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Pathfinder 2e[edit]

The Medic is yet another archetype from the APG that all classes can take.

Be prepared for other players to spam E.

Essentially, the medic gains access to improve their Treat Wounds, Battle Medicine, and ability to treat diseases as well.

Getting the dedication feat at level two, you not only become an expert in medicine, but when you succeed at a medicine check to treat wounds or use Battle Medicine, you heal an additional +5 at DC 20, an additional +10 at DC 30, and an additional +15 at DC 40. On top of all of that, once per day, you can use Battle Medicine on a creature that's temporarily immune. If you're a master, you can do this once per hour.

Some additional feats for the medic include:

  • Doctor's Visitation
    • One to Two Actions
    • You move to provide immediate care to those who need it. Stride, then use one of the following: Battle Medicine or Treat Poison. You can spend a second action to instead Stride and then Administer First Aid or Treat a Condition (if you have it).
  • Holistic Care
    • Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy, Treat Condition
    • You provide emotional and spiritual care. Add frightened, stupefied, and stunned to the list of conditions you can reduce with Treat Condition. If the stunned condition has a duration instead of a value, you can't use Treat Condition to reduce it.
  • Resuscitate
    • Three Actions
    • Prerequisites legendary in Medicine
    • Requirements You are holding healer's tools or are wearing them and have a hand free. Also, the target's body is mostly intact.
    • You can use Medicine to resuscitate the dead. Attempt a DC 40 Medicine check to revive a dead creature that has been dead for no more than 3 rounds. If you succeed, the target returns to life with the effects of raise dead, except it still has the wounded condition it had before dying, increased by 1 (or wounded 1 if it wasn't wounded before dying). Whether you succeed or fail, the target is temporarily immune to Resuscitate for 1 day.

With all these and more, you become the king of non-magical healing, which is really good because in PF2e Treat Wounds is the best way to heal out of combat.

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