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Solar System[edit]

Magna Terra[edit]

Just as the Imperium is a pathetic hobbling shell of its once proud glory, "Great" Terra, embodies this decay and tarnished glory barely weathering the decay of eons.

Terra was once a beautiful green and blue world teeming with life. Long ago during the Dark Age of Technology fantastic self sufficient hive cities were built to house millions of people. The humans that lived on this planet had destroyed its land and its oceans in the name of progress and later in the name of war. The Emperor tried to unite Mankind, to transform terra into the lush life teaming world it once was. But that dream is as comatose as he is.

Instead of renewal, Terra is a death world, completely destroyed by The Great Treachery and the actions of Alpharius. Its atmosphere burned away by Alpharius' bombing of the Imperial Palace. Fulgrim, the great Terraformer and Biologist had hoped to restore this atmosphere only to learn that Alpharius had seeded the planet with Ork Spores, as a final parting gift. These spores took root in the thin atmosphere of Terra and, while not having enough air to actually mature and develop, would still release hundreds of more spores before returning to dormancy. The centuries of Ork Spores begatting Ork Spores has resulted in the entire planet becomming coated in Oak Spores, some places only having a thin coat, others having a piles of spores several feet thick. Fulgrim was forced to abandon progress on terraforming, fearing that any further improvements of the atmosphere would doom Terra to an Ork infestation, all but impossible to face. So now Terra is bright green in cruel mockery of its former beauty.

As Terra is a death World, The Hive cities, the imperial Palace, and the Monuments are all little more than Planet bound satilites. And must now have to be supplied with Air in addition to Food and supplies. Addittionally, they now must be vigilant in their filtration and ventilation, and entry systems, less the trillions and trillions of Ork Spores make their way into the hive citties. As it stands several hive citties have fallen and needed to be reconquered and re settled following an ork infestation. Massive walls have been built around the hive cities in the hopes of protecting the cities from the spores and the Imperium regularly promethium bombs the planet, but these can only stem the tide against the ork spores. Ultimately Fulgrim and his Brother must find some sort of xenocidal way to eliminate the orks from terra once and for all.

In addition to the Imperial Palace and the Hive Cities several religions have Settlements across Terra. Because the Imperium does not permit churches and temples on holy terra, these Settlements are "Museums" and "Schools." These museums, dedicated to some aspect of Terra's history function like primitive hive cities with millions working and living within them. As a result the Terra is perhaps the least populous Hive World in the Imperium, with its population only in the billions; all of whom are cramped in the remaining functional hive cities and orbital plane citties.

Imperial Palace[edit]

The Great Imperial Palace has almost restored to its former glory. Though Few could see it. For apart from the Triumvirate (Magnus and Fulgrim), none are permitted entrance to the Imperial Palace by the ever watchful Custodes. The Adeptus Custodes, following the Great Treachery of Lorgar, will allow none, not the High Lords of Terra and not the Emperor's Primarchs to enter. Those who are allowed are under the ever watchful eyes of the the Custodes.

Hive Karelia[edit]

Hive Tashkent[edit]

Once the great Capital of the Ancient Capital of Ursh, the Hive City has been emptied and repurposed into the Capital and Administrative center of the High Lords of Terra. Dennied access to the Imperial Palace, Tashkent is the closest the High Lords and Adeptus Ministorum is permitted to The Imperial Palace. It is here that the High Lords and their administrators live, and the majority of the Bureacracy of the Segmentum Solar is maintained.

Hive Nova Yorik[edit]

Supposedly once the capital of the once mighty empire of Merica, the survivors of the inner Hive City have emerged from the devastation of Lorgar to attempt to restore some semblance of their city's former glory. They were not successful. While the Upper Hive is filled with the wealthiest and most debauched luxury, populated by the wealthiest rogue traders, below in the lower hive are mutants and criminals run rampant through the hive fighting ork incursions and each other.

Hive Atlantys[edit]

Hive Hyusden[edit]

Supposedly the seat of an ancient Void Power, the Imperial Navy has suitably co-opted this Hive City for its Headquarters. From here, most of the head officials of the Imperial Navy maintain their homes, and manage the bureaucracy of the largest Voidfleet the galaxy has ever seen.

Hive Darwin[edit]

The Crater Palace[edit]

Built in the Crater that was once the eastern wing of the Imperial Palace (and before that South East asia), Fulgrim has developed the Crater into a new Palace for the Regency Council. While significantly less grandiose than the great palace of The Emperor, the Regency Palace is boistrous and loud, crammed with visitors and lobbyists hopping to see the Regent Primarchs or at least their representatives.

