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In D&D, Masauwu refers to either the Maztican god of the Azuposi, or the entropic Immortal of Mystara.

Maztican Masauwu[edit]

Bloody skull
Alignment Lawful Neutral (Lawful Good tendencies)
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Maztican (Azuposi)
Portfolio Fertility, life, death, the dead, the underworld
Home Plane Maski, the Skeleton House (Wenimats, Beastlands)
Worshippers Azuposi people

Maztican Masauwu, also called the Skeleton Man, is the patron spirit of the Azuposi people, and the spirit of life and death.


Originally humanity lived underground, where their lives were full of of chaos and corruption, so they sent the bird Motsni to find a better place to live in. The bird eventually found an exit from the underworld and met Masauwu. Masauwu told the bird that life on the surface was hard, but a bearable and humble existance was possible. The bird relayed Masauwu's words to the humans who decided that this was better than their current lives, so they headed to the surface where Masauwu took the under his guidance, teaching them how to farm and live in peace, and giving them fire.


The Skeleton Man appears in one of two forms. In his first form, he is a handsome man, covered in turqoise, and with two lines drawn across his upper cheeks and nose. In his second form, his head resembles a large squash, being large, hairless, and coverd in blood.

The Deities of Maztica
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Iyatiku - Qotal Miochin - Spider Woman
Neutral Masauwu - Plutoq
Alosaka - Kukul - Maztica
Sho'tokunungwa - Sun Father
Eha - Nula
Evil Azul Shakak Tezca - Zaltec

Mystaran Masauwu[edit]

The uppercase Y, representing crossroads
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Eternal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Entropy)
Portfolio Intrigue, deceit, politics
Domains Entropy, Evil, Deceit, Illusion, Persuasion
Worshippers Politicians, liars, con artists
Favoured Weapon Club

The Mystaran Masauwu, also known as Enebaan and The Ambassador, is the Immortal associated with intrigue, politics, and deceit.


Masauwu was originally a smooth-talking con artist from the Minrothad Guilds, who convinced the gullible to give him anything he wanted. Of course, this made him many enemies and forced him to be on the move constantly. Eventually, he was captured by a group of people he'd conned and they tied him to a pole, a lit a pyre around him. Only for him to then vanish to another place, brought ther by the Immortal Hel. Hel recognized that the entropic Immortals could use someone like Masauwu, and convinced him to take the entropic path to immortality.

After ascending, Hel gave him two orders: first, to become the spokesman of the entropic Immortals, and second, to scour the world for more people to recruit to the sphere of entropy. Since then he has become the face, and chief recruiter and sponsor of his sphere.


Masauwu often appears as a handsome, dusky-haired, and elegant man wearing fine silk garments. Should his charisma and silver tongue fail, he takes the form of a huge, dark-skinned man wearing animal skins, and carrying a flaming torch.


Masauwu is a master manipulator, gaining immense satisfaction from manipulating others and making them look like fools in the process, especially if they're Immortals more powerful than him. He also enjoys corrupting good adventurers to evil ones. He has no real allies, though he takes orders from Hel, he's on his own in the field. His smooth talking has also prevented him from gaining any real enemies, and takes care not to offend any of the truly powerful ones.

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