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One of the many classes introduced in Spheres of Power, Mageknight is (unsurprisingly), a Gish class. Like most Spheres based classes, it boasts a high level of customization, with most class features being chosen by the player (their talents are gained at every even level and called "mystic combat"s) and are fairly generic without taking an archetype (for which they have many). As low casters (Half Caster), they are intended to be martial characters with some magical tricks, rather than potent casters themselves.

Like most Spheres classes, their tier is a bit difficult to pin down due to their level of customization raising the question of what "optimization neutral" puts them at. Their low CL making Legendary Talents effectively capstone only aside from Life (which they can take a mystic combat to make work for them as a Full Caster for that sphere only) and limited magic power will generally keep them out of tier 2 well optimized spherecasters with Legendary Talents allowed can reach. They most likely belong to tier 3 and 4.

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