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Are very very manly. And they're also Space Marines. Or maybe average Guardsmen cosplaying, certainly are manly enough. One of /tg/'s many homebrew chapters.

Manly Marines are a sect descendant chapter of the Blood Angels. It was originally believed that their command staff was cobbled together from the survivors of the Lamenters chapter, but there's been no proof as to the veracity of that claim. As Blood Angel descendant chapters, they are truly die-hard champions of the Imperium, obsessed with not only bringing righteousness to all corners of the Imperium, but of causing that righteousness within others. Where the Manly Marines roam, Guardsmen are moved to acts of suicidal bravery, and even civilians take up arms and willingly fight for the glory of the Imperium of Man, so inspired are they by the Manly Marines' heroism and courage. Make no mistake, however - they brook no failure and will not hesitate to punish the alien and traitor alike, for such villainy cannot be allowed to remain, lest Chaos or Heresy take root. Their exploits on the battlefield are the subject of many Imperial Guard Magazines, who chronicle their exploits and those of the brave guardsmen who've fought alongside them.

The Space Wolves agree with the Manly Marines on the status of facial hair, though they conflict on styling. Where the Rout often sport shaggy manes of unkempt beard that couldn't possibly fit in a helmet, the culture of the Manly Marines includes the thought that a well-groomed mustache is a symbol of masculinity, and thus every battle-brother sports a mo' befitting of a man's status. Most Imperial Guardsmen who find themselves fighting alongside the Manly Marines attempt to replicate the sublime mustachery of their Astartes comrades, even if such grooming is against regulations; officers and commissars strangely find themselves agreeing that mustaches are indeed manlier than regulations forbidding them.

Known Command Staff[edit]

A Day In the Life of a Manly Marine Initiate[edit]

The Daily Training Schedule, 2nd Company, TMM.

  • 06:30- Wake up
  • 06:35- Urination drill
  • 06:40- Shave and body powder application
  • 06:45- Formation in Duty Uniform (see chart)
  • 06:50- Morning Sing Song
  • 07:00- Physical Training: Beach volleyball, Vet Sergeant Randalf
  • 08:00- Personal Hygiene
  • 09:00- Breakfast
  • 09:02- Morning Prayers
  • 09:06- Care and Consideration of Others Training
  • 10:00- Break (light snacks provided by Death Killers Squad - vegetarian)
  • 11:00- Use of the Imperial Credit Card for Official Travel
  • 12:00- Lunch
  • 12:04- Noon prayers
  • 13:00- Formation in Duty Uniform
  • 13:03- Afternoon Sing Song
  • 14:00- Boltgun Drill
  • 15:00- Boltgun Cleaning ritual
  • 15:07- Arms Room Maintenance Drill
  • 15:50- Close-combat training, Brother-Chaplain Kenshiro
  • 16:00- Knitting and Crochet Lesson (how to make a Scottish bonnet- ver 3.4)
  • 18:00- Dinner
  • 18:03- Evening Sing Song
  • 19:00- Physical Training: Water polo, Vet Sergeant Winifred
  • 20:00- Personal Hygiene
  • 21:00- Evening Prayers
  • 22:00- Games of Rated M For Manly with snacks (provided by Baby Smasher's Squad - fruit jello with juice)
  • 22:47- Surprise Inspection
  • 23:00- Formation
  • 23:05- Night prayers
  • 23:59- Return to Barracks
  • 00:01- Lights out.