Mealiden Starwatcher

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Mealiden Starwatcher
Rainbow with a star above and below
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Empyreal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Alfheim, Elves, Adventure, Protection, War
Domains Energy, Good, War, Protection, Travel
Worshippers Adventurers
Favoured Weapon Bow

Mealiden Starwatcher, also called Red Arrow, The Guardian, or Milan, is the patron Immortal of elves and the Kingdom of Alfheim.


Mealiden was an adventuring elf living in the Sylvan Realm as it came under attack by the humans living around it. He devoted time and effort into finding a way out of their trapped homeland, eventually coming across the Rainbow Path that would allow them to leave easily. Before leaving, he conducted a ritual that created new Trees of Life, which Ilsundal aided in, allowing the elves to prosper in their new homeland.

The elves arrived in what would become Thyatis and from the ventured to the land that became Alfheim, turning the land from wind-torn steppes to a verdant forest. As Mealiden was crowned the King of Alfheim, he had begun the Path of the Paragon, eventually abdicating and ascending to Immortality in the Sphere of Energy.


Mealiden appears as a young, cocky elven warrior, clad in green clothing, carrying an elvish longbow. He has starlike sparkles circling his head, their movement being tied how agitated or calm he feels.


Mealiden is absolutely loyal to Ilsundal, acting as his bodyguard, and having no real personal ambitions. In life he was bold, light-hearted, and mocking to his enemies, having still a soft spot for mortals like them, though he ended up becoming more serious and studious later in life. He shares Ilsundal's allies and enemies.

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