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The glorious grot has returned!
"Sumweah, e'z up dere lootin' wit Gork" "Mork, boss." *whack* "DUN YOU ZOGGIN' CORRECT ME."

Once upon a time (read: 2nd edition) Ghazghkull had a personal standard bearer, Makari the Gretchin. He was quite fond of Makari. Makari had no battle application, he had no guns and poorer fighting ability than a Guardsman. But he had a banner, a BIG banner, that he waved about eagerly. In fact, so eagerly he often got shot at, but Makari was a special Gretchin. He was ridiculously lucky, so lucky in fact, he had an unmodifiable 2+ save (equivalent of a 2+ invul save) and lived to the age of nine standard years (which, when one considers the pitifully short life-span of most Grots, makes him an old man). So walking into the most dangerous battlezones in the whole of the grimdark Universe was one plucky little Gretchin with a banner, standing side-by-side with the most powerful Ork in existence.

Then Games Workshop decided that big bad Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka having a personal Gretchin wasn't grimdark enough. So big G sat on Makari by accident and fed him to a squig.

Fuck. That.

After several years of regret, GW decided that they had been mean to Makari and paid tribute to him in the 7th edition ork codex. Now Makari's banner pole is a relic, and the most useful one in the codex.

They have now decided, with Ghazghkull's new model coming out, to go ahead and bring Makari back, banner and all. Additionally, they created a narrative where, in a “hilarious” inverse of the truth, it’s Makari who's more famous and well known as opposed to the big mystery Ork who follows him around. They also retconned his previous fate by saying his “death-by-ass” was merely propaganda from the Imperium.

The Truth about Makari[edit]

Orks are creatures of war and death. Deprived of it they waste away as other species would deprived a vital part of their diet. It is the slowest and most agonizing death an Ork can face. But that is not to say that Orks do not have a kind side, a decent side. A side that allows them to feel fondness of others.

"Oi, Boss, where ya goin'?" asked Graknob, before a sharp smack to the back of the head from one of his fellow Nobs silenced him. Ghazghkull Thraka, greatest Ork Warlord the Orkoid race has ever seen, did not even stop in his plodding steps as he walked away from his main tent in the camp. Some of the boyz had objected to moving the Waaagh off course to visit this small, unknown, out of the way planet. 'Itz already been smashed, why we'z goin' here?' some had asked, but never loud enough for the boss to hear. The Nobz waited for their mega-armored warboss to be out of earshot before answering the new member of Ghazghkull's retinue.

"'E's off rememberin'" said one, an old Ork named Griksnak who had served their boss for many many years.

"'E can remember jus' fine round 'ere. What's 'e rememberin'?" asked the curious Nob, uncaring of the death-stares he was receiving from his fellow Nobz.

"Think 'bout it dis way, ya git. Us Orks love ta fight, yeah?"

"Yeah, even a snotling knows dat!"

"But da boss keeps sendin' us 'gainst da 'umies. Dis is cuz 'e hates dem. Now, why'd da boss hate 'umies?"

Graknob remained silent for a few seconds, pondering the question he was asked. "Cuz dey got ugly faces?"

The other Nobz just shook their heads. "'E lost someone to 'em." Graknob looked around, confused. Everyone knew it didn't matter if an Ork died, he just got belched back into another body. He couldn't understand the feeling of loss.

Ghazghkull had shed most of his mega armor by the time he got to the top of the hill. Being an Ork, the act of removing armor seemed... unusual, to say the least, but it seemed appropriate to approach this site somewhat vulnerable. After all, he was meeting with the one being he knew would never harm him.

"'Ey. Uhh... not sure what's I suppose'ta say 'ere. Jus' wanted tah, y'know, say 'ello. See how ya's was. Dose 'umies who got dat lucky shot off on ya? Yeah, dey dead. 'Dere planet is dead. Got lotsa da bastards. 'Ope dat helps out somehow. Wells... I's be goin', den. I... I misses ya, boy." Ghazghkull Mag Thraka turned and began walking down the hill again, leaving the grave he had been speaking to behind. A grave that simply said:


Banna Wava

Everyone knew Orks were belched back into another body after they died. Not Gretchin though. No Gretchin could ever replace Makari.

