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The Megakarytes are minuscule worm-like Tyranid biomorphs that are usually deployed in large waves. They are among the simplest creatures produced by the Hive Mind as they serve only one purpouse, supporting the largest creatures by repairing their wounds using a white gluey substance they produce. The fluid is created with their own biomass, meaning that countless numbers of these creatures die while attending to their objective, a small price to pay for the assault success.

Fan-made Rules[edit]

8th Edition[edit]

This unit contains 3 Megakarytes Swarms. It can include up to three more Megakarytes Swarms (Power Rating +2) or up to six more Megakarytes Swarms (Power Rating +4). Each model is armed with cutting teeth.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Points
Megakarytes Swarm 7" 6+ - 1 1 6 6 4 7+ 15 (each)
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Cutting Teeth Melee Melee user -1 1 -


  • Minuscule Creatures: Such creatures are incredibly small, making them nearly invulnerable against normal projectiles. However this means that they can't hope to escape the torrent of flames coming from certain enemy weapons.
    • This unit treats cover as if it had the Infantry keyword. In addition it takes twice the number of hits from weapons which automatically hit their target but gains +3 to its armour save when in cover and enemy units targeting this unit during the shooting phase suffer a -1 to hit that becomes a -2 when this unit is in cover. Finally, this unit may never hold objectives.
  • Surgical Biomorphs:
    • At the beginning of your movement phase you may choose a friendly <Hive Fleet> unit (that doesn't have the <Swarm> keyword) within 3" of this unit. The unit heals D3 previously lost wounds (no model may be revived by this rule) while this unit suffers an equal amount of mortal wounds. If the unit has the Monster keyword it can heal D6 wounds instead of D3 but this unit automatically suffers 6 mortal wounds. Finally, if the model is Titanic it can also heal D6 wounds but this unit suffers 12 mortal wounds instead.


  • Faction:<Hive Fleet>, Tyranids
  • Elites, Swarm, Megakarytes Swarm