Magic: the Gathering RPG combat mod

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This modification is an optional system that can be used for a high player count game. It apeared to be to confusing for my players and myself to keep track of the limited Ranged/Close Combat optionsin relation to EVERY OTHER character involved in large scale battle. I will keep it simple, please feel free to enhance the system but do not over complicate it.


Speed: In addition to the turn order and action count, it will determine how far a character can move on a grid based map.

Channeling: Determines how far away a character can cast spells from and still expect to hit them.

Against bosses of a noticeably high power, Focus rolls may be made at the Roil's (Game Master's) discretion Vs the bosses Mastery. If the player rolls higher, the spell does half effect of normal.

Damage is calculated differently. Instead of the total Power roll over the total opposing Toughness roll being the damage, if the Power roll is higher than the Toughness roll then 1 damage is dealt. For every FULL DIE (every 6) over the total Toughness roll, an additional damage is dealt.

Trample: When trample is used, damage is calculated differently. The extra damages are dealt on every HALF DIE (every 3) instead. Also when battling with a summon, any additional damage left after killing it will be transferred back to it's summoner at the rate of 1 damage for every full die left (every 6).

When engaged in combat, weapons used (artifact-equipment) that are of a larger than average size (ie. Axes, polearms, ect.) provide an extended reach, giving it's user a 2 square range of attack.