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This ugly son of a bitch probably caused as many problems for the Imperium as Erebus, but he isn't a snivelling bitch so we allow it.

Maloghurst also known as The Twisted, The Bearer of the Eye and The Shadow Hand was a member of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus legion and was a major brown noser, foot kisser and very close advisors to Horus during that nasty business.

Great Crusade[edit]

During the Great Crusade, Maloghurst was a member of the XVI Legion, the famed and feared Luna Wolves. By the time of Horus' investiture as Warmaster, Maloghurst had risen into the senior ranks of the legion. His sharp mind and brutal tactics saw him favoured by his dad and earned him the nickname "The Twisted". He was also known for being so brutal that the Legion that was renowned for using brutal tactics saw what this guy did and thought "that was a bit much." However his fighting days came to a screaming halt during the pacification of Terra (not that one, a different one also known as Planet 63-19), when his Thunderhawk got shot out of the sky and wrecked on the planet below. By some miracle (and perhaps some divine intervention) Maloghurst survived the crash and was able to drag his broken body from the wreck. He was hidden by a sympathetic farmer and was eventually recovered by the Luna Wolves when they stormed the planet. He was pretty much crippled by this event, as his body was so damaged that he would never be able to fight again. Everyone became very embarrassed about calling him "Twisted" after the crash, like having a friend nicknamed Wheels because he owns a cool car who then ends up in wheelchair after an accident. Maloghurst liked the nickname, though, and said he didn't care if people still called him that since he had earned the name and thought its double meaning was fitting. Even though he was no longer fit to fight on the front line, Horus chose to elevate Maloghurst to the position of equerry, and his sheer dedication saw him become the bearer of Horus' and the Legion's standard, a large iron bound Eye of Horus.

The Horus Heresy[edit]

His new model in all his crippled glory (and also the first Heresy character to technically get a model update)

When Horus turned traitor, Maloghurst happily followed his gene-father into heresy and most of the Sons of Horus against the Emperor. Around this time Maloghurst became the equerry to Horus and acted as an advisor to his Primarch as well as an enforcer and chief of secret police within the legion (for those curious he was the "lining people up against the wall" kind of secret police). He also seems to have fallen to Chaos a lot faster than the rest of his legion, as he started studying and using the Warp very early into the Heresy. He also took a book out of that one cunt's playbook by creating his own version of the Gal Vorbak, known as the Luperci, just before the battle of Molech (3 years into the Heresy). His status gave him a large amount of power during the Heresy and during the Isstvan atrocity Malaghurst got to boss around Typhus and command him where to attack, much to Typhon's chagrin.

Unfortunately for the crippled bugger, his love for his father ultimately was the death of him. After Horus was rendered comatose by his throwdown with Leman Russ at Trisolian, Maloghurst was very distraught that Daddy had been injured again and accepted the help of Lorgar to enter Horus' throne room on the Vengeful Spirit and perform the same rite as Erebus had when Horus had been wounded on Davin at the end of the Great Crusade. Maloghurst entered the warp and found part of Horus' soul that had been severed by Russ' attack. This soul-shard had seen that Horus had been tricked by the Chaos gods and was having a whinge about the way things were going while fighting against a bunch of daemons. Before Maloghurst could reason with the soul-shard, he was dragged back to the real world by a very pissed off Horus Aximand, who informed Maloghurst that his little warp fuckery session had pulled the entire Sons of Horus fleet out of the Warp and into the orbit of a Blood Angels controlled world. Mal was then thrown into a maze to wander aimlessly while the Sons of Horus attacked the Blood Angels until he was rescued by the commander of the Catulan Reavers. They both fought their way through the Vengeful Spirit to Horus' throne room. Jumping back into the Warp, Maloghurst found the same part of Horus' soul and tried to convince it that spikey armour and daemons were cool and that he should accept the Chaos gods. But the soul-shard was having none of it, saying that everything was FUBAR and the best thing he could do now was die and stop being the Chaos gods' plaything. Maloghurst realised that the only way to "save" Horus was to kill the last reasonable part of him, so he stabbed the shard, killing Horus' last shred of remorse (and sense), along with himself. Afterward Horus was back and had fully fallen to Chaos and with no regrets or doubt about his path. And we all know how that then turned out.

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