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Subtlety? Son, we're fighting monsters from Mars. Subtlety is no longer part of this world

If you thought the Flame Tank was a little strange, then son you haven't seen nothin yet.

The Mk IV Armored Command Post (ACP) is a very rare vehicle, issued to senior field commander (General Officers) to give them both superior communications and battlefield observation to better control their forces even in the thick of battle. For Communication, the ACP contains a state of the art 75 Watt radio set and a signalling platform mounted to the rear of the tower, and for observation, well just look at it.

Standard issue the ACP comes with a pair of 4 inch guns and a pair of Machine guns, but nobody tells the general what he can and cannot mount onto his giant war machine. However they should be cautioned about driving the ACP into the heat of battle as even though the hull is just as tough as any MK IV chassis, the tower is significantly less armored to keep weight down.

In All Quiet on the Martian Front[edit]

Despite its imposing tabletop presence, the ACP is best utilized in a support role rather than as a front line unit.

The MK IV will replace your US Command Squad and acts as your force commander for the duration of the battle. Unsurprisingly, the change from a bunch of dudes and a rickety signalling platform to the Goliath MK IV ACP has some benefits. The first major benefit is ability to issue extra move orders to anyone on the board, not just those in line of sight. This is excellent for you strategic geniuses out there as your rapid flanking maneuvers can now come from anywhere greatly multiplying the things your opponent needs to keep track of. The other, and arguably infinitely more useful, ability is the improved rally rule. Instead of only 6 inches, the rally rule is extended to any unit within line of sight, as the image of the proud tower of the ACP and the Stars and Stripes is enough to steel the spirits of even the most yellow bellied coward. This is incredibly useful as any Terran player will tell you, Morale is incredibly important and nothing is more frustrating than seeing your men flee before the tripods.

For the less interesting aspects of the ACP, it possess a defense of 4 with an armor of 9, so slightly better than a regular steam tank. The ACP lumbers forward at a speed of only 4 inches but you really shouldn't be moving it much due to its abilities being LOS or board covering. Your cannons and MGs are the same as they are with the rest of the army, +2 power and a range of 30 inches for the 4 inch guns and ROF 3, +1 power, and a range of 20 inches for your Mgs.

You must buy a command squad to purchase a Mk IV ACP which will add an additional 220 points to it (Grand total of 260 points).

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