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The Queen of Succubi, covering a surprising amount of skin

Malcanthet, Queen of the Succubi is a Demon Prince(ss?) in Dungeons & Dragons invented for 3rd edition. She is the not the first fiend in the Great Wheel to hold that title, having dethroned the previous incumbent Shami-Amourae, who was imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness by Demogorgon for manipulating him. She first appeared in Dungeon Magazine #112, in the adventure "Maure Castle"; twelve issues later, she was mentioned again in Dragon #124's "Chambers of Antiquities", and then again Dragon Magazine #341's Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Baphomet. She received her first depiction in the first of the Fiendish Codex duology, and was later the subject of her own Demonomicon of Iggwilv in Dragon #353.

Malcanthet received a brief mention during Fourth Edition in Dragon Magazine #417's "Ecology of the Succubus". As succubi were a type of devil in that edition, Malcanthet's origin was modified so that she had been a former angel of love. She once aspired to be the bride of Asmodeus, but following the lord of the Hells' choosing of another for the coveted position the jealous Malcanthet led her succubi out of Baator to the Abyss.

Malcanthet rules over Shendilavri, the 570th layer of the Abyss. It is of unmatched beauty, surpassing even some of the heavens as a paradise. Here she lives in the city of Rivenheart, where all desires can be sated. Every imaginable perversion, debauchery and experience can be found here. Malcanthet's palace has no doors, and all are invited to enter and experience what lies within its forbidden halls. While thousands of people from all over the planes enter to find bliss within, few leave, and all ultimately realize that Shendilavri is a paradise only for Malcanthet herself.

Her greatest enemy is Graz'zt, thanks to an attempted love affair that fell through, which both parties blame the other for. Malcanthet counts Pazuzu and Demogorgon among her frequent lovers. She is the mistress of the succubus and incubus races, although even she cannot admit to controlling all of them (especially since succibi/inccubi are their own type of fiend in 5e and are not even bound to any single Lower Plane). Other major allies of hers include lilitu, dybbuks and Half-Fiends, particularly those born to her succubi and incubi, designated as Cambions if male and Alu-Fiends if female.

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