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Maid RPG
MaidRPG cover.jpg
RPG published by
Sunset Games
Rule System Original
Authors Ryo Kamiya
First Publication 2004 (Japanese)
2008 (English)

"When it comes down to it, Maid RPG is a goddamn weird game."

Ewen Cluney, the translator.

"It's Japanese and about maids. Of course it's fucking weird."

Everyone else

Maid RPG, MAID, or Meido RPG is a Japanese RPG system where one plays a maid. It uses a rules-light system, and typically plays something like an over-the-top comedy anime. It is notably the first originally Japanese pen and paper RPG to be translated and released in English, paving the way for western releases of other titles such as Golden Sky Stories, Tenra Bansho Zero, and Ryuutama. Zettai Reido will probably never happen.

Character generation runs on random tables which determine not only vital statistics (Athletics, Affection, Skill, Cunning, Luck, and Will, not bust size and shit), but also the relationship of the maid to her master and other bizarre quirks possessed by the maid, such as their preferred weapon. Quirks can be anything from "Has an Irish accent" to "Is a cyborg" to "Is actually the master's mistress" to "Is actually a man".

The game is often criticised for being excessively sexual and deviant - while most of the rules concerning such material are explicitly optional, they are used liberally by the examples of play given in the book (the very first of which has, amongst other things, a loli maid in a see through uniform and a lesbian pedophile who gropes her). Proponents of the game contend that it is only as sexual as the players themselves decide to make it, and the game still works perfectly fine as a simple comedy without such elements. Just don't let your group's /d/M run the game.

One of the people responsible for the English translation frequently visited /tg/ to recruit playtesters, and the credits of the finished version include a thanks to "all the fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls" that helped during testing. It is now available for purchase as both a .pdf and in print from the English website.

It is a well-known fact that Maid is fully compatible with Dark Heresy. If you enjoy one game you will probably enjoy the other.

Actual Dark Heresy Modification Rules[edit]

Some idiot decided to actually work these out, and it turns out it's actually quite simple. First off, every maid and master is made using the Dark Heresy rules, picking a career path and starting EXP as per usual. Butlers are made using Rogue Trader or Deathwatch career paths and starting EXP, depending on how badass you want your butler to be. In order to get the stats for your maid/butler/master, roll them as normal then multiply the following abilities by 10 and add 1d10 (2d10 for butlers) in order to get their corresponding Dark Heresy abilities: Athletics for S, T, and Ag, Skill for WS and BS, Cunning for Wp and Per, and Affection for Fel. You have Wounds equal to 1d10 + raw Affection, and Fate Points equal to your raw Luck. This also means hilariously you can run the system backward and turn dark Heresy characters into maids. Perfect for when your unlucky group is forced undercover in a mansion, and you as the GM hate them!

Weapons are whatever the hell you think fits, any armour designed specifically for maids has negative DR, undressing penalties are multiplied by five (only in circumstances where the undressing in question wouldn't provide a bonus), and your maid power is the closest logical Psychic Power or Talent. You do not receive any starting gear aside from whatever weapon you rolled/were assigned and whatever outfit you rolled/were assigned, and mutants/aliens/alternate races are left up to the GM to stat. Obviously, you do not receive any bonus from the Emperor's Tarot, and you get add Cook (Int), Merchant (Fel) or Valet (Fel) to your stating skills, as well as all three to your Rank 1 advances list, each costing 100 XP. They are also added at Rank 3 as +10 skills, once again for 100 XP, and at Rank 5 as +20 skills, for, yet again, 100 XP.

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