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If not for Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Mad Dok Grotsnik would probably be dead by now (Vice versa is also true, however). The Ork equivalent of the Team Fortress 2 Medic, this madman (or madork) cares for nothing more than perfecting the art of 'serjery'. Due to constant bionic upgrades and such, he's now more demented than ever. In particular, his madness started after some Nobz saw that the new Warboss was a dead hard killing machine after this guy welded his skull back together with adamantium. They decided they liked the idea, and all the Nobz in the settlement came to him for the same treatment. Grotsnik decided he might want some insurance when the Nobz realized that a metal skull doesn't equate to being blessed by Gork and Mork, and for leverage he hid a grenade under each new skull he fitted. Pissed off when they found out, the Nobz arranged for him to have an "accident" with a Deff Dread that they thought would kill him. But he wasn't dead, and Grotsnik's ended up on his own 'serjery' table to be worked upon by his Gretchin assistants. They somehow did manage to to resuscitate him despite one of them puking onto his brain and another losing his pet spider in Grotsnik's skull, and while an impressive feat for Gretchin, they were still Gretchin, so they didn't actually do that great of a job when working out how to reassemble his brain pan. Back from the dead, if a little worse for wear, Grotsnik celebrated with fireworks to show that you don't fuck with Grotsnik!

Just like with the Medic, any actual healing that this lunatic grants you is simply a fortunate side-effect. The only reason he's still allowed to keep doing his thing is because he's the one who patched Ghazghkull's skull with adamantium after it got blasted apart by a lucky Bolter round. In return, Ghazghkull was grateful not just for Grotsnik saving his life, but also because the surgery gave him the famous vision by Gork and Mork to conquer the galaxy.

Grotsnik actually has a seat on Ghaz's inner council and Ghaz still lets him operate on him. Every once in a while, Grotsnik is actually lucid and sane, and during these moments he's both a smart doctor and a good advisor that's actually saved Ghaz's life on several other occassions. That the mad doctor suspiciously becomes sane whenever Ghaz needs him for something really lends weight to Ghaz's claim that Gork and Mork are watching over him. Recently, he is experimenting on creating Franken-Ork, forrming "Da Corpse Lootas" consisting of Deathskulls, Painboyz, Freebooterz, and his own "Stitchboyz" to steal dead bodies from the battlefield (and make them if there are none) for Grotsnik to use as spare parts.

On the tabletop, he can make any unit Fearless, and grants it Feel No Pain as well. He can even upgrade another squad with Cybork bodies, including Meganobz. The best bit stem from the fact that he's One Scalpel Short of a Medpack (no, like, that's the rule's actual name), which means he gives his squad rampage, and the rule that he's not allowed to leave units by default. Him upgrading a squad of regular Orks is a prohibitively expensive cost, he's much better with mega-nobs since they're more likely to be outnumbered in a scrap and thus take advantage of rampage.

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