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In the Grim darkness of the far future, there is only war” they said solemnly, self-pityingly, naively. 10,000 years ago their was only war. Wars with great heroes, with battles of mighty warriors and fantastic ships, awe-inspiring citadels to defend and even more awesome weapons to destroy it. But above all, in war, there was a sense that war was not the sole state of the galaxy. Indeed as the armies of Chaos, the servants of the emperor, and the aliens fought each other in their romantic conflicts, they fought in the name of a destiny that however faintly could still be seen. The Future is here, but there is no war, wars have boundaries, wars have battles, and wars have ends. The remaining dwellers of the Galaxy have no dreams of destiny, of Imperiums, of Great Games, or of Greater Goods. Against the innumerable forces of the devourerors there is no war, there is only endurance.

The origional premise for MidHammer is that it was a softer version of Grimdark, or Grimlight. Rather than just making 40k universe less grim though, I am instead assuming that 50k is Grimbright.

Essentially, I am assuming that the phenomenal [Shape of The Nightmare to Come] is what will happen to the Warhammer Universe (more or less). So rather than WH50k being impossibly bleak, the humans of the 51st Mellinium have significantly more resources than the already stretched Vanilla 40k So with this endgoal in mind, I am working backwards to change the 40k and 30k events so that.

The Imperium structurally, technologically, militarily, administratively have more resources at their disposal Humanity as a race, has more psychic and spiritual weapons at its disposal rather than these talents being supressed in 40k The leadership of Humanity and The T'au are more psychologically and tempermentally equipped to face the looming threat of the 51st mellinium.

Key Differences[edit]

Chaos Very much Divided
Tzeentch claims victory against the Emperor. As Lorgar pleads and tirelessly works to keep the movement alive, the gods look inward, and against each other.
Tzeentch and Nurgle both, have offered their aid to the eldar against slaanesh, and have fostered small but thriving cults looking for salvation against slaanesh.
Lorgar's school of Chaos Undivided will be significantly less monolithic. Lorgar and those under his control will live under his Theocracy, but the exclusivites and Ahrimanists will not participate in his movement. Luther and Ahriman's Imperium Undivided present itself as a robust Ideological Alternative to Lorgar's "Faces of the Divine" Chaos Undivided
The Arrival of a new Chaos god, and the return of Malal represents a greater Anti Warp anti chaotic mentality. Which only Khorne and his ilk seem actually preparing against.

Multiplicity of religions
The multiplicity of religions offers a lot of opportunities for ideological differences. In MidHammer the Vilka Fenrika, Promethian Cult, and Aurelian Cult of Ultramar all have a presence in the imperium, as well as several more ancient religions.
Showcase divisions of belief and develop Heterodoxy in Aurelian Cult
Each "Spiritual Liege" in the Aurelian Cult is essentially its own Denominiation or Fiqh with sometimes vastly different Theologies .
Xenos ideologies
The Ynnari are just as much a political ideological movement as they are a religious cult. So much so that they have forced the existence of Cegorach and Khaine Followers to organize themselves along similar lines. The Farseers themselves will begin to become a political movement in the same way The Constitutionalistas in the Mexican Civil war, or The "Presbyterians" were in The English Civil war.
The T'au are significantly more radical in MidHammer. But even so there will still be different ideological approaches among the generals.
Greater Emphasis on the Guard
Space marines are rare and distrusted, Sanguinius leads a smaller more agile army in the Blood Crusades against Lorgar, and the space marines of The Segmentarchs aid their fathers in the administra.tion of the segmentums. Every faction has their own guardsmen and navies to use against each other, and serve as the lion's share of their force.
The grim darkness always looks better in hindsight. As horrific as The Heresy was for those involved in it, to those of the 41st millenium, it will seem like a battle of heroes and the clash of good vs evil, with so much potential, the primarchs were trimumphant heroic figures not the tired old tyrants they are now.

Likewise, roll the clock forward to 50k, and those who are facing the full brunt of the Tyrranic invasion will look fondly on the wars of the 40th. There was an era when men were men, when great art and great leaders came. That was a time when the emperor's sons ruled in peace, and one could still fight over what the destiny of man was, as though that was a guarantee.


Currently Im posting most of my Art work to my Deviant Art Profile, But Ill start moving things here one i get more organized.


This represents a timeline of major events in the MidHammer 40k Universe. Much like medieval understandings of the Pseudo-cyclical world, each epoch will have different powers at their prime, and powers who were the dominant forces in epochs past. Technology armor, and factions will change as civilization advances.

Pre Epochs
age of Old Ones, War in Heaven
Epoch 1(M1-M15) The Age of Eldar
Humanity’s nascent stages, Eldar enjoy peace and eventually create Slaanesh
Epoch 2(M15-M25) The First Age of Man

The Age of Terra and Dark age of Technology

Epoch 3 (M25-M35) The False Age of Chaos
Where the Timeline divulges from Vanilla
Eldar Destroyed, Age of Strife, Great Crusade, The Great Treachery
"False Age" because it was supposed to be Chaos' promised era, but it was denied
Chaos at its strongest during this time,Imperium weathers onslaught of Chaos
Epoch 4 (M35-M45) The Second Age of Eldar/Age of T'au
The Imperium fights on, but is quickly losing ground to The T’au, the Yndari, The Raven, and Now Mars. Ripped down the middle, where even Terra is mere minutes from annihilation, The Primarchs, hold out hope for their father’s recovery and force their enemies to pay dearly for every planet.
Epoch 5 (M45-M53) "The False Age of Man"
Tzeentch is "killed" by the Aurelian, the Chaos gods are brought to heel, humanity is united and the Eldar and their allies are embroiled in the disaster they themselves created. Humanity should be victorious, but this is little more than the calm before the storm. And when the storm comes, it will come fiercely.
Epoch 6 (M53-M60) "The Age of The Consumed"
The Imperium of Man is no more. As the Segmentum Solar falls, The Emperor, now the Warlord once again with his remaining primarchs are making their last stand in Dorn's Segmentum sized Fortress. Just as the Imperium itself was tossed aside to survive this age, humanity must make any and all sacrifices if it hopes to endure. And Humanity has taken on grotesque and bizzare forms to survive this harsh world.
Epoch 6 (M60-M70) The Last War in Heaven
Epoch 7 (M70) The Second Age of Man
This is where The Emperor is trying to reach, this is the "Grimbright end"