But, if you'd like to read a short story by some anonymous Writefag about Makari and his relationship with Ghazghkull against a certain Son of the Emperor then might I suggest to you the following: The Lucky Blue Rock.

GeeDubs hates our fun[edit]

The May 30th, 2014 White Dwarf issue had a short question-and-answer column with Ghazghkull. The first question everyone pounced on was "what happened to Makari?" to which Ghazghkull got all defensive. "I ain't got time to talk about no good-fer-nuffin grots!" he bellowed.

Canonically, GeeDubs is standing by their "Makari got sat on" story. Indeed, that's the script they had Ghazghkull read from. But the way he answered it is just begging to have more fanfics written about it. "Everyone knows an ork sits where dey wants..." the big ork said with a gruff, a small choking feeling forming in the bottom of his throat. " it was 'is fault... not mine!" GeeDubs barely had time to shut the microphones off before the feed was drowned out with the sounds of sobbing.

Well, It's something[edit]

Just as we thought that GeeDubs was trying to get us to forget everything about Makari, the 7th Edition Ork Codex brings us the Relic "Da Lucky Stikk". It functions just like a WAAAGH Banner, with the addition of letting the bearer reroll ALL failed saving throws - But, if you fail three saving throws with that model in a single turn, the bearer instantly dies. That isn't the best part of this pretty great wargear: The description says that Da Lucky Stikk is the banner of the late Makari, and that it is constantly fought over and collected from dead Warbosses, as it is believed to have magical abilities that protects the wearer and allows them to gain a bit of the power wielded by ol' Ghazzy himself.

The Legacy of Makari lives.

WAIT WHAT![edit]

OR NOT HOLY SHIT HE'S ALIVE! (Obviously his spore grew out of Ghaz's arse hole. Or maybe it's a different Grot and they all look alike to him, we don't know and don't care.)


From what we are shown so far, Makari is impressive (for a grot). With a 4+ WS, he has a good chance to stab, which is fine for Makari because unlike any other grot, he not only has a Stabba, but it also inflicts D3 mortal wounds on a 6+ to wound (not hit) instead of his 1 AP0 damage on normal wounds with his decent S3. That's right, he can one shot a Custodian Guard. The rules are clearly a nod to how he's the luckiest gretchin ever, so if that scenario somehow happens, its up to the players to imagine what sort of odd unlikely (and hopefully hilarious) chain of events led to a Custodian dying while in combat with a grot. He's also got 4 wounds which aren't likely to shift too hard due to his returning 2+ Invulnerable save. His leadership of 6 can be used for GOFF Grots within 12" of him, for whatever good that does. Unfortunately, it's important to note that he only has 2 attacks. That leaves...a 1/6 chance of him actually getting the attack per round.

