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Despite their instinctual know-how of worky-gubbinz, there'll always be some advanced mechanical issues that a Mekboy can't fix with only the limited portable tools he has on hand, no matter how determined he is or how many times he hits the offending device with his Wrench. Enter the Mekboy Workshop, a fully-equipped drive-through garage, literally buried beneath all the gadgets and gizmos a Mek could ever need and probably shouldn't have access to.

Often cordoned off by a few simple walls to mark the resident Mek's property line in case any neighbours start getting cute, and surrounded by loose piles of scrap and other odds and ends to use as spare parts, Mekboy Workshops are always hives of activity. Mobs of Grot Oilers are constantly toing and froing within the vicinity, fetching tools or parts for da Boss, or herding/fleeing from errant Oil Squigs. All the while, said Boss is bellowing orders to said Grots at the top of his voice, or more commonly through a booming intercom system that deafens every git within a mile radius. Meanwhile a steady stream of Ork customers come in to get their rides pimped, Teef at the ready to pay for the service.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Well that's the fluff, now here's the crunch. And the first thing you'll notice is just how zoggin' bootiful the official GW model is, as we've come to expect from the Ork product line. The main Workshop is based on a wall section of an STC Ryza-pattern building, and is replete with little details. These include a rack and toolbox both full of spanners, hammers, and saws, a cluttered work table with a vice and screwdriver, and a welding mask stuffed away on a high shelf. The set also comes with three Orky barricades, two with corrugated sheet metal and small firing ports, one with a string of fairy lights of all things, and three low-lying piles of scrap, one of various engine blocks, one of assorted tyres resting against what looks like a discarded Grot Bomm casing, and one of mixed wheel hubs and other bitz of bodywork. These barricades and piles of scrap can be arranged in any pattern you like, so you can have a defence line, or a fully-enclosed building if you want.

The Workshop also comes with a Grabbin' Klaw, which can be operated by a single friendly ORK INFANTRY unit within 1" during the Fight Phase, to inflict 1d3 Mortal wounds on a single enemy unit also within 1" on a 1d6 roll of 4+. Unlikely to ever be used though, since the Workshop has to be placed in your deployment zone, and will most likely never see melee. Unfortunately, you can't upgrade it with a Flakka-Dakka Gun, so Grimgutz will have to suffer the Flyboyz buzzing his workplace for a while longer.

The main draw of the Workshop however, is its Kustom Job Special Rule. This lets one friendly ORK VEHICLE unit within 1" of the Workshop at the end of the Movement Phase choose one of three effects, instead of shooting or charging later that turn, and having their Attacks stat temporarily reduced to 1 per model. You really have to weigh up the pros and cons if you want to use it, can you afford to skip a turn of shooting to get a buff for the next one? And you can't stack the effects of multiple Workshops next to each other, as they can't all operate on the same unit on the same turn.

The three effects you can choose from, are More Speed, More Rivets, or More Dakka. More Speed temporarily increases the Move stat of models in that unit by 6" in the next Movement Phase, and on a 6+ they get +1 to all Charge rolls for the remainder of the battle. More Rivets heals the unit for +1d3 Wounds, but if there's a friendly Big Mek or Mekboy within 1" of the Workshop who hasn't used their Big Mekaniak or Mekaniak Special Ability yet that turn, the unit's instead healed for the full +3 Wounds. On a 6+, the unit also get +1 Toughness for the remainder of the battle. and finally, More Dakka temporarily makes a single non-Bubblechukka weapon in the unit with a random number of shots, fire the full number of shots the next time it fires. On a 6+, that weapon gets +1 Damage for ther remainder of the battle.

FUN FACT - you can totally use the Tellyporta Strategem on this thing, as it's Ork Structure Special Rule says it's only considered Terrain after it has been deployed, so enjoy Deep Striking it in like an Ork Hammerfall Bunker and boxing off your opponent's Knight in a corner, or dropping a full Fortifications Network of three down and turn a gunline charge into a cityfight. Feel free to model it as a Rok and coordinate its entry with other late-arriving elements like Stormboyz and Kommandos.


With the advent of Da Book of Da Beast, you now get a free Kustom Job Stratagem for each Mekboy Workshop you take, saving on CP for more important stuff in a CP-heavy army.

9th Edition[edit]

The Mekboy Workshop's now an Obstacle Terrain Feature with the Defence Line, Light Cover, Heavy Cover, Defensible, Unstable Position, and Difficult Ground Terrain Traits. Guess they weren't selling or something?


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