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Malar symbol.jpg
2E/3E:Bestial claw with brown fur, curving talons tipped with fresh red blood
5E: Clawed paw
Aliases The Beastlord, The Black-Blooded One, The Wild Hunter, Master of the Hunt
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank 2E/3E/5E: Lesser God
4E: Exarch
Pantheon Faerûnian (Deities/Gods of Fury)
Portfolio Hunters, marauding beasts and monsters, blood, bloodlust, evil therianthropes, stalking
Domains 3E: Animal, Bestial, Chaos, Evil, Gluttony, Hunt, Moon, Strength, Wrath
5E: Nature
Home Plane Great Wheel: The Land of the Hunt (Carceri)
World Tree: Fury's Heart
World Axis: Deep Wilds
Worshippers Druids, evil therianthropes, hunters, rangers, and sentient carnivores
Favoured Weapon A beast's claw (claw bracer)

Malar is the dark, malevolent god of predation and slaughter in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons. He is part of the sub-pantheon known as either the Gods of Fury or the Deities of Fury, who embody the most brutal and malign aspects of nature; this makes him a peer of Talos, Auril and Umberlee.

As you can probably guess from that opening spiel, Malar isn't your typical fluffy-bunny nature god! He's all about the idea of nature red in tooth and claw, survival of the fittest, and generally being the apex predator. He kills who he wants, when he wants, and that's usually "anybody he sees, whenever he sees 'em".

He is known and dreaded as Kazgorath, a twisted dragon-like creature, in the Moonshae Isles, Blue Bear to the Uthgardt barbarians, Herne to the orcs of the High Forest, Render on the Endless Ice and the Great Glacier, and The Stalker in Vilhon Reach.

The two sacred ceremonies of Malar are The High Hunt, where a random humanoid is kidnapped and hunted by crazy Malar cultists from sundown till sunup, and The Feast of the Stags, where a Malarite priest picks some random unfortunate and makes sure they get plenty of meat and fur to keep them alive through the winter.

Notable enemies of Malar include Silvanus, Chauntea and Nobanion.

Malar was first created by Ed Greenwood, mentioned in the "Down-to-earth divinity" article of Dragon magazine #54 (October 1981, pg 52).

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