So how effective is Makari in 8th edition?
Ok, the full list of rules for Makari have not been revealed yet, this is done with the info from the preview.
The nature of Makari's abilities and gear makes him a rather powerful, if unpredictable, HQ. While its point cost has yet to be revealed, we can measure its capabilities on the battlefield.
First off, Makari is WS4+ which is better than the norm for gretchins, but that means it will only hit 1/2 times. With only two attacks (again, above average for gretchins but mediocre overall), you shouldn't hope for much, but statistically we could assume that at least one attack will enter. After that, gretchin strength 3 is once again rather weak. It will hurt at 4+ against GEQ, 5+ against MEQ and 6+ against tougher objectives. But considering there's no AP on his attack, you don't hope to just wound your target. You want that 6+ role. Makari's stabba turns every wound rol of 6+ into automatic D3 mortal wounds. You could try to wound with a regular attack, but what's the point in Makari then? So, accounting for the WS and the 6+ needed for the mortal effect, and you will activate the effect around 2/24 times, or 1/12 times. Rather unreliable, but you can always try to improve your odds through re-rolls and stratagems. Considering a D3 attack can kill a Custodes at full health at its best, it is still an interesting proposition. You could always buff Makari through either psychic powers (Fists of Gork spell add 2 Strenght and 2 Attacks) or through relics (Da Lucky Stick gives an extra attack to units around the bearer. We still need to know if he can hold them, though).
Defensively, Makari's 2+++ is pretty much the best save of the entire game. Most HQs are outclassed by this magnificent gretchin. Marine Captains and Chapter Masters are only half as good as him. Guilliman and Abaddon cry every time they think a single gretchin has a better save than them. The fact that only 1/6 wounds hurt him means you're going to have to spam a lot against it, no matter how much strength you have. The only other characters that come close to that invulnerable save is FW's Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez from the Marines Errant (and let's face it, how many SM players use Marines Errant rules?) and the Dark Eldar Archons, both of which will lose its invulnerable once they are hit. And they can't re-roll the failed dice, something Makari can do with no problem. Granted, Makari is still a T3 W4, which is below average for HQs, but he is an HQ nonetheless. This means he is probably one of the best objective holders out there, or a great way to block enemy units in melee.
Makari vs Guilliman Because why not: The Primarch of the XIIIth legion will have a decent chance of killing Makari. 6 attacks of re-rollable WS2+, 6+ strength (either the sword or the gauntlets, one single successful wound will do enough to oneshot Makari). So for WS, it would hit 11/12 times and wound on 5/6, and after that it would have to go through the 2+ invul save. So each attack has 55/432 chances of killing him. And considering Guilliman has 6 attacks, the chances of Guilliman oneshotting Makari during the first round is 330/432, or around 55/72. The fact that there's a considerable chance Makari will survive a fight with Bobby G tells you how good the fucking 2++ really is.

On the offensive, Makari is... lacking here. Hitting 1/2 times, and wounding 1/6. Luckily that 6+ is the one with the mortal wounds, but even so. With two attacks, the chances of successfully wounding Guilliman are 2/12, or 1/6. Even if Makari does the maximum damage, it can't hope to one shot him, so Makari would need to survive two whole rounds to have a shot of defeating Guilliman, which is quite difficult. Killing Guilliman would take, at best, three successful attacks, and at worst, nine. All while surviving Guilliman's own attacks. . . but wait he has that 2++, so it's not impossible, maybe unlikely, but not impossible.

Makari vs Abaddon Because why not as well: The Warmaster of Chaos is an interesting challenge for Makari. Not only is he only T5, giving Makari more options to wound him, but Drach'nyen's ability means Abaddon can hurt himself, making Makari's job easier. On the other hand, Drach'nyen can make so many attacks if it doesn't roll a 1, he can oneshot Makari with ease. 6 attacks plus whatever he gets from the roll (between 2-6 extra attacks), so around 8-12 attacks against Makari. So hitting on re-rollable 2+ (11/12), S4+1 (4/6)and having to go through 2++ (1/6), and we get 44/432 chances of successfully wounding for each attack. Multiplied by the sheer amount of daemonic attacks Drach'nyen can dish out, and at worst you'd get 352/432 (22/27), and at best 528/432 (11/9). Still, if only an attack goes in, or even multiple attacks with the lowest wound amount, Makari can actually survive being wounded by the lord of the Black Legion. Not bad for a mere grot!

In the offensive, Makari is... actually better than against Guilliman. Hitting 1/2 times, and wounding 2/5. That means Makari can actually wound the regular way on a 5+ rol, but it would have to go through 2+ save due to no AP. Still, the chance of a regular wound is just 2/60, or 1/30 (with two attacks, 2/30 or 1/15). So let's concentrate on the mortal wounds. Two attacks, 1/2 to hit, 1/6 to mortally wound, so around 2/12 or 1/6. Considering Abaddon has only W7, Makari has the chance of killing the Warmaster on the spot if everything goes right (that is, Makari gets two rolls of 6+ to wound, getting 3 wounds per dice, and Abaddon rolls a 1+ on the Drach'nyen skill, and the daemon kills him out of pure fear of the chosen of Gork and Mork). The chances of that happening are 1/216, true, but it can happen!

