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This is what happens when you don't walk with rhythm.

Mawlocs are monstrous Tyranids that live almost entirely underground. They are nearly blind, but their sense of touch is extremely acute; they are capable of ducking into and out of combat as well as any human, by sensing the movements of the air around them and their bonded exoskeletons allows them to resist even Bolters.

An old Terran legend from the year 1990 indicates that several Mawlocs terrorized the town of Perfection, Nevada.


Mawlocs locate prey by detecting regular rhythms, like evil versions of Dune's sandworms or star nose moles. Once they have heard such a signature, they tunnel up to the surface, burst out of the ground, devour anything that fits in their maw (get it?), and smash anything that doesn't, before diving back underground to find their next target. They are used to bypass enemy defenses and attack vital elements of the enemy's organization -- supply convoys, headquarters, artillery batteries, airfields, and other assets hidden well behind the front line. Support units that thought themselves safe from attack may find themselves rudely surprised by the tell-tale rumbling of the Mawloc's approach.


Physically, the Mawloc is a very simple organism with most of its bio-morphs geared towards burrowing. It has six incredibly powerful limbs employed to gain traction underground, but they are small and lack the reach to be efficient in combat. Instead, it attacks by swallowing prey whole with its massive razor-toothed maw, or pounds larger foes flat with its muscular tail before eventually devouring them as well. These victims are often digested within its stomach over several long days. Despite its immense size and mass, a Mawloc is incredibly agile and able to weave through incoming fire with fluid grace.

A Mawloc is almost entirely blind, and relies on a series of pressure-sensitive organs that run the length of its flank, which provide the Mawloc with a many-layered and ever-changing picture of the world around it. A Mawloc's senses are so delicate that it can absorb and interpret pressure waves as they travel through both solid and liquid matter. They are able to detect even the slightest tremor, and intercept their quarry with unerring speed and accuracy. Added together, this allows a Mawloc to home in on its prey even whilst burrowing through ground. The more regular and rhythmic the sound, for example, the pounding thump of a terrified heart, the more likely a Mawloc will be able to orientate into emerging precisely beneath its prey. Thus it is a victim's fear that dooms them. The Mawloc's favorite prey seem to be Blueberries, either due to encountering them the most or the simple fact that they suck at melee and their Weeaboo factor is too insufferable for even the Hive Mind is a possibility.

According to the Ordo Xenos, it is a flight of fancy that anything unlucky enough to be swallowed whole by a Mawloc survives long enough to experience the agony of being digested; such a victim would either be crushed to death by the contractions of its gullet or suffocate within a few minutes - which, as Inquisitor Amberley Vail admitted, "isn't all that comforting." Unless of course if you're Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka who is a badass motherfucker to say fuck the noise and cut open the Mawloc like a bitch and then soon after ate the Mawloc for breakfast.

Its only true rival in terms of eating is the Haruspex, the Squiggoth and the Colossal Squig.

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