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The Former Warmaster, has discarded much of the embellishment that marked his arrogance in the great crusade, now his armor is marked with the symbols of those Legions he failed to protect, and allowed to be destroyed by forces he was powerless to fight against. Replacing the wolf, is a great symbol of the Warmaster, the Droplet and wings of the Warmaster.

The Lord of The XVIth goes by many names, The Lord of Luna, The Legion Master, the Faceless Lord, the Herald of Sanguinius, the Favored Son, the Great Wolf, and The Mournival. During the Great Crusade, he was appointed Warmaster, by the Emperor himself. Loved by many and respected by all, He rechristened his Legion after himself, in a name that now exists to haunt him. When Lorgar, the Heresiarch, led his great rebellion against the Emperor, Lupercal was tricked by Alpharius, by Lorgar, and by his own sons into massacring his Legion on Isstivan V. Taken prisoner by Horus Aximand, now a champion of the dark gods, Horus was physically and spiritually tortured for months. His face was cut off, only to grow back and be cut off once again as corrupted masks for his traitorous children. And perhaps worst of all, he watched as his own ship, and his own forces massacred, desecrated and destroyed the planets and populations he had spent so many decades uniting for his father. He was able to escape, only to learn that he was too late to save his father from alpharius' schemes.

Disgraced and humiliated, Lupercal, defaced himself, and donning a faceless mask, he surrendered the role of Warmaster to his brother, Sanguinius. Since then, he serves as the Legion Master for Sanguinius, ensuring that the Imperial forces are capable of carrying out Sanguinius's plans. The Faceless Lord, will not speak of his sons, nor will he repeat their names. But there are days when the memories of his life aboard the Vengeful Spirit become too much, and in deep inside the cavernous hold of "Luna's Fallen" one can still hear the anguished shouts of the Man who destroyed him. "Horus!"

The Many Faces of Lupercal[edit]

Amongst the many casualties of Lorgar's Treachery, one casualty that often goes unspoken is the mind of The Former Warmaster. Prior to the great Heresy, the Primarch of the XVIth was capable, charismatic, proud -even brash or arrogant. But that changed with the many defeats at the hands of Lorgar, a man he dismissed as an incompetent warrior, and treated with pity and condescension. Isstivan changed that, Lorgar showed that he understood Horus' stratagem better than Horus did, and fought him in battlefields he didn't even conceive.

When his son, Horus Aximand mutinied against him, Horus was a helpless pawn of his own sons and could only watch as his name and likeness was used to commit unspeakable horrors. When he escaped and killed the mournival, he learned the truth of the Anatheme blade and was forced himself to into his destiny face to face, gaze into his own eyes and kill his sons.

And perhaps the final coup d'grace was that Alpharius, the Brother he found, trained, and trusted for information had betrayed the Emperor. Wounding him, and forever crippling the imperium. Lupercal could no longer trust himself, his ideas, or his strategy. Instead Lupercal of the Luna Wolves takes comfort in distancing "Horus" from himself so that he is a complete alien being, and instead finding refuge in the identity of others. Lacking a face himself, for it was stolen from him, Lupercal will wear a variety of masks. These masks often serve to demonstrate under what capacity Lupercal is currently serving.

The Mask of Sanguinius[edit]

When acting as Legiarch, or Legion Master, the Primarch Lupercal will often don a silver mask of Sanguinius, The Warmaster, as a reminder to others of his authority, and who he is representing. Mentally broken from the events of the greatLupercal takes his position as aid to the stragic genius of The Warmaster very seriously.

The Mask of The Emperor[edit]

Often worn when fighting alongside of Imperial Guard and Auxiliaries, Lupercal will don a golden mask of The Emperor of Mankind. With his father no longer able to lead his Imperium thanks to his failures, Lupercal will act in The Emperor's stead as punishment for his past arrogance.

