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Mad Robot miniatures is an American-based tabletop model company that, like Victoria Miniatures, is mostly run by just one person and specializes in Imperial Guard bits, with a wide variety of parts and looks. Some of Mad Robot's more notable products is their Gideon Main Battle Tank (a gothic Tiger tank with options to match most of the current Leman Russ variants. No sponsons at the moment, though the kit is being upgraded to include some), multi-part commissars, proxy parts for Armageddon Steel Legion and what appear to be the Kaerls of Fenris, and the usual selection of backpacks, accessories, and weapons that any self-respecting model company has.

While Mad Robot's model quality and variety is great, probably one of their bigger advantages is simply being one of the few bits manufacturers based in the US, giving stateside hobbyists a source of bits that doesn't involve buying from overseas and waiting over two weeks for the order to arrive.

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