Hive Mechsica[edit]

Monument of The First To Fall=[edit]

Saline Monument[edit]

Monument of Sacra Terra[edit]

Monument of The Inculabra[edit]

Hive Nordumbrius[edit]

Hive Litusebur[edit]

Monaloa Metropolis[edit]

A Post Dark Age of Strife attempt at building a Hive City, the massive mountain Monaloa was carved and built upon into a massive Hive Metropolis. The population takes refuge in the higher echelons of the mountain to avoid the ever growing swarm of ork spores.


As Terra has waned, Luna has waxed to become the actual population and commercial center of Terra. Despite being a lifeless death world, Luna, does not have the issue of trillions of semi-dormant Ork Spores seeping into every hive world and coating the planet. Despite losing most of its Nearside population from Alpharius' bombing of the surface, Luna has rebuilt and has nearly three times the population of Terra. The Entire planet is covered with merchant hubs, settlements, and religious cities. Because of The Emperor's law on Terran religions still being in effect, most religious seats nominally located on Terra are actually situated on Luna. Most famously would be the Aurelian Cathedral of The Holy Martyrs located on the far side of Luna. As well as the "Final site of Pilgramige" a Terran pilgrimage site that is actually on Luna.


The impossibilty of Terra becoming viable again has encouraged Fulgrim to terraform the Sol Systems other planets. Venus represents Fulgrim's magnum opus. A green and Lush Garden World. The planet is exclusive to the Primarchs and upper echelons of Terran Society. Its major city "new chemos" is one of the few places in the Imperium that could be considered Magnificent and beautiful, and it is carefully monitored by its Primarch.

Moons of Jupiter and Saturn[edit]

Like Venus, the Moons have been encouraged into development in lieu of Terra. Unlike Venus, which is a lush private garden of Fulgrim however, The Moons are Crowded with citties and military fortifications.

Segmentum Solar[edit]



Segmentum Obscuris[edit]


The Rock[edit]

Cerephon Maxima[edit]

Near the border of the Segmentum Obscurus, at the humbled Cephalon Maxima was to produce one great work. The planet, the once impressive forgeworld, proudly producing its weapons, Titans, and tanks for the Imperial war against the fanatical zealots of Luther. Precariously near the Kingdom of Lorgar, it weathered the attacks of the Urizonites. And though wounded, it survved the endless raids by Angron, Champion of Nurgle, and the raids of his swarms of World Eaters. So many threats it survived, but it was False hope that finally broke it. In M34, The great son of The Emperor, Corvus Corax returned from his hunt of the Penitent Konrad Curze. Rather than this reunion being one of glorious return, the Captain of the 19th returned touched by an all-consuming shadow. His hatred of Chaos had consumed him, and his time in the warp had made him a rabid beast of destruction. Thus began The War of The Raven. Caught between the zealots of The Raven, the loyalists of Sanguinius, and opportunistic attacks from The Ruinous powers, the forge world saw its industry destroyed. The planet was torn apart, hive worlds were leveled, and irreplicable industry from The First Age of Man, lost forever. The Loyalists finally triumphed, and their reward for their loyalty? The High Lords declared the planet a “salvage world.” The Planet never recovered as what industry remained the tech priests of a thousand forgeworld by Vulture like tech-priests. Those with the money and sense to leave the planet, long did so, leaving only the mutants and some stubborn gangers in a desolate world.

Save for the oceans of toxins and sludge left from millennia of industry, the only remaining trace of its past were a few maintenance buildings. The powers that governed the planet feared their slide into irrelevance, and in desperation sought to tithe to The Lion and the only resource they had left, manpower. The maintenance manufactorums, once used to convert the army of servitors needed to maintain the Forge World’s miles of machinery were made into a new army. “The Tenebram Conscripts” were pulled from the hordes of former workers and underdwellers and “complied” into service.

The plan worked, the fallen manufacturing center found new life as a fortress world, as the abhumans and gangers of the planet were conscripted and augmented into pliant soldiers. The Lion El’Johnson, the embattled Prince of The Segmentum Obscura, was always in need of steadfast bodies, and so the Tenebram conscripts found themselves on both the front lines and back lines of conflicts across the segmentum. With their artificially induced loyalty an asset against the demonic forces and zealots of the Urizonite. Once cast aside and forgotten tech-priests became powerful Magi, as citadels, star ports, recruitment camps, and diplomatic missions were built around their servitor processors. With human misery as the product, rather than the biproduct of Cerephon Maxima, the machine of war chugged eagerly onwards.

