionally uncapitalised) - the game that all the wingnut propaganda hyperbole warns you about.
  • Mechaton - stompy robots are stompy; so many faces, so few feet.
  • In a Wicked Age - you don't know the setting until after you start, and every player has at least one goal that conflicts with another player.
  • Poison'd - all the betrayal, sodomy, scurvy, rickets and syphilis that makes being a pirate wonderful.
  • Storming the Wizard's Tower - fuck this indie RPG storytelling shit, I just wanna beat up monsters and get loot.
  • Apocalypse World - every post-apoc setting in one. Every player picks a unique archetype that comes with it's own playset to incorporate into the setting; and the GM never rolls dice, only players do.

His games follow the "lumpley principle": "System (including but not limited to 'the rules') is defined as the means by which the group agrees to imagined events during play," and are usually based on conflict resolution with a poker-like mechanic of sees and raises. He is also known for not shying from use of profanity and controversial themes, and as a result he receives a lot of poorly spelled hate mail.

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