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This page is for storing content related to the Magical Realm Cyoa.

Interactive Realm Builder[edit]


Note: as of December 26 2018, neither website functions properly. An interactive version can be found on github in the following link:

March 2019 note:

The CYOA has been rehosted here:

Mirror: (this one does not seem to have a dark-mode)


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Player Made Magical Realms[edit]

This space is for people to post a link to their own magical realm. If you make a new page, it should probably be linked as /wiki/Magical_Realm_Cyoa/yourrealm

Sol Lattice, a realm of several worlds and peoples, ruled by the Sorcerer Lord Konrad - Sol Lattice

Sapphoshire, represented by Lady Alice St Claire de Lisle - Sapphoshire

The planetary star system of Hivus, overseen by Emperor Divergus(Dr.Divergent) - Hivus

The land Aventyr, land of adventure and delight; ruled by Ms Dalay, the Saphventurer - Aventyr

Avalon, the untouchable paradise; raised by Hierus Goldsmith (Goldsmith)- Avalon 1.6

Megalodonia, the land of adventure and death, roamed by Armstrong the Muscle Wizard (Armstrong) - Megalodonia

Sauros, the primeval wilderness, explored by No-Scale the Runner (No-Scale) - Sauros

Scholomance, the School of schools, Source of Summons, repository of Knowledge - Scholomance

The lofty land of Naracel, ruled with the slightest touch by The Golden Prince - Naracel

The island of Sempiternitas, guided along by the hand of Artifex - Sempiternitas

The innumerable pocket-realms of Diaspora, spawned as part of a plot by Xanatos - Diaspora

Nomad, the wandering world, cage of The Prisoner - Nomad

The Everlasting Fortress, at the service of the Legion - The Fortress

Eisenreich, an Empire of commerce and industry, ruled by the uncertain Kaiser Stahlburg Eisenreich

Ysigil, a land of magic, adventure and progress, under the rule of the Emperor Raghu -Ysigil

Mech Haven Cluster, a post-apocalpyse mecha adventure/war setting, protected by the Guardian (Traveler) - Mech Haven

Attoria, Realm of Gods, explored and meddled in by River the mute. - Attoria

Theriobach, Only has the build notes by Prince von Theriobach. - Theriobach