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Alignment True Neutral
Pantheon Dawn War
Portfolio Nature, Wilderness, Sea
Domains 5E: Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Arvandor
Worshippers Druids, Rangers, Sailors, Fishers, Halflings

Melora (not to be confused with the moth, the Deep Space Nine episode or the number of actresses bearing the same name) is a deity in the 4th edition D&D default pantheon. She is unaligned and her domain encompasses the wilderness, nature and the sea.

The Dawn War[edit]

Melora fought alongside the other deities during the Dawn War. After the war ended and the divine influence of the gods on the mortal world was lessened, no deity was as severely affected as Melora. As a deity of the wild, she was one to travel around the mortal world and see its beauty. Instead she was locked out, and spend a long time hunting on Arvandor.

After the war ended and the demon lord Baphomet was cast into the Abyss, Erathis (with whom Melora was very close), assumed direct control over the Minotaur race, and helped them build a great civilisation. Unfortunately, due to cultists of Baphomet infiltrating the Minotaur nation and corrupting it from the inside out, Melora eventually had to destroy the city and its people with a volcanic eruption, something that many Minotaurs hold against her to this day. This also broke up the bond between Melora and Erathis, and many of their followers are in discord with each other.


Melora is the goddess of the wild, nature and the sea. All those who live off the untamed land and sea hold her in high regard. Though they tend to overlap, Melora sees the primal spirits of the world as her friends, and there is little to no animosity between the followers of the primal spirits and her own, some even acnowledging both as equals.


Like Avandra, Melora has no domain of her own, preferring to explore the world's beauty. If not in the mortal word, she can be found in Arvandor, hunting the abberations of Carceri there.


Melora is worshipped by those who live off the land. Especially in coastal areas you can find her followers amongst fishermen and sailors. Those who live in the woods or other untamed areas pay their respects to the lady of the wild as well. The more devout followers of Melora actively protect the wilderness of the world from those who would destroy it and hunt the abberations that walk around in it, the first of which sometimes put them at odds with the more zealous followers of Erathis.

In an earlier time, Melora created the Halflings alongside Sehanine, though they abandoned their children for no real reason. The Halfings hold no grudge, and many of them are followers of their creators.

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