The Mask of Abbaddon[edit]

"Horus was weak, Horus was a fool"

– Lupercal

Worn amidst the The Luna Wolves, Horus wears the Mask of his most loyal son, who died attempting to lead the loyalist Sons of Horus in their Father's absence. Though most believe this is simply Lupercal's way to honnor the Mournival leader, there are many who speculate that the Mask is a sign of Lupercal's survivor's guilt, and that in his mind, it should have be he who died and Abbadon who leads the legion.

During the Great Treachery[edit]

It seems that Horus was destined by the Chaos gods to lead the rebellion against the Emperor, but the Primarch refused to transgress his father. The Ruinous powers, not one to take refusal lightly ensured that the Warmaster would be sufficiently punished for his sins against him. The majority of the Treachery, Horus was tortured humiliated, and helpless. The warmaster was brought low and forced to watch his brothers struggle without his leadership, while all of his work was undone.

Isstivan and The Great Treachery[edit]

What was supposed to be a swift end to what he percieved to be an Uprising of Gulliman and Magnus against the Council of Nikea turned out to be Horus' greatest humiliation. Hearing from his trusted sources in the Alpha Legion, Horus learned that The Ultramarines, The Lion's Dark Angels, Death Guard, White Scars, and Thousand Sons were amassing against the Imperium. Horus brought his own army, the Alpha Legion, The Iron Warriors, Raven Guard, Emperor's Children, and numerous Imperial Guardsmen as Auxilaries to Isstivan IV. The Plan was to ambush the armies and coordinate with the Word Bearers and World Eaters legions, who would join in the fight to surround the Rebellious forces. Additionally, Horus prepared numerous traps, minefields and fortifications (courtesy of the Iron Warriors) to end the rebellion in a swift and brutal stroke.

But it was a lie. The Word Bearers, World Eaters, Alpha Legion, and Iron Warriors were all collaborating with each other. The loyalist elements of the Dark Angels, were imprisoned on Calliban along with their Primarch. The White Scars and Thousand Sons were trapped in the warps storms that engulfed Prospero as the Space Wolves fell to Khorne. Horus was unwittingly walking into a trap Horus Aximand and Lorgar had prepared for him.

Instead of a quick descisive battle, what happened instead was a bloodbath. The Sons of Horus, Iron Hands, and The Emperors Children found themselves surrounded by traitor legions and never before seen hosts of demonic forces. His imperial guard, broken and unprepared, flung themselves into Horus' own minefields and fortifications hoping that the Emperor's peace would free them from the horrific nightmares bearing witness on the battlefield. The Emperor's Children legion was almost completely destroyed, and many of Horus' most noble sons lie dead before him. Horus himself lost his Left Arm in his fight against Angron. Horus and the others were forced to teleport to their ships, leaving millions of Guardsmen at best to die.


In grim conclusion to such a harrowing defeat, Horus returned to his ship, only to learn that it was his own son, Horus Aximand who had betrayed him, leading most of the Mournival in mutiny against Horus. Horus Aximand, now imbued with the power of the Dark gods and referring to himself as Horus Optimates. Defaced Lupercal, tortured him, flaying his skin, and removing his limbs. Lupercal watched as the Segmentum Obscurus and Pacificus was subdued by Horus, unraveling decades of work. It wasn't until Sanguinius and Jaghatai Khan led their daring assault of the Vengeful Spirit that Horus was freed from the clutches of the his treacherous sons, and only then as a bargaining chip and hostage for their escape.

Jaghatai Khan[edit]

pronounced Chug-ga-Thai

" Always listen for the Rhythm of the Battlefield. All soldiers in a fight take their turns to play their peace. We Astartes are the masters of the instruments of war, and can adjust to the tempo of the battle while continuing to play our piece. When taking cover, or stop for any reason you may think you are adjusting the tempo. You are not, instead you are forfeiting your role, and allowing the opponent to play his part instead."

– Jaghatai Khan, Index Skythae
The Heraldry of Jaghatai Khan, Commander of the White Scars.

