Meiotic Spore

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Attack of the big stupid jellyfish.

Meiotic Spores (mee-oh-tik) (Boletus majoris) are Tyranid creatures and are pretty much just bigger versions of Spore mines. They are completely unarmed, and their only purpose is to drift around until they find something that's not a Tyranid and then blow up in their face and shower them in acid and sharp bone and chitin fragments.

Forge World makes them and sells them in groups of three.

On the tabletop[edit]

Tyranid players, please write something about how they perform on the tabletop.

They can be manually detonated in the Movement Phase, allowing them to make a Large Blast attack at anything within 6". If it scatters and misses, you get to put 1+D3 Spore Mines down. Awesome.

If they're charged by an enemy unit, the enemy unit suffers a ton of autohits. Awesome.

If they're SHOT by an enemy unit, and destroyed, see detonation rules: put down Spore Mines! Awesome!

And they deploy at the end of deployment using the rules for Deepstrike, so you get to place them in the most inconvenient places for the enemy army. Fucking amazing.

Why isn't everyone bringing these?

Oh, because Forgeworld wants a downpayment on a house for a few lumps of plastic resin.

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