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Malatra is an obscure subsetting of the Forgotten Realms that was created by TSR for the online RPGA 's "Living Jungle" campaign. It is an Indochina-flavored region of Kara-Tur, set on a vast plateau that towers thousands of feet above dense jungle filled with masses of dinosaurs and obscured from the outside world by powerful protective magics.


  • Nubari: The humans of Malatra, actually descendants of ancient Shou colonists who interbred with the true Nubari, a spelljammer-born demihuman race that was the first to settle here. Notable Nubari tribes include the Tribe of Big Chief Bagoomba (originally the Saiyama tribe, but renamed by their egocentric new chief, notable for their racially mixed makeup), the Huroola Tribe (Amazons), the Koshiva Tribe (treetop-dwelling fisherfolk), the Rudra Tribe (aggressive riverside-dwellers), the Simbara Tribe (arrogant, lion-worshipping warriors), the Wise Ones Tribe (peaceful, shaman-led weavers) and the Zantira Tribe (fisherfolk who live on floating house-boats on the Sleepy River).
  • Aarakocra
  • Bullywug
  • Butu: A unique native race that resembles a cross between a kobold and a satyr.
  • Korobokuru
  • Katanga: A local variant of the Hengeyokai, divided into Caiman, Monkey, Pangolin, Snake, Tiger, Hedgehog, Imapala and Ostrich subraces. The 3e update of the setting adds Frog Katanga as a newly emergent race being created by the Water Elemental Lord. Mention is also made of Black Leopard, Lion and Hyena katanga, with the latter in particular only appearing in the adventure "The Golden Child".
  • Lacerial: A local name for Saurials.
  • Lizardfolk
  • Oscray: A local name for a stranded population of Scro.
  • Sahuagin: A local variety adapted to fresh water.
  • Saru: Peaceful, friendly, intelligent gorillas.
  • Shu: A local Halfling subrace, characterized by its utter hairlessness.
  • Tabaxi
  • Tam'hi: A local variant of the Spirit Folk, divided into Jungle and River subraces.
  • Tasloi
  • Vegepgymy: Localled known as "Plantmen".
  • Wemic
  • Yuan-Ti

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