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Marienburg is the not-Amsterdam of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the huge trade port that stands in the mouth of River Reik (not-Reyne of Warhammer) between Bretonnia and The Empire. It's a capital of small but proudly independent country named The Wasteland, and fittingly the only big city of it.




In Mordheim[edit]

Marienburgers are one of the three "subfactions" that a player can choose for their Human Mercenaries warband in Mordheim, alongside Reikland and Middenland. A Marienburg Mercenaries warband gains two special rules to reflect their origins. Firstly, they gain a +1 bonus when attempting to find rare items. Secondly, they start play in a campaign with +100 gold crowns to amass their warband with. These traits represent their connections to the merchant's network of Marienburg, and the subsequent wealth it gives them.

Provinces of the Empire
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