Makari vs The Red Gobbo: What's this? An actual fair fight? The two most well known gretchins in 40k duking it out makes a rather interesting scenario. The revolutionary leader is more of a support unit, buffing gretchins with stikkbombs, but that doesn't mean his melee is useless. His weapon, the "Icon of da Revolushun" has AP-1 and any wound roll of 6+ adds a mortal wound in addition to the regular damage. This is a good way to bypass Makari's 2++, though that AP is going to be lost. With a WS of 4+ and three attacks, the Gobbo will hit 1/2 of the time and wound 1/2 of the time (Strenght User, which is 3, against Makari's T3), and then it will have to go through the 2++ (1/6). So an attack will have 1/24 chances of hitting Makari, and with 3 attacks, each battle round will have 3/24 or 1/6 chances of successfully wounding the banna wava. The mortal wound effect will come into play with a 1/24 chances per attack, and 1/6 chances per battle round.

On the offensive, Makari doesn't have that many attacks, only 2 against the Gobbo's 3. So Makari will hit around 1/2 times, wound 1/2 times and successfully wound 4/6 times. This means each attack will have 4/24 chances of successfully wounding the Gobbo, or around 1/6. Thus, on each battle round, Makari will have 1/3 chances of damaging the revolutionary leader. The lack of a higher save really hurts the Red Gobbo here.

Keep in mind that the Gobbo is a shooty character, not a choppy one, so it should not be harshly judged. The Kustom Blasta is a rather powerful gun for a gretchin, D3 Attacks, S5 AP-1 D2. So to hurt Makari, it has a 4/6 chances of hitting per attack, 4/6 chances of wounding per attack and 1/6 chances of actually getting the damage in. So each attack will have around 16/216 or 2/27 chances of successfully damaging Makari. So in the shooting round, the Gobbo has between 2-6/27 chances of doing damage. Keep in mind that it's D2, so it only needs to hit twice to take him out of the fight.

Makari vs Magnus the Red: The Primarch of the Thousand Sons is going to be a massive problem for our gobbo for one simple thing: all of the invulnerable saves in the world mean nothing when put against the massive psychic behemoth that is Magnus the Red. His regular smite becomes a D6 due to his Gaze of Magnus ability, and even more if rolling an 11. Being able to re-roll 1s, and adding psychic bonus means he's pretty much always going to hurt the gobbo, and quite frequently one-shot him. And that's without counting other powers. Magnus can pretty much explode the lil' gobbo before even entering melee. In melee, Magnus hits at 2+ (with the option of re-rolling 1s) and has his blade, which makes seven attacks, x2 damage to an already brutal S8, ap-4 and 3D per attack. So each attack has 11/12 chances of hitting, 5/6 chances of wounding and 1/6 chances of actually getting any damage done, so around 55/432 per attack. So if Magnus attacks with his full number of attacks, the chances of one shotting him would be 385/432. This means he has a chance of surviving his full wrath, but the moment more than one attack enters, the gobbo is dead. And even then, the psychic phase will turn Makari into mushroom soup.

On the offensive, Makari has it practically impossible here. Magnus has 18 wounds, Makari's max damage output barely makes a scratch (his two attacks make the maximum amount of mortal wound, so 6 wounds), it would need to hurt him at that pace three consecutive times to actually take him down, and considering Magnus needs only one turn to explode his brain... yeah.

Makari vs Mortarion: Mortarion is a horribly annoying enemy to fight for elite troops and HQs, so just imagine how hard it is for a melee only grot to actually have a chance. Mortarion's shooting is not that problematic, Makari's insane invulnerable makes most shots aimed at him pointless, so the fabled Lantern, with only one shot, is going to do little. 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so around 55/432. And even then, plain 3 Damage is not enough to one shot him, so much for the shooting. Mortarion also has Smite, and while it's difficult for him to one shot the gretchin, it can wound him enough to need little effort afterwards. But again, it's the melee that counts. First off, the Host of Plagues ability is going to make a D3 damage half of the time before even beginning the actual combat, so that's that. Now, the scythe Silence has two modes:
  • Reaping mode multiplies Mortarion's attacks by three, so we'd be having 6 attacks (highest profile), so 18 attacks, 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so 55/432 per attack, or 990/432 (so 55/24) in total. Yeah, this is pretty much always going to one shot him, especially if he's already wounded by the Host of Plagues before.
  • Eviscerating mode trades number of attacks for power, but why bother? The gobbo is a gretchin, no need for that much force. Again, 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so 55/432 per attack, and in its maximum profile, 330/432. The gobbo has a decent chance of surviving, but only if he hasn't been wounded beforehand, since this mode makes 3D per hit.

On the offensive, Makari struggles a lot. Even his mortal wounds are thwarted by the disgustingly resilient ability all Nurgle units have. The gobbo is going to die way before he can actually wound, much less kill Mortarion.

Makari vs Old Man Yarrick: "If ya want ta foight da boss, you'z got to beat me first! WAAAAAAGH!!"
The great hero of Armageddon has a massive grudge against orkkind, so it makes sense that he's ready to fight against greenskins. However, Makari's invulnerable save means most of his abilities are going to go to waste against the impenetrable 2++. The Bale Eye and the Laspistol have 11/12 chances to hit, 3/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so 33/432 for each, or 11/144, those are not going to kill Ghazskhull's banna wava. The FUCKING CLAW, however, now that's another thing entirely. Taking into account the -1 to hit, the Claw has 8/11 chances to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to hit, with D3 damage for each successful attack. This means that each attack has 40/396, with all attacks counted we get 160/396, or 40/99. That's... actually worse than expected. So slightly less than half of the times he'll actually wound with all attacks, and he'll need at least two successful attacks at half damage or one at maximum damage to take him down. Makari actually holds his ground against Yarrick.

On the offensive side, once again, we look for mortal wounds. Yarrick is not that tough that a regular attack can't get in, but really, we are using Makari for his ability. But just in case, a regular attack will hit around 1/2 times, wound 1/3 times and successfully wound 1/2 times. An attack has 1/12 chances of getting in, and a mortal attack will have 1/12 chances, and with all attacks combined, both will turn into 1/6 chances. Makari has the same chances of a regular attack getting in than the mortal attack. The problem with Yarrick is his ability of 4+++ to protect his last wound, so even mortal wounds are going to struggle to get in. Overall, this is a surprisingly balanced match, who would have thought?

Makari vs Belisarius Cawl: The martian genius packs quite a punch, however, his lack of spam can be rather detrimental, at least in shooting. The Solar Atomizer, while being a miniature version of a Neutron Laser, only has a single shot. This means, Cawl has 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so around 55/432, and even if it gets in, it can't one shot him, since it's a D3 damage weapon. On melee, however, it's another story. Ignore the Arc Scourge and the Omnissian Axe for this, those are pointless against Makari's 2++. You want the Mechadendrite hive, which adds 2D6 additional attacks. So, at best, Cawl can have 18 attacks. Sure it's weaker and has no ap, but why would you want ap here? So around 5/6 to hit, 4/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so around 20/216, or around 5/54 per attack (keep in mind you could choose the canticle to repeat 1s to hit in melee, which would improve its chances a lot). Counting all attacks, this means Cawl has 90/54 chances to wounding him, so we pretty much assure 2 wounds per round. Pretty decent overall. HOWEVER, keep in mind this is the highest amount of attacks possible, most of the time it will add around 6 extra attacks.

