Marshes of Madness

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A small, but virulent swamp in the center of Badlands, that was once populated by a human tribe called the Lodringen. They were a relatively unremarkable group at first, but things changed when Kadon the tribe shaman and son of the chieftain found Nagash's Crown of Sorcery in the hands of the corpse of Alcadizaar when it washed up on the shore of a river. The moment Kadon placed the crown on his head on a whim he suddenly found his mind filled with occult knowledge, something which he quickly put to use by using it to reanimate the corpses of the dead to serve the living. Kadon then took control of his tribe and his first order of business was to order the building of a massive tomb for the body of Alcadizaar which would later on also serve as Kadon's palace and a place of burial for the Lodringen. Later after instituting the worship of Nagash Kadon would proceed to build a city around the tomb and name it Mourkhain (or Morgheim as it's known in the Empire) something which in the native language meant the place of death. From there he used his new knowledge of Necromancy and the covert assistance of the vampire Ushoran to carve a small empire out of the Badlands called Strygos and made Mourkhain its capital. Eventually, Ushoran got bored of being second in command and decided to overthrow Kadon in a violent coup. Once that was settled, Ushoran promptly started sending out invitations to other vampires to come to live with him, something which most of them ended up accepting since they had no better alternatives. Over the next 8 centuries, the kingdom would become relatively successful under the vampire's rule. A lot of this was thanks to having untiring zombie laborers to do the menial work, near-zero crime due to the vamps feeding only on criminals, and relatively active trade with other humans and the local dwarves (you know when they weren't going to war with them). Then Neferata the queen of the Lahmian bloodline caught wind of the place and being the massive narcissist she is she decided that no vampire was allowed to build an empire that she wasn't in charge of. To avenge this affront to her ego she cajoled some local humans into attacking the kingdom in -200IC. Although the forces of Strygos successfully fought the barbarians off the distraction allowed a huge horde of ORCS to blindside them and they proceeded to wreck the place. Now it's a ruined wasteland where most of strigoi and strigany (Warhammer's Gypsy expies) come from. It's also a sacred place for greenskins, especially the so-called Tree of Beards - a willow tree where orcs and goblins hang severed Dwarf heads.


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