Jaghatai was still found on the Steppe world of Chorgoris, but given the sheer multitude of tribes that populate the region, and tribes being nations and cultures in of themselves, who found and raised the primarch might as well make him from a different country altogether. In this case he was found by one Zira Halime, wife of the Chieftan of the Qoqdunluk tribe. The Qoqdunluk were wealthy nomads, who owned numerous goats, sheep and horses, making their wealth salvaging the ruined citties of the old world and trading them with the other nomads and settlers. Jaghatai still conquered the world of Chorgoris, but the more scholarly and mercantile Jaghatai did so through diplomacy and more prudent tactics. Uniting the tribes under an intricate web of blood pacts, marriages, favors, and religious oaths, he brought The Palatine kingdom to its knees by cutting off its supplies to necessary goods, drawing the armies out in foolhardy salliies, and waiting for civil war and intrigue to open the doors of the city for him. Convinced the settlement weakened man to corruption, he dismantled Palatine into several tributary towns, and doing likewise for other metropolises.

During the great crusade Jaghatai Khan took to the Void like few others, seeing the Flotilla as the new caravan, where mankind could at last be free from the shackles of the settlement. He also fostered his own decentralized management style, encouraging the White scars to break apart and reform themselves under "tribes." The Khan developed a strong but strange friendship with Roboute Gulliman. The two statesmen primarchs developed a friendly rivalry and saw each as the best counter to their own prefered philosophy. The two regularly sparred over tactics and administration of planets, trying to settle the Settler vs Nomad debate through their own handiwork.

When the treachery of Lorgar swept through the Imperium, Jaghatai Khan was trapped in the network of lies and miscommunications of the Segmentum obscurus. In particular spent much of the treachery in void battles against Nagoya Khan and Luther. Seeing that two of his brothers: Magnus and Gulliman were trapped in seiges on their homeworlds he rescued magnus first Unfortunately by the time he was able to rescue magnus from The Wolf and Luther, it was already too late for Gulliman. Maccragge was destroyed, Ultramar enslaved by Chaos, and Roboute himself tortured and executed. The descision haunts the Khan to this day. Perhaps hoping to honor his memory, it was Jaghatai Khan who collected The Thirteenth Primarch's writings, notes, and his own memory of past debates. The result of his work was "The Codex Astartes" a guide that has just as much of The Khan's emphasis on Loose tribal federations, as it does Gulliman's rigorous demands on the astartes.

Under the regency government, Jaghatai serves as "Keeper of The Book" and with his legion inspects and resolves disputes among the Cultus Astartes (Those Space Marines who follow the codex as independent chapters). Jaghatai was also one of the most vocal proponents of revising the Imperial truth, many suspecting because of his own secretly held religious beliefs.


Broken and alone, Magnus the Elder is left to hold the Golden Throne so that his father may recover (yes i know this picture, sucks it was one of my first ones, ill make better ones eventually i swear!).

All of the Loyal Primarchs are officially in charge of the Imperium, but all save a few keep a hands off approach to its governance. Being content to observe and pursue their own interests should The Imperium seem to be handling itself. Magnus is no such primarch, and he has without fail, maintained his role as protector of the imperium from the unknown and unknowable. The calm and somber Magnus, oversees nearly all aspects of Psyker and warp related activity in the Imperium. He is headmaster of the Psyker colleges, including The Regula Prosperae and Tempestus compliant chapters (those Librarius heavy chapters that fight against the warp), the Vlka Fenrika (a College of Magic rooted in the Rune Priests of Fenris), and keeper of the Black Ships, who supply both students for Terra's sanctioned psyker colleges, and fuel for the golden throne.

