Marakarr Blood-Sky

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"The gods have not asked much of you this day. Simply fight beneath my banner, sow these lands with shattered bone and water them with blood. Do this, and your deeds will be remembered forever."

– The warqueen herself

Marakarr Blood-Sky is one of the Darkoath Warqueens, the leaders of many barbarian tribes that live in the Eightpoints, and a member of Archaon's inner circle. She lead a host of Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, and Khorne Bloodbound to Nagashizzar in an attempt to restore Archaon's rule over the realm of Shyish. They made her profile picture sexier from the model in a attempt to get the number sold higher than ten. Lets be honest, you might probably need to perform aesthetic surgery with green stuff to make her look as good as in the picture. I mean, have you seen her thighs? The look like a bloated sausage, for Pete's sake!

She’s recently reappeared in Wrath of the Everchosen leading a colossal Darkoath army in defense of the Eightpoints from the combined Nighthaunt and Ossiarch Bonereapers army. She’s joined by a Khorne and Nurgle army as well as a Gaunt Summoner, whom all of which converge on Lady Olynder’s forces and drive her back. Marakarr presses the charge against the Mortarch of Grief but soon finds her army bombarded by Ossiarch artillery. She and the Khornate Chaos Lord quickly rushed forward to shut down the catapults, exactly what Katakros counted on. The Warqueen soon found herself surrounded by an armored shield wall to her front and thunderous cavalry to her rear, all the while the catapults still raining down on her hordes. She lost her Nurgle and Khorne allies in the ambush, which was enough for her to say “Fuck this” and sound a retreat by tearing through the back lines and legging it with what remained of her Marauders.

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