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Macragge. Smurf Village #1. Making the Greater Good look limp-dicked in comparison. Just don't tell Gargamel.

Macragge AKA Smurf Village, is the capital world of the mini-empire of Ultramar and the Ultramarines chapter. It is unique among all the worlds of the Imperium in that, apart from Terra and Mars themselves, it is the only planet allowed dominion over other planets and is considered the 'Jewel' of Ultima Segmentum. Accusations of Macragge being a Mary Suetopia due to its lack of overall Grimdark has been a factor amongst /tg/ for quite some time now. Due to this, Macragge and by extension, Ultramar, has been invaded constantly.


Pre-Great Crusade[edit]

Before the Great Crusade, Macragge was one of humankind's lost colonies, and the primary form of government was a pair of officials known as Consuls. Macragge was a bleak but not inhospitable world, part of a decayed star empire of ages past that Mankind had inhabited for many centuries since the time of the Dark Age of Technology. Its industries had survived the Age of Strife relatively intact and its people had retained an authoritarian but cohesive society. It had remarkably preserved a number of antiquated short-range warp-capable craft which could be utilized for near-stellar transit - conditions permitting - and its people had continued to build sub-light spacecraft even during the time of the most intense warp storms. This had allowed the people of Macragge to maintain contact with several neighbouring human-settled star systems, despite the storms' fury, and so retain a tenuous link to the rest of human space and the knowledge that it was not alone in the darkness. Then Baby G crash-landed on the world and promptly turned it and the surrounding system into a flourishing civilization.

Great Crusade and Horus Heresy[edit]

During the Great Crusade, Macragge, like the rest of Ultramar's worlds, contributed a steady stream of material and new recruits to the Ultramarines, which allowed them to become the largest of all the Space Marine Legions. However, when Horus threw a galaxy-sized temper tantrum, the Word Bearers Traitor Legion constructed an enormous warship, the Furious Abyss, and set it on a course for Macragge, while another force ambushed the Ultramarines Legion on Calth. Macragge was spared destruction due to the heroic actions Plot Armor of a mixed force of Loyalist Marines, led by Lysimachus Cestus.

Later, Macragge became the capital of Imperium Secundus, Guilliman's semi-heretical TOTALY LOYAL CONTINGENCY PLAN. After Konrad Curze turned Macragge into GTA: San Andreas with Riot cheats on, a curfew was put into effect. Ultimately Lion El'Jonson, Lord Protector of Imperium Secundus, got fed up with Kurze's Bullshit and promptly used the Dark Angels to institute Martial Law on Macragge and attacked the Illyrium region to try and root out the rebels, without Guilliman's approval. Papa Smurf understandably gained a new shade of blue but overall, Macragge got off better than the Lion's own home.

Hive Fleet Behemoth[edit]

In 745.M41, Ultramar was invaded by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth, the first Tyranid Hive Fleet encountered by the Imperium. During the final battle of the invasion, Marneus Calgar took a daring risk utterly pointless and counterproductive tactic to take the fight to the Hive Ship in space while leaving the Ultramarines First and Third Companies to garrison Macragge's polar fortresses. The strategy worked, and Behemoth was repulsed, but at great cost; the Ultramarines suffered horrific casualties, and the First Company was completely wiped out.

13th Black Crusade[edit]

Around the time of the 13th Black Crusade, Macragge was again invaded, this time by the Black Legion and its allies under the direct command of Failbaddon the Harmless. Failbaddon hoped to prevent an Imperial-Eldar expedition from resurrecting Roboute Guilliman. As expected from the Chaos Warmaster. He Failed. Spectacularly. Rawbutt Girlyman was revived through the action of Plot Armor and Anime and proceeded to whoop some Chaos ass.

Plague Wars[edit]

Shortly after the rebirth of Roboute Guilliman, Mortarion himself wanted a piece of the action and appeared at the forefront of a massive Nurgle invasion of Ultramar known as the Plague Wars. Though Macragge has not been attacked by a concentrated invasion, it nonetheless has been the site of probing attacks, often by Plague Drones and Cultists. Mutinies by Ultramar Auxilia erupted in the Illyrium region of Macragge. Again. The traitor cadets were actually so incompetent that after the mutiny was crushed, Calgar had the instructors severely punished for their incompetence and unfucked the training post haste. The attacks were unsuccessful, but still drained the resources and morale of Ultramar's defenders. These attacks continued until Guilliman arrived and seized the initiative.


Macragge is a bleak but beautiful planet, dominated by enormous mountain ranges that are uninhabitable for its human population, most of whom live in the lowland regions. Yet despite this geography, it is revered as one of the most magnificent planets in the Imperium.

The highest mountain range are the Crown Mountains, atop which sits the Fortress of Hera, the Fortress-monastery of the Ultramarines. Within the mighty walls of the fortress lies the Shrine of Guilliman, where the Ultramarines' Primarch Roboute Guilliman sat upon a marble throne, contained within a stasis field before his resurrection in 999.M41. This Shrine is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in the Imperium.

The waters of the Pharamis Ocean wash onto the shores near the Magna Macragge Civitas.

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