Many, Magnus and Russ included, would have been surprised by the idea that Magnus the Red, would be the head of creating rules and rituals for practitioners for psykers. Let alone for his rival, Leman Russ and the Superstition-addled Rune Priests he so despised. However, like Russ and Lupercal, Magnus the Red emerged from the crucible of The Great Treachery a very different man than the one he had entered. Magnus, a man who prized knowledge and unimpeded learning above all things was forced to confront just what unbridled warp use could lead to. There was a time before the Council of Nikea that Khan and Sanguinius had pleaded with Magnus to write a set of rules and limitations for psykers, and he laughed at them. He is no longer laughing, and the destruction of Prospero, fall of the space wolves, Desolation of Ultramar, and injuries inflicted on his father by an entity he naively swore a pact with has soured his enthusiasm for unbridled knowledge. But as Russ has moved closer to Magnus' understanding of knowledge as a weapon of the unknown, Magnus has moved to a greater appreciation of Leman Russ. Before he thought of him as just a superstitious barbarian, but Magnus has since come to a greater appreciation of his Khan and Russ's concerns towards "Maleficarum" having seen what horrors it can produce, and what it has cost them both. The shared experience of Russ and Magnus during the fall of Prospero has brought the two brothers closer, blaming themselves for the fall of prospero and the destruction of their legions. During the Council of Terra, Leman Russ advocated for a retraction of the Council of Nikea, for a vindication of Magnus, and for his own remaining sons to be placed under Magnus' care. Magnus, meanwhile echoed many of Russ' concerns at the Council of Nikea, and agreed to create a system of rules and regulations to protect the Imperium's Psykers and Librarius chapters from the "Maleficari" who were no longer a superstition but five beings whose terror can not be fathomed.

In addition to his work with maintaining the psyker colleges, and researching what greater threats await the Imperium, Magnus is part of the Triumvirate. Along with Fulgrim and the Captain-General of The Adeptus Custodes, Magnus helps to protect the Emperor from any and all threats that could prevent the emperor's recovery. Magnus, in particular focuses on The Emperor's psychic and spiritual health, and has worked to prevent many attacks that Tzeentch can inflict on his father. In addition to serving as a "spiritual doctor" to The Emperor, Magnus has taken his Father's place upon the Golden Throne when he is too weak to do so (which is often). For 10,000 Years, Magnus has protected Terra and The Emperor from those beasts and demons that Threaten Terra. The strain of his many duties has taken its toll on magnus, both emotionally and physically. Of all the primarchs, only Magnus has shown signs of aging over the past 10,000 years. The Golden throne aging the Sorceror Prince to that of a wizened and weathered with age. His Red hair now Bone White, and his skin loosening on his aenemic bones.



Roboute Gulliman/Yu'gnomia[edit]

Gulliman is dead. Not "in stasis" dead. Just Dead. Sanguinius/Ferrus Manus dead. The death of Rouboute Gulliman serves as this universe's focal point for all of the spiritual shenanigans that Vanillahammer 40k has like the Living Saints, Sanguinor (The Aurelian), The Sisters of Battle (Daughters of Euten), The Ecclesiarchy (With Maneus Calgar as "The Spiritual Liege" Space Pope). The Ultramarines also now have a Grimbright version of The Black Rage called "The Golden Zeal," where the Heroic last Stand of Rouboute Gulliman Inspires them to fight demons and heretics. Istavaan IV and The Drop Site Massacre is instead Calth and the demonic destruction of MacCragge (see dropsite massacre suggestion), in which Rouboute gives his life to help ensure the evacuation of the Macragge through hundreds of evacuation ships (important later), as well as the writings that would eventually become the Codex Astartes. Because of his sacrifice, and the faith of his mother and the Maccragge refugees, Gulliman achieved Apotheosis after his death.

The "Aurelian Cult" alongside Vulkan's Promethean Cult and Cult Mechanicus are the three accepted religions in the Imperium. The Aurellian Cult in particular serves as the substitute for The Imperial Cult of Vanillahammer, (perhaps instead of being Grimdark evil Goge Vandire is just Space Luther and creates a different sect?). The Religion functions similar to how The Koran thinks Christianity works, with The Emperor (The Father), Gulliman (The Son), and Tarasha Euten (The Holy Spirit/Blessed Mother) forming the Holy Triad of Dieties, with the Father being Supreme over the Son and Mother. The Return of the Avenging Son is considered a sign of the End Times, when it is prophesied that The Avenging Son will return to Earth to Slay Lorgar and -Reuniting with his father and brothers- shall slay the Ruinous Powers.

