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M.A.G.U.S. avagy a Kalandorok Krónikái
RPG published by
Valhalla Páholy, Inomi, Tuan, Delta Vision
Rule System Yea... stolen. And ruined.
Authors Csanád Novák, András Gáspár, Zsolt Nyulászi, Zsolt Kornya
First Publication 1993

Not to be confused with a Magos. Not to be confused with a Magus.

M.A.G.U.S. is a Hungarian RPG system and/or world setting, that simply screams for homebrew rules, and repairs, because it is unplayable without them. It was originally stolen from the AD&D 1, and hardcore fans are still comparing with it - even though, the D&D is at it's 5th edition already, while M.A.G.U.S. is uncountable. The DM here is Adventure Master, or KM for short (being the abbreviation of Kalandmester, the original Hungarian name of the literal translation: Adventure Master), the D6/D10/D100 are K6/K10/K100 respectively (abbrev. for kocka means die in hu.).



  • Kézikönyv Kalandozóknak és útmutató Kalandmestereknek - 1993

Handbook for Adventurers, and guide for Adventure Masters in English. Hardcover, green, and absolutely underdone. For example, there is a class named Martial Artist in it, who can use his bare hands and feet, as mentioned in it's text, with the Way of the Martial Art. The problem was, that the book did not contain any Martial Art parts, so if someone wanna go Bruce Lee, he need to use the Tavern Brawl skill for 1d6 damage per hit, or without it 1 damage per hit.

  • Summarium - 1996

Unfinished try to renew the rules. Also Zsolt Kornya wrote this with his Cthulhu fetish. No rules were mentioned in it, only after-endgame monsters and monster spells, and some fluff about Krán, the local Mordor.

  • Első Törvénykönyv - 1997

First Lawbook in English. Because it is so hardcore, it contains not only rules, but laws. This is the so called Da Big Green. Softcover, same system as the very first book, but ~2.5* the content. Still quite full of loopholes.

  • Új Tekercsek - 1999

New Scrolls in English. Another unfinished try to renew the system. Brought in the 5-level skills, what was a fairly new thing, compared to the original 2-level skill system, but it became so difficult in the end, that no sane player created a character based by this book. Most skill had a prerequisition of other skills, and attributes.

  • Alapkönyv - 2004

Basic Book in English. They realized, that it is embarrassing to have a system what copies ad&d1 in the middle of the 2000's, so they stole the D&D 3rd edition, and ruined so bad, the publisher went bankrupt. No player were reported to use this rulebook.

  • Új Törvénykönyv - 2007

New Lawbook in English. The most playable edition, although still buggy, and screams for homebrew rules, and repairs. Seriously, I personally counted the fucked up parts, but stopped it after filled 3 pages in MS Word. Uses the 5-level skill system, but much more simple, and usable. Could have been a real RPG system, but the arguing of the creators made the TradeMark unfollowable, so the whole game is stuck around here.

Expansion Books[edit]

  • Bestiárium - 1994

Beastiary in English. Nothing special, the mandatory Monster Manual for the first edition(s).

  • Második Törvénykönyv - 1995

Second Lawbook in English. In contrast with it's name, it is not a new edition, but only an addon to the First Lawbook, just a little bit about a lot of things. Interestingly enough, this came earlier than the First Lawbook.

  • Harcosok, Barbárok, Gladiátorok kézikönyve - 1995

Handbook of Warriors, Barbarians, Gladiators in English. Splatbook for the said classes.

  • Titkos Fóliáns - 1999

Secret Tome in English. Nothing new, they just scrapped Second Lawbook and the Handbook of Warriors, Barbarians, Gladiators together.

  • Papok, Paplovagok Kézikönyve - I. kötet – A pyarroni és a dzsad vallás - 1999

Handbook of Priests and Paladins - Chapter 1. - The pyarronite and djad religion in English. The splatbook for the basic religion, and the local arabian religion. Some new spells for priests.

  • Papok, Paplovagok Kézikönyve - II. kötet – Egyistenhitek és a kyr vallás - 1999

Handbook of Priests and Paladins - Chapter 2. - Monotheisms and the kyrian religion in English. Splatbook for said religions.

  • Örökség - 2003

Legacy in English. Free pdf from András Gáspár. Contains only a few spells, magic items, weapons, some monsters, and plants in 10 pages.

  • Új bestiárium - 2008

New Beastiary in English. Mandatory Monster Manual for the New Lawbook.


  • Készlet játékosoknak - 1994

Accessory for players in English. Basic set, containing only the most needed rules for creating characters, and running the game.

  • Játékosok készlete - 1996

Players' accessory in English. The same as above.


These books all are wannabe splatbooks, but they don't contain any actual rules, only fluff.

  • Geofrámia kivonatok: Enoszuke - 2002

Geoframia extracts: Enoszuke in English. Book of local Japan.

  • Geoframia - 2004

One could think that this book is a size at least of a codex, with many new rules, many fluff from every part of the setting. Actually it is a small sized, thin booklet, what contains some shards, and stuff, and tries to move the world forward but hardcore fans hated it, and the writer's hating each other stopped any forward movement to this direction. The reader could assume, that the world goes a bit more of a steampunk setting, but it won't. Ever.

  • Népek és Birodalmak: Toron

Peoples and Empires: Toron in English. Fluffbook for said empire. It's a shame, that it does not contain new rules, because there were a lot of possibilities. For example the barely-mentioned-before blood magic of Toron. Oh well.

  • Népek és Birodalmak: Az Északi Szövetség

Peoples and Empires: The Northern Alliance in English. Same shit. Everything is fluff, nothing new rules.

Adventure Modules[edit]

  • A démon átka - 1994

Curse of the demon. It contains two modules, A démon átka itself, and A törpék kincsestára (The vault of the dwarves)

  • A kísértetjárta ház - 1994

The haunted house It contains two additional modules, A kísértetjárta ház, and the Gyilkosság Caedonban (Murder in Caedon)

  • Láplidérc - 1994

Marsh-wraith Two modules again - it seems the publisher desperately needed for money, but they weren't that cheeky to publish all of these short stories one by one - the Láplidérc, and Az úrnő bajnokai, avagy megcsalatva (Champions of the lady, or being cuckolded (no, really!))

  • Ynevi kóborlások - 1998

Ynevian roamings Eleven modules this time. Árnyak Shadon felett (Shadows over Shadon), Testvérviszály (Siblingfeud), Árnyékháború (Shadow war), Vihar a hágón (Storm in the pass), Jó széllel toroni partra (With good winds to toronian coast), Veszélyes vizeken (On dangerous waters), Véridő (Bloodtime), Sodrásban (In drifting), ""Rossz csillagzat alatt (Under bad constellation), Kürtszó a ködben (Hoot in the fog), Látogató a sötétségből (Visitor from the darkness).

  • Ynevi kalandozások - 2000

Ynevian adventures Five modules for the last time. Álmodó kövek (Dreaming stones), Az elrabolt királykisasszony (The kidnapped princess Yes, it's really titled like this in 2000.), Szent Marcus bajnokai (Champions of St. Marcus), A hetedik (The seventh), Vérszín hold alatt (Under the bloodmoon).

Novels and such[edit]

If anyone want to know the mediocre writers' fuckton amount of mediocre quality novels, just look it up in the google. There is not enough space here to just mention every of them. Anyway, all of them are written to be hard fluff, so these are one of the main reasons, that players always argued to the first blood about how much demons can dance in the tip of a needle - instead of playing.

Rúna Magazin[edit]

Ah, the mandatory magazine. Only 29 issues were published, but was the other main reason of people went into elitists.