WH40k is Epoch 3 and 4, its barely even the End of The Beginning. So while things might be doing "reasonably" well for The Imperium now (its still not great), that's because the actual fights are yet to come. The "Forces of Good" will need every ounce of strength they have to face off against the true threats to the Milky Way.

What I'm working on[edit]

Currently, I am working on exporting what ive been working on into new pages. I plan to clean up the organization of these and filling out the lore.

Im also working on some templates and heraldry for the different factions to use. Thats a little slow in comming, and I have long way to go.

I have several short stories in the works.

Xenos in M41[edit]

As the 4th epoch comes to a close, the forces of Chaos are spent, drained, and outmanuvred. Lorgar and Luther struggle to hold their causes together as they are surrounded by few friends and ever increasing enemies. That does not mean the Imperium can hope for peace however. Indeed it is becomming clear that the war with Chaos was a fight for who would represent humanity in the upcomming fight. From the new threats in the Tau, the resurgent Eldar, and the ever looming threats of Orks, Tyrannids, and Necrons, the Imperium is quickly buckling and losing ground to these empires looking for blood.

The Eldar[edit]

The Ynnari were pushed out of the Craftworlds and aggressively hunted by the Night Lords. These exodites hardened as the craftworlds withered. Now as Great Yindaria, the Ynnari are quickly overwhelming the other eldar ways of life.

The Imperium's greater success against the Forces of Chaos has come at a great cost. Not merely the countless lives spent in fighting these dark forces, but also in the fraying in a relationship and truce the Emperor forged with the Eldar.

There are still some Eldar, who view the primitive Mon'Keigh as mostly harmless, and a potential ally against the forces that surround them. However, this has begun to change in the mellenia following The Desolation of Lorgar. Rather than decaying into fiefdoms and squabbles as brief as their lifespans, the petty impulses of man have been checked by the Emperor's immortal sons. As the Imperium slowly but surely climbs the uphill battle against the Forces of Chaos, many eldar have begun to wonder if it is only a matter of time before the Imperium will turn its attention to the craftworlds.

The Eldar, unable to face the Imperium at full strength, for now, still maintains the masquerade of its truce with the Imperium while doing anything and everything short of supporting chaos to undermine it. However that facade is quickly crumbling, and as of the 41st millennium it seems as if it will only be a matter of time before open war between the Eldar and Imperium engulfs the galaxy.

As the Craftworld eldar tend to their fraying truce, or resort to underhanded tactics, a new generation of Eldar has rallied behind calls for a restoration of the Eldar empire. These Eldar have observed the Imperium's success against the Forces of Chaos as proof not only of the potential victory for Eldar against chaos, but also as proof of the ineffectiveness and failing leadership of The Craftworld Eldar. While in Vanilla the quest for Ynnead is welcomed by many of the Craftworld, here the movement is openly hostile to the other Craftworlds and its leadership. The Yndarri are far more fanatical and ruthless than they are in the Vanilla Warhammer. Nor do they have any love for humanity or for even their fellow eldar. To them the Craftworlds are standing in the way of what could be a Great Eldar resurgence, and should a few more join slaanesh, they would not be missed. Craftworlds are always on the lookout for Yndarri assassins and theives, killing major leaders, and stealing relics and soulstones. Under Yvraine, chosen champion of Ynnead, they hope to overthrow the corrupt quibbling and decadent leadership of the Eldari and Drukhari and replace their craftworlds with Ynnead-appointed leadership. So that all living and dead eldars can welcome the coming of the Great Death God's Return.

The Tau[edit]

Propaganda poster with the Attillans, a key Auxillary of the Tau'Va.

Calling themselves an Imperium, after their former Masters, the T'au Va were originally part of the Subject state of the Imperium called the "Cerulean Socii." That changed when The Eldar, concerned about the Imperium's growing strength and success, saw an opportunity to create an ally that could counteract the Imperium without further altering the warp. Thus the Ethereal Caste was created through advanced genetic modification as a way to indirectly control the Tau'va. Taking advantage of a Black Crusade distracting the Imperium, the Tau'Va revolted against the Imperium slaughtering their overlords and kroot immediaries. Before the Imperium could lead a proper counter offensive, the Eldar "chose to ally" with the Tau'Va and announced that the Free Tau Va were under their protection. Unwilling to fight a war with the Eldar Craftworlds in the middle of a Chaos insurgency, The Imperium begrudgingly agreed to a ceasefire.

Despite the T'au Empires small size, they are meticulously well organized with the four former T'au nations transformed into castes. The T'au have highly advanced weapons but rely on their Eldar "allies" for aid in travelling vast distances.

The Tau have seen many different "Ethereal" who unite the Tau, from the origional, and now Expunged Etherials, to the era of Water Caste government, to the new rise of Commander Puretide, and the dominance of the Fire Caste. Under O'shasanuk'la the Tau have carved huge swaths of the Ultima Segmentum, and are now circling the borders of Ultramar.


Im working on this still, just much more slowly.


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