The Lion El'Johnson[edit]

Compared to some of his brothers, one might say that The Lion emerged from the Desolation of Lorgar relatively unscathed. He did not lose his life as Guilliman did, nor did he lose his legion as Russ, Magnus and Fulgrim did. But the damage Lorgar wrought upon The Lion's heart was deep, as the Heresy robbed The Lion of his faith in humanity, his brothers, and even in his own legion. Like Lupercal, the treachery and helplessness during the heresy, what drove him to ensure the Imperium was never caught backhanded again.

Alpharius knew that the Lion was an unparalleled Tactictian, and masterful warrior, and so rather than fight the Lion, he neutralized one of the Imperium's greatest assets. Using Luther, whose jealousy of his adoptive son had already corrupted him, and the warrior lodges of the First Legion, Erebus and Luther began secretly corrupting the rest of Calliban against the Lion. Rather than the hero who defeated the beasts and bringing Calliban to a glorious new future under the imperium, Propaganda began to be spread that The Lion was a stooge of a distant tyrant, placed on calliban by Terra to undermine Calliban's revered traditions. The Lion's bluster and rage towards these developments did not help matters, but The Lion was unaccostomed to treachery, backhandedness, and unchivalric behavior on display in Calliban. To make matters worse, the Beasts of Calliban had returned once more, in order to distract The Lion. The Lion, outraged at developments that the ancient beasts had returned to ravage his kingdom, took the bait, and brought his entire legion to calliban to handle Caliban personally. It was here that Luther, and his corrupted fallen abandoned El'Johnson on the Calliban, taking the entire First Legion's fleet with them along with a mysterious weapon hidden on the planet (a gift for perturabo). Trapped on a primitive planet infested with horrorific monsters, The Lion was caged, and while the Desolation ravaged the Imperium, the lion was unable to come to the aid his father and brothers. Meanwhile his Legion, under the command of Luther, was believed to have joined Gulliman, Magnus, and Khan in a revolt against the imperium. These lies and misinformation campaigns, led by Alpharius led to the Events of the Dropsite massacre that saw the fall of Horus Lupercal to his traitorus sons.

Between Alpharius' Manipulations of Luther, The Destruction of Calliban, and almost getting manipulated by Alpharius into starting a Civil War with the Ultramarines. Lion El'Johnson is obsessed with Counter-intelligence, and information networks. Unlike Vanillahammer The Lion's Dark Angels have made the Existence of The Fallen well known, and alert other legions to its activities. They "stay in the Dark, to help others see the light." The Lion is now also very deliberate and slow moving in his actions. To the point where some have claimed he is "Sleeping" on the Rock. He is not. He is just paranoid about being manipulated again.

Konrad Curze[edit]

Konrad Curze was briefly on the side of the Traitors. Believing Lorgar and Alpharius' misinformation campaign, he participated in the scourning of Ultramar, as well as the Seige of Maccragge. He followed the Migrant Fleet of Maccragge. He still refuses to set foot in Ultramar out of guilt.

A man already broken by his harsh upbringing on nostromo, Curze was the only of his brothers who emerged from the crucible of the Desolation of Lorgar, in a mentally better state than when he went in. Once plagued by horrific visions of the world to come, Curze began to notice that many of those he things he expected to come to pass never did. Additionally, with his father, magnus, and fulgrim's help, he began to see new visions which while still brutal and dire in their own ways, offered the Prince of Nostromo a chance at hope in a brighter future.

During the council of terra, The High Lords and the primarchs agreed to pardon the penitent curze, on the condition for certain reforms to his behavior and legion. The Primarchs not wishing to see yet another neglected brother turn to chaos, and the High Lords seeing the visions of Curze as vital intelligence. This among other reasons, drove a disillusioned Corvus Corax to abandon the imperium and make for a personal crusade against the Eye of Terror.

