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Manly And Incorrigible Delinquents RPG or M.A.I.D. RPG is a modification on Maid RPG

This is basically just a shameless rip-off of Maid RPG, but reflavoured for the more masculinely-inclined of us. Since Maid RPG is a really simple d6-based game with tonnes of random tables, this Delinquent RPG works on that proven formula for fast and cheap fun. Within the next few pages, you'll find a pared down version of the Maid RPG ruleset that's been rewritten.

I won't lecture you on what a delinquent actually is. By the end of this, I expect you to have as little of an idea as I do.

Character Creation[edit]

Basically, almost everything here except for attributes are just flavourful stuff to make your game experience more interesting. As long as your GM is okay with it, you can re-roll or even choose particular traits.


Roll 2d6 and divide by 3 (rounding down) for each of the six Attributes below.

  • Athletics (Physical ability, combat ability.)
  • Cool (How good are you at just chilling with your bancho and other gang members?)
  • Badass (How good are you at being a delinquent?)
  • Smarts (How capable are you at pulling a fast one on others?)
  • Luck (How did you get the window seat in class? I wanted that seat...)
  • Loitering (Just how long can you squat outside the mini-mart and look menacing for?)

Delinquent Types[edit]

Roll 1d6 twice to get two Delinquent Types which will influence both your stats as well as the general demeanour of your delinquent. You can have a particular type twice. Zero is the lowest an attribute can go.

  1. - Wise Guy (+1 Luck, -1 Athletics)
  2. - Smart-Ass (+1 Smarts, -1 Loitering)
  3. - Guru (+1 Cool, -1 Smarts)
  4. - Leader (+1 Badass, -1 Cool)
  5. - Jock (+1 Athletics, -1 Badass)
  6. - Lackey (+1 Loitering, -1 Luck)

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