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Reason: A thinly veiled Nazi game.
A Lone knight standing up to a dragon. Nothing we haven't seen before.

-or the other /pol/ RPG.

Remember Norwegian Black metal?

Remember Varg Vikernes?

Remember how he burned down all those churches?

Remember how he murdered his record manager and bandmate on the suspicion that he was going to try and kill him (in fairness to him, that wouldn't be out of character for the guy because early Norwegian black metal included a bunch of dudes who were pretty grimderp)?

Want to play a game made by that same person after they've been given one and a half decades in prison to justify their actions and further affirm their racist and religious prejudices?

Yes? Then, welcome traveller! Your quest ends here.

(MY)thic (FA)ntasy (RO)leplaying (G)ame is a pen and paper game created in 2015 by that same murdering, quickly-aging, racial superiority endorsing, and church-burning (while he denied doing some, he approved of them all) Norwegian black metal figurehead.

It turns out he is also a fan of old school tabletop RPG's, but this should be no surprise to anyone who's watched interviews with him, seen his youtube channel or listened to the "Dungeon synth" portion of his discography. Either way, it's one point for all the religious nuts shrieking about the evils of DnD back in the 80's. Thanks a lot, ya twat.

The game is what you would expect from Varg - A viking-age pastiche setting in which the evil JewsSicarri (side note: that’s actually the name of an ancient Jewish assassin group that fought against the Roman Empire) are trying to exterminate the aryan race by flooding Europe-- I mean Thulê with black people-- er, Koparmann. Also, thinly veiled Christians and Muslims are working to take over the world and kill one of the Aryan gods and stick their guy on the throne instead. Women are much weaker than men and prone to dying in childbirth - just like in FATAL(To be honest, death during childbirth was commonplace until Ibn-i Sina (Avicenna for western infidels) started applying the germ theory). Unlike FATAL, this game lacks spells that allow you to cum acid - which you will want to use on your own eyes, because the entire core rulebook is printed in Papyrus and horrifically organized.

While a Modern Day Mythender-style romp where you smack down Yaweh, Jesus, and his angels could be fun for people from certain groups, Varg's warped understanding of history, religion, the English language and humanity in general severely limit his ability to make a playable game. At least FATAL has the advantage of being free.

As long as you come up with your own setting, the rules are actually fairly decent, which is more than can be said for Racial Holy War.

See also[edit]

  • Hail and Kill, a metal-based RPG that takes on the conflict between Christianity and Norse Paganism (and, amusingly, has a character based on Varg in it).