Konrad Curze gouged his own eyes at the council, so that he would be blind to the sins of the present, and now only see the hope of the future. His children, tthe Night Lords, are split in their behavior, with some wishing to keep to the brutal but fair justice their Genefather once taught him, to others tempering their ways with the ideologies of other primarchs, such as Fulgrim, Magnus, and The Late Guilliman (whose death the Night Lords still bear the shame for). There is an additional group, who seek to aid their father's new role as an oracle, and seek to act in bringing about (or preventing) his visions.

Rogal Dorn[edit]

Disgraced as the Emperor's Praetor, Humiliated by Alpharius and Perturabo, and Abandoned by his own Legion, Rogal Dorn, Former Praetor of Terra, and Great Architect of The Imperial Palace has retreated to his home in the Inwit sector, and there he is building. Those few Imperial Fists (now called The Hands of Dorn) who have remained loyal are his master builders, serving to transform the Entire Inwit Segmentum into a Citadel. Few of his brothers know why, or what he is building for, and most have assumed their brother mad, for surely nothing exists to be as terrible to need a fortress this strong?

During The Great Treachery[edit]

Perturabo is able to goad Dorn and his fists into a Trap on Olympia, which Perturabo has transformed into a massive fortification he calls the Iron Cage.The LL Iron Cage is less Grimdark than its Vanilla hammer version, its more like a standard seige (Though Perturabo now also employs warp magic into his fortifications, making it a trippy seige as well). Its significantly less devastating than on the Imperial Fists, however it does take a really long time to seige. Long enough for Dorn to be away at his post on Terra for Alpharius to sneak in, destroy half the Imperial Palace (and about half of the Custodes, and a good chunk of what was Asia and the Pacific) on Terra with an Archeotech Bomb, Kill Malcador the Sigilite, Mortally Wound the Emperor and Steal the Emperor's Right Hand and Heart as a Tribute to Tzeentch. Once he finally cracked Perturabo's Seige Perturabo was no where to be found. Perturabo then Blew up the planet of Olympia as an offering to The Prince of Pleasure for Demonhood.

The Imperial Fists, already exhausted from the endless months of intense seiging and warfare from multiple fronts, suddenly had less that a few hours to regroup, salvage their equipment, and make it to the transport ships (they were unable to teleport). Dorn and his legion barely escaped. And of the 30% of his legion he lost to the Seige of the Iron Cage, nearly two thirds came from those who were unable to escape, their souls now captives to the Prince of Pleasure as a gift from his favorite champion.

After The Great Treachery[edit]

His legion was mostly intact, but he took the injuries his Father and Terra sustained very personally. The fact that his father was only wounded, and that there was only a continent sized crater on Earth did little to lift up his spirits. Dorn resigned from his Position as The Emperor's Praetorian, and wandered the galaxy. At some point in his self-imposed exile of he stumbled upon rumors of Hive Fleet Tiamet. He and his men followed through and in M33 he encountered Ziaphoria's Tower. Ordering an excavation of the tower. Through this Dorn has learned the awful truth of what is coming, and that Humanity is not prepared. Perturabo's words ringed in his soul and he suddenly realized his true calling. He saw an entity who, like him, had no concept of surrender, no notion of the cost of war, no instinct except endurence and adaptability. Discovering new found purpose he returned to Terra and formally requested that the Segmentum Tempestus be handed over to him. The Sector, which was divided among the already overworked brothers, were more than happy to have their brother back and active in Imperial affairs again. They readily granted it to him. Now in control of the Segmentum, He immediately set to work. All local leaders who opposed his rule or designs were expelled (this now includes the nomadic fleet Tallarn, who opposed the engineering of their home system). All resources in the Segmentum, be it human, material or spiritual, exists for the fortifications of the Segmentum. Planets, drained of their mantle for Ore, stars have gone dark from Dyson spheres, asteroid fields lay vacant, gas giants Syphoned to their core. At the Center of it all lay Inwit, once an ice world now a Fortress world three times the size of its old planet, surrounded by rings and floating fortresses.

