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The Lynx is a sort of super-heavy grav-tank used by the Eldar. It is larger than the Falcon yet smaller than the Scorpion and its offshoots, so it's probably more accurate to put it in the heavy grav-tank category, if there even is such a category. It is believed that only Craftworld Mymeara makes use of this unique vehicle, though whether they intend to share the design, especially with their Alaitocii allies, is a matter of grave importance to the Ordo Xenos since if Mymeara starts to mass trade Lynxes, than the Imperium would face a very fast super-heavy tank. As in, very fast.

Unlike other super-heavies, the Lynx trades raw firepower for speed and maneuverability, making it capable of limited flight; in addition to heavy armour, it also boasts the standard issue Titan-grade Holo-field (e.g., "My sensors can't see shit! Emperor help us all!"). This makes the Lynx an absolute nightmare to hit as the high chances of missed-shots coupled with its heavy armor and high maneuverability means your opponent is going to flip his shit and possibly flip the entire table.

As with other Eldar vehicles, the Lynx is constructed from a Wraithbone chassis, which is specially attuned to the natural psychic abilities of the Eldar. This makes it impossible for other races to replicate or operate Eldar vehicles, and all attempts by the Ordo Xenos to activate captured and damaged examples have resulted in complete failure and the loss of many test-bed servitors.


The Lynx's primary weapon is either a Pulsar for attacking armoured foes or, more rarely, a Sonic Lance for superior anti-infantry firepower. A secondary mount under the cockpit can carry a Bright Lance, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon or Starcannon. Control of the Lynx's main weaponry is handled by multiple redundant back-up systems, making it much harder for enemy fire to render its armaments ineffective. The Lynx can also be upgraded to include Star Engines and Vectored Engines.

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