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Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Empyreal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Cynidicean, Energy)
Portfolio Birth, Death, The Changing Seasons
Domains Death, Healing, Protection
Home Plane Mystara
Worshippers Cynidicean Women
Favoured Weapon Longspear

Madarua is one of the Mystaran Immortals worshipped in the ancient civilization of Cynidicea, now recalled only as The Lost City due to its descent into decadent ruin as a result of the Cult of Zargon.


In life, Madarua was a rarity, a warrior-woman from Nithia who survived the destruction of the kingdom. As she wandered the world, she came across the Cynidiceans and was impressed with their culture, swearing to protect from any threat, which she continued after ascending to Immortality. She's also made her influence known outside of the city, having established herself as a minor patron of warrior women all over the Known World.


In the Cynidicean pantheon, Madarua is the Goddess of Birth, Death and the Seasons. Surprisingly warlike for a goddess cult, they only accept females into their ranks, and mark their position in the faith by ritually scarring the inside of their left wrist with a sickle-shaped scar - though, like the Brotherhood of Gorm, they will happily accept females of any race into their ranks. The surviving members of the faith, known as the Warrior Maidens of Madarua, also wear bronze masks of a beautiful woman to further cement their loyalty.

The Warrior Maidens are the largest of the surviving faiths in Cynidicea, and perhaps as a result are the most aggressive in seeking to overthrow the dread cult of Zargon.

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