Megatrakk Scrapjet

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Ladies and gentlemen, a weaponized jet turbine. It's about to get extremely messy around here. Bet you never thought you’d be jealous of Ork technology.
The original scrapjets
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"We're Deff Skwadron, remember, and since when 'ave a few missin' wings an' engines ever stopped us from doin' the business?"

– Gimzod, Deff Skwadron

A new and hilariously ridiculous Ork Speed Freek vehicle of the 2018 Orktober event and possibly one of the most insane Ork designs ever (Which is one heck of a feat by itself). The Megatrakk Scrapjet is, for all intents and purposes, a jet engine with wheels and tracks attached to it, or a land fighter jet if you are more of the analytical type.

This is what you get when a Dakkajet is shot down and the local Mekboy doesn't feel like making it into a new aircraft. Or when a Skwadron's aircraft are being disassembled for maintenance when the fighting starts and there's no time to get them properly air-worthy. Even while grounded, the Rokkit Kannon mounted on this former aircraft makes it much more dangerous than it looks.

While the wings have been broken off in whatever terrible accident grounded the Scrapjet, it’s still covered in fins and ailerons – after all, they look cool, and that’s what being a Flyboy is all about. The Scrapjet is propelled by a huge jet exhaust at the back, which pushes the vehicle along via the tracked wheels attached to the rear.

The ex-pilot himself is decked out in a flight jacket, goggles and a long scarf billowing out behind him, seated in a cockpit full of instruments (which he is, of course, ignoring).

As you can imagine, having a spinning jet turbine so damned close to the ground is bound to have disastrous effects. This ranges from sucking up loose rocks and other junk which would make the engine malfunction or blow up, or simply sucking any poor bastard into the engine itself, creating one spectacular mess in the process- although we wouldn't be surprised if the latter is the actual intention of the entire design, especially with that big drill on the nose. Nonetheless, this mobile meat blender escapes the ire of being accused of shitty design solely based on the fact that it's an Ork vehicle and therefore exempt from any kind of basic logic or concepts of safety.


In 8th Edition the Scrapjet primarily fulfills a mobile tank-killer role that the Orks had previously been somewhat short of, though it's not half bad at melee either. It has a Rokkit Kannon that is essentially a Rokkit Launcha that fires 2d3 shots, and its Wing Missiles are equivalent to an additional single Rokkit Launcha that hits Vehicles on a 4+ (6+ for all other targets). In addition it has two twin Big Shootas, one pair of which hits on 4+ due to its Grot Gunner. In melee, the Scrapjet's Spiked Ram deals d3 mortal wounds on a roll of 4+ after a successful charge, while its Nose Drill has 4 attacks at S8, AP-2, D3 wounds each, hitting on 4+. The Scrapjet's main disadvantage is that it is, ironically, rather slow with a speed of only 10." It is also somewhat pricey at 100 points.

TLDR: The Scrapjet has firepower equivalent to a Gunwagon and enough melee capability to be a serious threat. Because it is useful in almost any situation it tends to be one of the more popular Speed Freek choices.

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