Marius Leitdorf

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Marius Leitdorf is was the Elector Count of Averland. He was also insane. Like, seriously, standards for sanity in Warhammer Fantasy are a bit lower than your average setting's, but Marius was still kooky enough to be publicly known as the Mad Count of Averland. He routinely relied on the advice of his warhorse, Daisy Kurt von Helboring II, as equal to or superior than the insights of his advisors, was a highly mercurial ruler, and was known for alternating between periods of intense melancholy and bouts of screaming rage. At his command, the armies of Averland waged wars against forests, swarms of bees and armies of fish... and for once we actually don't mean aquatic beastmen, even though those are presumably a thing in the Warhammer world. Also, he had a lifelong rivalry with Kurt Helborg, who loathed Marius' craziness.

Despite being mad as a sackful of wet skaven, Marius was also an accomplished poet, an inventor of some standing, an exceptional swordsman, a brilliant military tactitian, an inspiring leader of men who always led his armies from the front and actually won many great victories through his unique blend of uncanny insights and insane courage. He was also an incredibly successful lady's man. Ironically, Emperor Karl Franz considered him to be one of his greatest allies, perhaps in part because Marius both was the first person to vote for Karl's appointment as the Emperor over Boris Todbringer and because Marius saved Karl's life when they were attacked by Middenlander thugs after securing the vote of Hisme Stout, the Elector of the Halfling Moot, as recounted in the short story "The Prince of Altdorf".

He was ultimately killed fighting Orcs & Goblins in the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass.