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Though the tides of war and despair churn ever onwards, and men are little more than cogs in the machine of war, there are some of those who by their bravery, courage, or vile character dare to roar against fate.


Imperium of Man[edit]

The Inquisition[edit]

The supposed absent organization, "The Order of Inquisitive Sons of The Last Sigilite," continue the work of Malcador, protecting the Imperium from all threats within and without.

Malcador The Sigilite
Close companion of the Emperor of Mankind, Malcador was killed by Alpharius, exposing his treachery and servitude to Tzeentch.

The Emperor and His Sons[edit]

Rogal Dorn
Horus Lupercal
Leman Russ
Roboute Gulliman
Konrad Curze
Jaghatai Khan

Adeptus Astartes[edit]

Marneus "Voyage of Talassar" Calgar
Spiritual Liege of Espandor
Proof that politics can provide capable leaders, Marneus Calgar was born on the Maccragge Migrant Fleet, of House "Voyage of Talassar." Upon his selection to Spiritual Liege of Espandor, he sanctioned the Crusade for Maccragge.
Kharn the Betrayer
Kharn had followed his genefather through everything, when Angron butchered his own legion, it was Kharn who calmed him down. When Angron insisted that all of his legion implant themselves with the Butcher's nails, it was Kharn who convinced them. Kharn gave his father everything, and yet he never got any closer. Angron still treated them like usurpers to the gladiators he knew on Nucreria.
When Angron followed Lotara down the path of Nurgle and had his butcher's nails removed, it was the last straw. All that they had given for their primarch was in vain. The fact that Angron abandoned Marcien and many other World eaters on Maccragge only cemented his descision. Kharn and many of the World eater's legion abandoned Angron. Escaping to The White Scars flagship in the midst of a heated naval battle.
Even into the 41st Mellinum, Kharn serves the Imperium, helping to defend it against the threat of the Tyrranids Ultima Segmentum. Unlike many of the World Eaters, he refused to have his butcher's nails removed. Keeping them as a sign of his folly. He and his fellow betrayed lead the Consumed, a penitent space marine legion that fights against the tyranids hoping for death.
Cam Duke Clemmons
Born M39
Chapter Master of The Fortunate Sons Chapter. He hopes to redeem his chapter in the eyes of his father Vulkan through "The March to Cadia," a penitent crusade in which the Chapter will burn its way through T'au Space in the Ultima Segmentum to Reach Chaos held Cadia at the other end of the Galaxy.
Truong HungDao
Born M37
Died M38
Celebrated founder of The Lotus Hearts chapter. The mythical founder was a Librarius of The Knights of St Aeonid, who repelled the T'au horde and their Attilan protectorates from Assam Bay. The leader is a fervent believer in the use of Mystic power and a engaging the T'au with both honorable mercy and surgical ruthlessness.
Gabriel Angelos
Current Chapter Master of the Unwittingly Renegade "Blood Ravens" Faction.

Imperial Gaurd[edit]

Imperial Navy[edit]

Lotara Sarrin
Former Flag officer
Born M30
Died M30 (ascended)
One of the Youngest flag captains of the Imperial Navy, Lotara Sarrin had a promising future in the Imperial Navy. She was ultimately led down the dark path for the love for the broken Primarch, Angron. Somehow learning that Angrons butcher's nails were going to kill him, She makes a deal with the Chaos god, Nurgle, to convince Angron to join him. Her execution prompted Angron to action, and now both she and Angron are together in the warp.

High Lords of Terra[edit]

Justinian "The Butcher" Vendee
Controversial Lord Gulliman
Born M35
Died M37
Was Chapter Master of The Red Angels prior to his selection to Lord Gulliman, head chapter master for The Codex Astartes. His reign oversaw the Great T'au Revolt as well as the First, Second, and Third Great Expansions. He is responsible for what Historians now refer to as "The T'au Founding" where chapter founding standards were loosened in order to fortify the Ultima Segmentum. Some argue that his actions were necessary in buying the Imperium more time, others believe that the subsequent Ultima revolts, Breakdown of Mechanicus-Imperium relations, as well as the influx of Chaos Space Marines were the result of his brashness and lack of discretion.
Berard Ragemprand
As of M40, Berard Ragemprand is the Nuncio of the Segmentum Tempestus. Given Dorn's general disinterest in his segmentum's affairs, the Role looks over the interests of the residents of The Segmentum. Or at least this has generally been the case before Ragemprand. Berard was a former member of the Haput Korps and as such, is unwavering in his devotion to Dorn. He has expressed concern that the escalation of the Eldar/Tau conflicts may leave humanity weak for its true enemies. Additionally no person has gained more influence (apart from perhaps the Farbesignor of Konor) from the unravelling of Imperial Mechanicus relations. Advocating for the Tempestus taking a greater role in the Imperium's Industry in exchange for additional benefits for Dorn's cause.
Chi`ke Adibol
Nuncio of The Ultima Segmentum
Karol Kolya Blaz
Nuncio of The Segmentum Obscurus
Arsênio Dario Nilo
Nuncio of Segmentum Nihlus

Adeptus Mechanicus[edit]

Belisaurius Cawl[edit]

An a political man devoted to science, forced to act politically. Belisaurius was archmagos of a forgotten forgeworld when commissioned by The Emperor to begin work on the Primaris Project. Hoping to continue his project in peace and in secret, he was nevertheless forced into Mechanicum politics as Mars began openly defying the will of The Emperor. Belisaurius lead the "True Mars" Movement in aiding the Loyalists reclaim Mars.

Iskandor Khayon[edit]

Head of the Anamenes, Iskandor has suffered the loss of many, from his Sister, to his Battle Brothers, to his Homeworld. It is this fear of loss that drove him to save as many as he can through the entombing the souls of those he cares for into his ship. He is the Master of Craftworld Polix, and leads a unique fusion of Psychic Might and Technology.

Royum Ultramar[edit]

The Fractious but proud Land of Ultramar is home to many valliant heroes, fighting for country, emperor and the queen mother.

Cato Sicarius
Cato Sicarius was a famed Gent D'Arms Whose prowess in the art of dueling was unrivaled even among the Astartes. In his most famous escapade was his involvement in the defeat of Etherial and Great T'au Va Leader Puretide, preemptively ending the era of T'au Expansion, and forcing the Tau'Va Imperium into decades of internal conflict, and civil war. Proud, and hubristic, The Great Cato Sicarius' effort to become an Ultramarine saw his humiliation in what was seen by many as a personal chastisement by the queen mother, and forced to undergo a penitent crusade. He ultimately died defending A planet from a Yndarri incursion and was ascended to Sainthood by the Aurelian.
Dumarsais Michelet
Grottolier Supervisor who led the successful expidition to recover the Relics of St Aeonid Thiel. Became a Charismateur of the Aurelian.

Aurelian Cult[edit]

The Aurelian Cult Is one of the largest unofficial institutions in the Imperium. Being technically independent of both Ultramar and The Imperium.

Goge Vandie
A controversial figure, this Humble Ecclesiarch and former Merikanologist came to power and brought some of his stranger ideas with him. His teachings that anyone could become a god racked the Aurelian Cult with scandal. But it was his ousting that brought more controversy, as he was replaced by the hated Sebastian Thor.
Sebastian Thor
Abbess Themaeux Gaugre
Avilla Ordinata
Renette Calixte
Marneus Calgar
Ezechial Carmalau
Chapter Master of The Knights of St Aeonid and Spiritual Liege of Calth. His call for the retrieval of the bones of St Thiel indirectly led to the creation of The Famed "Grottoliers of Calth"

Grand Macharia[edit]

Vilka Fenrika[edit]

While significantly less powerful than other institutions in the Imperium, the cult of Psykers and Abhumans still has a sizable following.

Saint Rhennia

The forgotten accident of Cerephon Maxima, Though perhaps its greatest product. Rhenia, an Ogryn mother forced to undergo the servitor process. The combination of grief with the nerve stapling drove her mad, a madness that led her to charge headlong into a demon-engine, and tore it apart by hand. Perhaps more impressive than her hormonal and electrical-induced bravery, was the fact that she emerged from the battle against the monstrous thing alive.

In the aftermath of the battle, all of the abhumans heard “the call of their mother.” Resisting the commands of their chips, and their commissars they came to the site of the destroyed Hellbrute, and began to dig her out. Her now paralyzed body was found in the crater under a small hill of rubble. Her mind still somehow transmitting to all of her “children” the abhumans.

Had the local vostroyan General had his way, the strange psychic figure would have been sent towards Terra for both study, and convenience. However this was thwarted by three figures, also at the scene. Tauros Zephrus, the Abhuman priest of the Vilka Fenrika and chaplain to the locals, Captain Louis Honneur-de-Prandium of The Ultramarines SUEU, and Magos Titellus Xardenos of Forge World Lucius all recognized that there was something more, almost saintly about the incident. While they could (and did) argue what her saintliness proved, and thus who should care for her, the fact that she was favored was not in dispute. So while their combined clout could prevent her from being shipped off to one of Fulgrim’s labs in the Segmentum Solar, they could not agree on much else.

Saint Rhenia, terror of demons, is now paraded between the three shrines built for her. Where the Abhumans, the Ultramari faithful, and the Mechanicus all pay tribute to her majesty.


Chaos Gods[edit]


Demons of Chaos[edit]

Demons of Malal[edit]

Corvus Corax
The Great Raven of destruction, Corvus travelled into the warp to find Mortarion, what he found instead was madness. Some part of him still believes that he is serving his father by doing whatever it takes to destroy the warp. If he has to destroy the Imperium as well, so be it.

Demons of Khorn[edit]


Demons of Slaanesh[edit]


Demons of Tzeentch[edit]


Demons of Nurgle[edit]

Wife of Angron, demonette of Nurgle
Ascended: M30
Slender, wispy like woman made up of various decomposers (Moss, worms, mushrooms, algae, coral)
Once she was known as Lotarra Sarin, a flag officer of the Imperial Navy, but that was before she risked it all to save the one she loved. In a sense she succeeded, both she and her beloved ascended together to demonhood of Nurgle. She now joins her husband in exacting the Rotfather's will against the heartless imperial machine that ruined them both.
The Gladiators
Ascended M30
In a former life they were Angron's companions and first true family, before the Emperor took Angron from them and left them to die. As a gift to his favored Champion, Nurgle resurrected their souls from the Warp and gave them new forms. The Gladiators fight alongside of Angron.

Demons of Yu'gnomia[edit]

The Aurelian
Very Little is known about this entity, but it is inseperable from Yu'gnomia. It seems to be a manifestation of The Aurelian itself, but some think it might be a seperate entity.
Marcien the Red Angel
The Red Angel, the First Angel, The Law Giver, the All-Consumed, Marcien was the first "Living Saint" and was present at the apotheosis of the Aurelian. Formerly a World Eater, he and the other beseigers were betrayed by his father Angron.
Cato Campion
Following his death defending a Yndarri Incursion, Cato Sicarius became a "Celestial Saint of The Aurelian" (ie a Demon-prince of Yu'gnomia). He is said to possess certain soldiers who can then take on his fighting prowess.
Sanfyelle and his Companions[edit]

The Great Sanfyelle, champion of Calth, hero of Ultramar, along with his machine spirits are revered among the members of The Ultramari and Aurelian Mechanicus alike.

Aeonid of Calth was killed along with his entire force of Ultramarines at Calth. He now serves his father in the afterlife, and often fights against the other forces in the warp.

The "Little Lamp" that illuminated the body of Aeonid Thiel. The Machine Spirit of whom is ascended and worshipped by Calth.

Casque L'Rouge
The Machine Spirit of Sanfyelle's Red Helmet. Ascended to be one of the Three Companions of Sanfyelle. Is the patroness of generals and commanders.
The Machine Spirit of Sanfyelle's Sword. Her cult represents the crossover between Calthite Grottolers and Exorcists.

Servants of Chaos[edit]

Servants of Malal[edit]

Ephrael Stern, Scourge of The Webway
Once a disgraced sister of the Aurelian cult, with unholy vengeance she prowls the webway in search of the Eldar gods to kill
Kaldor Draigo, The Sorceror of Undoing.
Even the greatest servants of Tzeentch fear to cross paths with Kaldor Draigo. Once a Zealous Chapter Master of The Knights-Errant, Lord Draigo's Zeal for the Emperor and Hatred of the Chaos Gods sent him into the very Eye of Terror itself. Now he ravages the warp, using its own dark energies against it.

Servants of Khorne[edit]

Servants of Tzeentch[edit]

Luther, Champion of Tzeentch
A mythic knight in dark glass armor, surrounded by ethereal energy

Servants of Slaanesh[edit]

The Muses of Perturabo[edit]

Perturabo crafted nine of his choices servants to represent his inspirations and "muses." Each of these individuals was hand crafted and hand tailored by Perturabo given new forms as Demigods.

Marissa Kleo
Once a Remembrancer brought to interview Perturabo, she was remade to be the chronicler of his great deeds. She cannot speak but instead her thoughts are recorded in "The Great Chronicles" in which she carries with her at all times.
Calliphone Kalliope
Beloved Sister (lover?) of Perturabo, Calliphone was rebuilt into a body of marble made perfect by The Prince of Slaanesh. Calliphone is queen of the nine, and keeper of olympia.
Andros Khalkos
The Man who bested Perturabo in art. His soul is now entrapped in a perfect replication of the Statue of The Olympian Hero he so masterfully created.

Servants of Nurgle[edit]

Angron, Champion of Nurgle
Angron was the only of his traitor brothers to not ascend to demonhood. Instead the unholy powers of Nurgle have infected him and cured him of the Butcher's Nails. He serves Nurgle as a loyal son, alongside of his beloved Saporin. The destruction of the Butcher's nails has unlocked the mind of a brilliant strategist. It is often he, and not Lorgar, who leads the Black Crusades to their greatest success.
Farseer Macha
When the Yndarri overthrew Craftworld Biel-tan, and with it her father Eldrad, the two sisters parted ways in their grief, their way of life and beliefs completely shattered. While Taldeer went on a suicidal quest for blood only to be lured into the Hive Fleet Hydra, Macha lost all faith in the Eldarri. Personally guilty for her previous sympathies for the Ynnari, Macha only new that Ynnead was a false hope no better a fate for The Eldar than Slaanesh. She reconsidered her love for the Eldarri Pantheon, and particularly Isha. As the Great Crusades between the Mon'Keigh began to come to an end, Lorgar vanished and Chaos showed itself to be very much divided, she joined other sympathetic eldar towards a view of Nurgle as a protector of the Eldar from Slaanesh. The Former farseer quickly moved through the Ranks of the Posadh' being granted numerous gifts by both Father Nurgle and Mother Isha.

Servants of Yu'gnomeiya[edit]

The church of the Aurelian often refers to these as "saints" though there are many they do not know about, or refuse to believe serve their master.


Craftworld Eldar[edit]

Farseer Eldrad
The Last Gasp of the Craftworld, when he was executed by Yvraine during the fall of Biel-Tan, he took the Craftworld's last true hope of maintaining their way of life. The Eldar went their own ways, with some submitting to the Ynnari, others returning to Commoragh, and still others like his two daughters, taking vastly different and opposing paths.
Farseer Taldeer

When her father Eldrad was killed, Taldeer was left with nothing, her homeworld had fallen thrall to a death god and his fanatical high priestess, her sister had let her devotion to the Eldar Gods to the Ruinous powers, and her race's only destiny to choose which immaterial boot to lick. Taldeer, instead hoped for death and a silent Soulstone. She and what few followers remained loyal to her went on a scourge through the galaxy, killing all in their path. That was until she ran into a strange cult of Humans led by a former assassin. Here she learned about The Starfather.

Dark Eldar[edit]

Asdrubal Vect

'"Former Leader of Commorragh


Once Asdrubal Vect was the most dangerous and ruthless entity that ever lived. However he was ultimately caught in his own meticulous ensarements. Asdrubal Vect made the fatal mistake of conspiring against Cegorach and his harlequins for a political scheme. Needless to say, The Laughing god did not find the scheme as amusing as he did Vect's death. Vect's death represented the end of an era for the Drukhari, as the looming threat of Slaanesh and rise of the Imperium saw the decadent peoples make some strides at changing their ways.


WuNi Enclaves[edit]

Tau'Va Imperium[edit]

Great Leader Coldpalm

Great Founder of the Tau'Va Imperium

Coldpalm was part of the Ancient Shas'i peoples, which under the Kroot meant he would be cannon fodder. Forced to kill his own people and tyrannids for overlords who were themselves overlords. That changed when he kidnapped by the Dark Eldar, and offered a deal. Remade, by their skilled Geneticists, Puretide united his people in revolt against the Kroot and Gue'Va oppressors, and established the Tau'va Imperium.
Great Leader Puretide
From the planet Dy'leth, Puretide was the first T'au leadership to come froum outside of T'au. And he could not have come at a more fortuitous time for the T'au Va. The T'au had fallen under control of The Water Caste, who had sharpened the T'au's militaristic spirit. Meanwhile the Tau had all but foregone their ambitions against the Imperium, instead joining with them against the Tyrannids. Great Puretide changed this, driving many of the Watercaste from The Sphere and took advantage of the Imperium's buckling under the Last Chaotic Crusade, further pushing Imperium Undivided to its eventual collapse, and beginning a sphere of expansion directly into Vulkan's territory. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment, was the Battle of The Damocles Gulf, where Puretide delivered a devastating defeat to Sanguinius, forever breaking the Imperium's delusions of grandeur and asserting the Tau as a major political force.

It is unknown how he died, some say it was from the strain of his fantastic campaign against the The Imperium of Man, that ultimately claimed him. Though some suspect foul play by his generals.


Independent Kroot[edit]

Apart from characters of ancient Kroot history, the years of independent Kroot was short lived.


The name of the Kroot peoples who were under the Royum Ultramar. The Tarrasque fight for Themselves Ultramar and The Imperium in that order.

Kroot Nation Peoples[edit]



Other Races[edit]