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Madriel's Symbol.jpg
A spear with a tassel of peacock feathers
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Goddess
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio 3E: Agriculture, healing, light, redemption, sky, sun
5E: Compassion, healing, motherhood, sky, sun
Domains 3E: Air, Good, Healing, Plants, Sun
5E: Life, Light
Home Plane Citadel of the Sun (Golden Paradise)
Worshippers Couples, farmers, healers, the sick
Favoured Weapon Spear of the Sun (Spear)

Madriel, also called Angel of Mercy, Archangel, First Angel, and Redeemer, is the goddess of the sun, sky and redemption in Scarn. She's the daughter of Mesos and Mormo, the twin sister of Belsameth, half-sister of Ashumas, Chardun and Manawe, and the mother of Syhana.


Madriel spent as much time fighting in the battles of the Divine War, as she did undoing its damage, healing the wounded and the sick, raising the dead, and destroying the undead. Within a few years however she realized she couldn't be everywhere she was needed, and almost lost her life at the hands of Chern. Though she survived thanks to Corean and Vangal, Jandaveos lost his life to the titan of plagues, and she realized she would die should this continue. She then retreated to a far corner of Scarn, and took a portion her power and gave it sentience, form, and substance, creating The Healer, her herald on the Prime Material, to take care of her duties outside of battles. She was allowed by other gods to offer the titans mercy, though only Golthain took this offer.

During the Divine war, she mothered Syhana with her fey consort Syal in order to restore the weather system of Scarn.


Madriel appears as an armored angel with peacock feather wings, carrying a spear made of sunlight.


Madriel is perhaps the most well-liked of gods on Scarn, as she is very compassionate to all her followers. Farmers often invoke her to bring about a bountiful harvest, and during marriage ceremonies, the first seat at the banquet is left empty for her.

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