On the offensive, Makari has to deal with the fact that Cawl can heal D3 wounds per turn. That kinda nullifies most of the damage Makari can deal. And considering Cawl has 8 wounds, you'll need at least two turns hitting at his maximum damage output of 6 mortal wounds (two attacks of 6+ to wound and 3 Damage each) and Cawl recovering the minimum amount each time. Considering how difficult it is to get the maximum mortal attack (3/6 to hit, 1/6 to wound, 1/3 for maximum damage, so around 3/108, or 1/36) it is going to be very difficult for Makari to kill Cawl before Cawl can kill Makari. Cawl is too tough of a toaster for Makari.

Makari vs Saint Celestine: The Living Saint at first seems to not have that much power, especially since her abilities are more focused on support rather than power or number of attacks, but still, you shouldn't underestimate her. Her blade is basically an assault heavy flamer, which is great considering it automatically passes the hit test. So, for each attack of the Ardent Blade, it has 4/6 chances to wound and 1/6 chances to actually damage the gretchin, so around 4/36 or 1/9. Not great, but much better than most shooting options against Makari. In melee, Celestine has problems to go through the 2++. Each has 5/6 chances to hit, 5/6 chances to wound and 1/6 chances to go through, so around 25/216. Counting all six of her attacks, she has 150/216 chances, or around 25/36. Considering each attack does 2 damage, Celestine will usually need between 2-3 rounds to take down Makari.

On the offensive, Makari has a pretty good chance of succeeding. Only 6W and no FNP means that Makari could one shot her if he rolls the maximum damage output in one round (chances of that are 3/6 to hit for each hit, 1/6 for the mortal wound and 1/3 for maximum attack, so around 3/216 or 1/72). However, Celestine can revive herself, and at full force too, so it's just a matter of time before Makari's luck runs out and gets a couple of wounds to take him out of a fight. Still, it could be a nasty surprise for the saint.

Makari vs Kaldor Draigo: The legendary grey knight came out of the warp to defeat a horde of unholy daemons and abominations, and instead found himself fighting a gretchin with a stick. To be blunt, Draigo has all of the tools needed to end the fight before it even starts. Once again, the simple fact is that Makari is not built to fight psychic characters, it has no real defense against smite spam, or just any other kind of psychic attack. Still, if Draigo ever needs to fight Makari one on one, it definitely packs quite a punch, but it needs to go through the 2++ first. So each attack has 11/12 chances to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the attack through, so 55/432. Counting all 5 attacks, Draigo has 275/432 chances to wound him. The shooting is slightly less effective (11/12 to hit, 4/6 to wound, 1/6 to go through= 44/432 for each attack, 176/432 or 11/27 for all attacks). Overall, Makari's best ability is to keep heavy units into a slog of a match, but why would they bother if they can just smite him to death?

On the offensive, Makari needs to put a lot of wounds to take down Draigo. Forget regular wounds, it's mortal wounds or nothing. And considering Draigo has 7 wounds in total, even at maximum damage output he will survive and smite Makari to death.

Makari vs Azrael: The head of the Unforgiven is a balanced unit, in between being unable to deal with Makari on a timely manner and one shotting him before even starting. His shooting is effective to a certain degree, especially due to his bolter mode of his combi-plasma has 2 damage instead of one. Using plasma alone is pointless, since all that AP is not going to matter and only does half of the damage of the bolter part.
  • Bolter profile only: 11/12 to hit, 4/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in = 44/432 for each attack; counting both attacks = 88/432 or 11/54. You'll need multiple rounds of shooting to kill Makari, even if each hit makes 2 damage.
  • Using both profiles: Taking into account the -1 to hit, we have to add both the plasma and the bolter (for the sake of this I will count it as overcharged plasma to round the damage output).
    • Bolter: 9/11 to hit, 4/6 to wound, 1/ 6 to get the damage in = 36/396 for each attack; in total = 72/396
    • Plasma: 9/11 to hit, 5/6 to wound, 1/ 6 to get the damage in = 45/396 for each attack; in total = 90/396
    • In total: 162/396 to damage using all shooting attacks, or 9/22. Not that good considering you'll need on average 2-3 rounds of attacks to kill him, more if it's not overcharged.