Abandonment by his Legion[edit]

While Russ lost his legion to the madness of chaos, Dorn lost his to his own all consuming obsession. Sigismund, representing those Fists who wished the Legion Returned to their founding purpose of Great Crusades and glorious conquests confronted Dorn. Dorn, while furious, let them go. The Few that remained (about 4 chapters worth) renamed themselves the Hands of Dorn. Because of his Legion Deserting him, Dorn has come to rely more on the Men and Women of The Segmentum, in particular the "Crenellations of Krieg," who are his steadfast fortress defenders. The Entire Segmentum is hammered into the image of Dorn. Stoic, utilitarian, obstinate, and ever resilient. And when The Hive Fleets dig begin to arrive in the Segmentum. Dorn and his Troops stand ready.


Lorgar only thought he was in charge. Really Alpharius was masterminding the whole thing (the whole Lorgar Letdown wasn't really an assault on the Imperium of Man, it was just Tzeentch's move in the Great Game). Alpharius utilized the elements of the Great Treachery to eventually bring glory to his Patron god, Tzeentch.

To have the entire Imperium (and the other 3 Ruinous Powers) focused on the idea that the Imperium was about to Split down the Middle. Instead, Alpharius took advantage of all of the chaos to have his "Loyal" legion come to Terra. There he performed his Coup de Grace Death of Malcador Bomb that destroys half of the Imperial Palace (As well as most of Asia) destroying most of the Custodes, the Sisters of Silence, as well as dozens of Hive Citties in what was once the Continent of Asia. Terran Based Defense Guns were pointed at the moon and were used to bomb the "Bright Side of the Moon" At least half of the Population of the Moon is dead. Tzeentchian Demon incursions looting the treasures of old earth. Alpharius stealing the Right hand and Heart of The Emperor of Mankind and consecrates them to Tzeentch. Before disappearing into the Web way. Disabling the Golden throne for at least a week. Causing untold numbers of lost ships to the warp.

Demon Prince of Tzeentch[edit]

Alpharius and Omegon have merged into a massive two headed peacock, with heads similar to the Hydra of their Pauldron. Each "Eye" of the Peacock's plumage is a functioning eye, through which Alpharius sees into the possible futures.

Corvus Corax[edit]

Once one of The Emperor's most noble sons, Corvus Corax disappeared into the Eye of Terror and came back a different being. In his vengeful hunt for Alpharius, The Ravenlord traveled deep into the eye of terror, using his powers of stealth to track the Servant of the Lord of Change. Bolstered by his faith in the Imperial Truth, he knew he could not waver in his duty to bring justice and vengence against these warp demons.

He and his legion exists in hiding. Always tracking the movements of the Chaos gods. Never leaving the warp except occasionally to gather new recruits, but even then, they could instead raid the Planets of those serving the ruinous powers. Or perhaps even trade with them. After all Slaanesh, Nurgle, and Khorne each have a grudge with the Lord of Change, and if their goals aligned with Corax, then it is a necessary evil. He is safe because he knows that these beings of the warp won't exist because they shouldn't exist. He knows that he was made by the emperor to be a creature of the warp made to defeat it. To serve the Imperial Truth, to be a loyal son of the Emperor in this immaterial hellscape is to be a being of pure malice. And if those warp entities exist that can defeat the warp, then their embrace is to be welcomed.

There are reports in the warp of black ravens who stalk the eye of terror.


Betrayed by his father, his brothers, and his own sons Mortarion's seething rage finally exploded into a turmolt of fury and vengence.

Demon Primarch of Khorne[edit]

As an ascended Demon Prince, Mortarion resembles a massive Demon Engine. A threasher of souls and and reaper of Justice, the ever churning scythes of Mortarion thrash against his foes.