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Like Terminator Armour, but somehow more boxier. Firaeveus Carron is gonna get a brain aneurysm when he sees this.

Mega Armour or mega-armour is essentially exclusively worn by the elite of Ork society such as Nobz, Warbosses, and Warlords; further ensuring the deadliness of Ork mega-armour users. While slow and clunky (as is represented by slow and purposeful) and lacking the energy field protection/indestructible surfaces of Tactical Dreadnought armour (hence the lack of an invulnerable save) your average Ork nob is considerably hardier than your average space marine (hence having two wounds not anymore now that Marines have two wounds as well) and an Ork warboss is even tougher than that. However, it seems that the Orks have not created quite as many weapons to go along with mega-armor as humanity has created systems to go along with tactical dreadnought armour.


Mega Armour without the occupant.

Unlike Terminators, Mega-Nobz cannot teleport, and while a Space Marine storm bolter/combi-bolter is roughly equivalent to an Ork Twin-Linked Shoota, mega-nobz are not really known to fit any other kinds of ranged weapons onto their suits besides swapping out the second barrel of a Twin-Linked Shoota for a Rokkit Launcha, Stikkbomb Launcha or a Skorcha. The only known exceptions to this are Ork Big Meks, and certain Warbosses/Warlords who might fit a unique gun or a Big Shoota (if they're Gazghkull) or a Killkannon or a Kustom Mega-Blasta if they're Gorgutz. For melee weapons, nearly every ork mega-armour user uses a power klaw, which is a direct equivalent to the human powerfist, though some rich orks may choose to trick out their power Klaws, most notably Gorgutz who tricked his power klaw out at both Kaurava and Kronus, even having the damn thing be constantly on fire and at Archeron has decided to fit a launcher and chain system to his power klaw to act as a give grappling hook. Another weapon used is the Killsaw, which corresponds most closely to the chainfist, although it seems most Mega-armour wearers choose to fit killsaws to both hands rather than just one to make them extra choppy.

Orks don't often wear full-face helmets, generally preferring at most an iron gob to protect their jaws paired with a relatively simple cap helmet (usually horned), but some will go the full distance to protect their faces with helmets best described as full-faced welding masks or helmets taking after their Warhammer fantasy counterparts' black orc helmets. This tendency for Orks to not cover their heads adequately has been exploited by Ciaphas Cain at the very least who, when rushed by an Ork Warboss managed to get a victory against an opponent capable of crunching a squad of space marines like toys and stomping many a Space Marine Chapter Master or Chaos Lord into powder by emptying his Laspistol's magazine into the Ork's head since the rest of the warboss was way too well protected for his chainsword and pistol to make much impact.

One advantage Ork mega-armor wearers have over their Space Marine counterparts (loyalist or otherwise) is that Ork Mega-armor wearers can ride on just about any Ork transport and get stuck into the fight almost immediately while terminators will need to wait for a Stormraven, Land Raider, or Spartan Assault Tank to do the same. Meanwhile, a few Nobz can get into a Trukk and drive furiously at the enemy to shove some power klaws and killsaws up someplace unpleasant. For many Ork players, this more than makes up for the lack of deep striking options for Meganobz as it provides for a cheap and quick delivery system for their otherwise plodding Meganobz to get into the thick of combat to smash some faces in.

Another thing to note that with Orks it can often be very hard to tell an Ork meganob apart from an Ork who just so happens to have a lot of bionic gubbinz attached to him.

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