Maynarkh Dynasty

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Maynarkh Dynasty
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Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Great Power


Unknown, Presumably Ultramar-Sized

Head of State

Phaerakh Xun'bakyr

Head of Government

Phaerakh Xun'bakyr, various Overlords

Governmental Structure

Totalitarian Absolute Monarchy

State Religion/Ideology

Nihilism, Necron Supremacy
Extermination of all life



Military Force

Necron Forces

Maynarkh features orange lights, take warning.

Featured in Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall of Orpheus as the main antagonists, the Maynarkh Dynasty brings back the good old days of pre-5th Necron awesome scariness while keeping the sense of tragedy and crazy personality of the Newcrons. These guys manage to take down half an Imperial sector and the Angels Revenant Space Marine chapter in a hundred days, somehow kidnapped the Orpheus' imperial governor driving him crazy without anyone else noticing such a feat and wiped out most of the sector's Imperial fleet in one single battle, plus some exterminatussed planets and moons. It is unknown the true scale of the Dynasty, although it is generally agreed that the Maynarkh's coreworlds do not lie within the Orpheus Sector proper but beyond the Veiled Region from which no human Explorator is believed to have ever returned.

  • They have also ERASED a C'tan from existence, they did it properly, not the half-assed fragmentation.
  • They have a bloody Cryptek who attempted to destroy time itself
  • Black hole weapons, 'nuff said

Also, Flayed Ones as troops as they are slowly succumbing to the flayer virus! Okay, that may not be that awesome but at least they are no longer in the elite slot. On the other hand, if they ever get the vanilla flayer update... So yeah, these guys are totally hardcore.

Notable Members[edit]

  • Xun'bakyr, The Mother of Oblivion, Phaerakh (female Phaeron) of the dynasty, we may assume she was yandere for Szarekh the Silent King, how else do you explain her getting a C'tan permanently killed?
  • Maktlan Kutlakh, the Necron version of Angron, he seems to be infected by the flayer virus but hasn't devolved (yet), no politics for him, there is only war. Achieved a mutual kill with Asterion Moloc...but then Asterion got better.
  • Toholk, the aformentioned Cryptek who tried to destroy Time itself, seems like Xun'bakyr didn't take his experiments well so she ordered him tortured so he can no longer fully regenerate his necrodermis. This makes him blind and the guy now sees in distorted temporal energy and works in keeping Maynarkh weaponry fine and running.
  • Llandu'gor, the C'tan which was killed by the Maynarkh dynasty. No, we don't know how this happened, neither do the other Necron Overlords as causality itself was damaged (or just Xun'bakyr yandereism for Szarekh getting more done than space Egyptian technology).
  • Some other dudes like Ixatotekh, the Jackal Regent and Lord-hunter of the void and Tlazolt the Faceless, Nemesor of Tayroc, sadly there isn't really enough background aside from their names and titles, but considering how crazy the other characters were we may assume they are made of win and wat.

Questions with(out) answers[edit]

  • Will we ever get a mini for Xun'bakyr so we can finally see what a Phaerakh looks like? Maybe some art? (even though it's probably no different)
  • What is the older and scarier than Necrons thing which was entombed in the Caracol system? Even though it's most likely a C'tan, we need some answers.
  • Why did the Silent King put so much care into protecting the Maynarkh dynasty? Is this a confirmation there was really something between him and the Phaerakh?
  • How did Toholk plan to destroy Time itself? Here at 1d4chan we would like to try it too!
  • Why is it that the Necrons didn't kill more C'tan if they could actually do it? Our Spiritual Liege has declared they are part of the fundamental fabric of actuality so we may guess removing all of them will irremediably damage the universe. Then again they completely destroyed the Flayer C'tan and all that did was give the Necrons the Flayer Virus. Alternatively, killing the Flayer C'tan actually DID damage the Universe, but it happened so long ago no one remembers what exactly had been damaged, and how much better the undamaged Universe was. On the other hand, some characters of 40k have pointed out how their universe is not just indifferent, but actively hostile, perhaps this was the everlasting result of the death cry of the C'tan or something, dunno, dunno, we are just some humble neckbeards grasping at stuff too terrible to understand.
  • Would Trazyn attempt to steal Xun'bakyr's closet? That's probably already done...
  • So just what is Thamyris?
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