On melee, the Sword of Secrets has the added effect of dealing mortal wounds, being able to go through the 2++ frequently. The regular attack would take 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in, so 55/432 for each attack, and counting all attacks that would be 275/432. By these numbers, you'd be able to get a hit in 1-2 rounds of combat, and considering each attack makes D3 damage, it could actually kill him once the mortal wound gets in (the chances of that happening is 11/12 to hit and 1/6 to activate, so around 11/72). Pretty good, but it's still going to take a while to deal with Makari if the dice are against you.

On the offensive, Makari can one shot Azrael at his maximum damage output, due to Azrael having exactly 6 wounds. However, that takes 3/6 to hit for each hit, 1/6 for the mortal wound and 1/3 for maximum attack, so around 3/216 or 1/72 chances for the one shot, so you will probably spend multiple rounds battling the Dark Angels' Chapter Master until either one falls.

Makari vs Dante: The Lord Commander of the Blood Angels is meant to be a character that attacks up close and personal, even his shooting gets better the closer he is to the enemy. The Inferno Pistol has 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in, so around 55/432. Not good odds, but because he can shoot it in close combat and can throw two D6 dice to decide the amount of wounds he can deal, one shot should be enough to deal with Makari. Once again, getting the shot in is going to be the problem. In melee, Dante can re-roll wound rolls, which is great against the gretchin. The Axe Mortalis has 11/12 to hit, 11/12 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in, so around 121/864. Taking into account all of his six attacks, and we have 726/864 for something to wound, or around 121/144. Every attack does D3 damage, so you will need at least two attacks to kill him.

On the offensive, Makari does similarly to other rounds against similar Chapter Masters. Dante has 6 wounds, so he can be one-shotted by Makari if he gets really lucky, but in general, he'll have to try multiple times in order to kill Dante.

Makari vs Logan Grimnar: The Great Wolf hunts the most dangerous prey: Makari, and for the job, he has two options, regular Grimnar and Grimnar on a santa sleigh stormrider. First we'll look at the regular Grimnar. Storm Bolter aside, Grimnar's main weapon is his Axe Morkai. It has two configurations:
  • One handed grip: In this mode, the axe does D3 damage per hit, but it doesn't suffer the -1 penalty . It has 11/12 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in, so around 55/432. Multiplied by his 5 attacks, he has 275/432 chances of getting at leat one wound in.
  • Two handed grip: In this mode, the axe does 3 damage per hit, but it suffers the -1 penalty . It has 9/11 to hit, 5/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in, so around 45/396. Multiplied by his 5 attacks, he has 225/396 chances of getting at leat one wound in.
  • Statistically speaking, one handed mode has more chances of getting the wound in, but if Makari has one wound already, you choose two handed to make sure he dies.

In his Stormrider, Grimnar gains the attacks of his loyal wolves. So 6 extra attacks of S5. So they have 11/12 chances to hit, 4/6 to wound and 1/6 to get the damage in, so around 44/432 for each wound, or around 264/432 for at least one attack to wound. This mode should finish off Makari after the attacks with the axe.

On the offensive, Makari is going to need a long time to kill both versions of Grimnar. The basic model has 7 wounds, and the one with the stormrider has 12, so it's going to be a long fight even with mortal wounds.

Makari vs Ragnar Blackmane (primaris): aaa
Makari vs Trajan Valoris: aaa
Makari vs Vindicare: aaa
Makari vs Culexus: aaa
Makari vs Eversor: aaa
Makari vs Callidus: aaa
Makari vs The Swarmlord: aaa
Makari vs Farsight: aaa
Makari vs The Avatar of Khaine: aaa
Makari vs Ghazskhull Himself: aaa


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