Mandred Skavenslayer

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Graf Mandred von Zelt, also known as Skavenslayer, Ratslayer and Man-Dread for Skaven, was an Elector Count of Middenheim in the 12nd Century who eventually became an Emperor. In terms of ranking the rulers of not-Germany, he may be third (or fourth) best Emperor after Sigmar, Magnus (not that one) and debatably Karl Franz, because he was really good at exterminating rats.


Not much is known about Mandred's early life, aside from the fact that he was a noble from Middenheim and the Elector Count of that city-state. When the Black Plague started and the entire country was overrun by Skaven, he was the only count that managed to repell invaders. Eventually Mandred decided to end that bullshit and started a crusade against giant rat-things, which after two years of fighting resulted in an Imperial victories at Averheim and Howling Hills. In the latter battle, Graf managed to kill Warlord Vrrmik and take his head, which was eventually turned into his helmet, which is still hidden somewhere in the Imperial vaults.

Due to him singlehandedly stopping The Empire from a destruction, Mandred was elected Emperor. Not much is known about his rule, other than the fact that he rebuilt his country. After twenty five years of governance, however, Mandred was assassinated by Clan Eshin warlord, and everything went to shit. Electors failed to elect new Emperor and the country collapsed into a civil war, while all of his deeds were forgotten and turned into a fairytale alongside Skaven.