Though perhaps its greatest product, was its least expected. Rhenia, an Ogryn mother forced to undergo the servitor process, now known as Saint Rhenia, destroyer of Demon-Engines

Ultima Segmentum[edit]



Assam Bay[edit]

Segmentum Tempestus[edit]

Citadel Primus(fmrly Inwit)[edit]

Once this planet was a simple glacial world filled with primitive people called Inwit. The destiny of this planet was changed with the arrival of The Emperor's Son, Rogal Dorn. With his help they halted an Ork invasion, and transformed their barren world into the heart of a Interplanetary Empire.

The glory found on Inwit would be lost during the Great Treachery of Lorgar. Perturabo, Rogal Dorn's Self-Proclaimed Rival, and Servant of Slaanesh kidnapped the entire population of Rogal's home to place in his demonic planet spanning fortress on Olympia. Rogal, for the first time in his life allowed his suppressed rage to get the better of him and he and his army moved to olympia leaving the Emperor in the hands of Alpharius. Following a brutal and long seige he learned that his people were slaughtered to a man and there was nothing in Olympia but Rogal's failure to protect both his home and his father. The Planet of Inwit lay barren and empty for centuries, with even the orks returning as Rogal Dorn struggled to come to terms with his failure.

During his penitential crusade, Rogal Dorn found his salvation through his passion for fortifications and construction. Convinced he was destined by his father to prepare the Imperium for the Nightmares that were in store for it, he returned home to Inwit. And with those Fists who did not abandon him out of their love for Crusades, he completely transformed Inwit.

Inwit is a planet completely reformed in the image of its creator: his obsession with defense, his disdain for non-function, and his focus on perseverance and resiliance. All vestiges of its past were destroyed as the planet's crust and mantle were siphoned away, Building from the Planets core as a foundation, Rogal has poured the resources of the segmentum into the transformation of Inwit into the heart of his fortress. The Planet is dizying number of walls, killzones, fortifications, laboratories, factories, hydroponics labs, dungeons and batteries, and it is still being expanded. The Planet is now so large that at its surface, the gravity of the planet is 3 times strnger than Inwits, and can only be traversed by Dorn's Marines. Life on the planet is as cold, dour, and unfeeling as that of the Primarch himself. The trillions of workers and soldiers spend their entire lives meeting Rogal Dorns punctual and specific quotas. Should they fail to do so, then The Primarch disposes of them. The miserable residents of Citadel are the wardens of their own prison.





The once desert world of Tallarn was deemed unecessary by the Segmentarch Rogal Dorn. It was determined that the resources f the system would better serve the fortress world, particularly as the Tyranid invasion was beginning. Tallarn resistance to this move was quickly crushed by The Hands of Dorn, but before leaving the Tallarn "forgot" to tell Dorn about the Necron tombs that were littered around the Planet. As the Tallarn fled the system, Dorn spent Decades subduing the Necrons. Eventually he won the battle for the worthless planet, and the entire system of tallarn was scrapped. The Atmosphere was siphoned for habitates, the Planet's surface was mined for its silica and the planet's mantle was siphoned for raw ores. By the 41st Mellenium, the entire system is dark, the Star that once provided Tallarn with it's scorching heat has been covered in a dysonsphere, and the planet of Tallarn is nothing more than a Small cold Iron Sphere, the core that once housed a vibrant world.

Royum Ultramar[edit]






Grand Macharia[edit]



Roqsenneh (Fmrly Chorgoris)[edit]

When the Tallarn were forced out of the Segmentum Tempestus by Rogal Dorn, they spent Millenia as a migrant nation of traders and Mercenaries. Their fortunes changed with the Encounter of Legendary Solar Macharios. The Tallarn, under Al DinEmir Hedya Roqsenneh were the first to support Macharios' great ambition, providing him with his first fleet, assassins and troops. As such when The Macharian Crusade was a great success, it was the Tallarn who were granted First choice in planets. They selected a planet of plains and valleys that, legends hold, was once the birthplace of the Primarch Jaghatai Khan.

T'au Space[edit]


The Former Imperial Feudal world fell to the T'au in the second great expansion of M37. Once a primitive wildland, the T'au have completely transformed the planet into a second T'au'va. The Atillan people origionally granted autonomy by the Etherial caste, has seen their privileges slowly but surely eroded, as the grazing lands of the Tribes are receding, and children go "missing." The Large cities on Atilla are populated by T'au and Atillans whose life is micromanaged down to the restrictions of mustaches, and enforced T'au Clothing, language, and Holidays.

As the Planet has been pacified by the T'au over the Millenia and the light of the Imperium continues to drift farther and farther, the Planet's population has moved up in the T'au Spheres. Many Atillans have even gone so far as to become 3rd sphere. The Atillan people are considered to be part of the Fire Caste, and their soldiers are used to provide the T'au with much needed shock troops.

Realm Of Chaos[edit]