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Meet the most boring rock of all Daemon Worlds.
The surface of Medrengard.

Medrengard is the current Daemon World of Perturabo, and the current homeworld of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion. It is a giant Daemonic Fortress World for Perturabo to play siegecraft with. Some of these fortresses are the size of mountains with dungeons penetrating into its core. Nevertheless, for a Daemon World, Medrengard is surprisingly quite...meh. If it wasn't for the Sun, you would have mistaken it for a regular-ass Fortress World.


Information gained from reconnaissance within the Eye describes the world as a bleak jail world where slaves are worked to death, with great Chaos warships tethered to its tallest towers, in which reside the Iron Warriors themselves. Warsmiths occupy their own specially made fortresses on the Daemon World, each commanding their own Grand Company and sometimes battling one another in power struggles.

The grandest fortress on the planet is the personal lair of Perturabo and he definitely made sure no other of his underlings made a fortress as grand as his...or else...other descriptions of Medrengard depict it as a huge fortress world with slave pits and towering pillars. In the white sky, a black sun pours smoky threads down onto the surface of the corrupted world. While there appear to be no 'native' inhabitants of Medrengard, it seems that some of Honsou's pet project like a few surviving mutant 'unfleshed', are known to roam the hills and gullies.

Settled by the Iron Warriors sometime after the Horus Heresy, during the Iron Warriors Civil War the planet became a battlefield, with some speculating that it was ochestrated by Perturabo himself to weed off the weak. What a dick.

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