Mephrit Dynasty

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Mephrit Dynasty
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Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Middle Power


Two Known Planets
Rivals the Nihilakh Dynasty

Head of State

Phaeron Khyrek (Great Sleep)
None (Current Era)

Head of Government

Phaeron Khyrek (Great Sleep)
Zarathusa the Ineffable, other Overlord Rivals (Current Era)

Governmental Structure

Totalitarian Absolute Monarchy (Great Sleep)
Federal Autocratic Aristocracy (Current Era)

State Religion/Ideology




Military Force

Necron Forces

The Mephrit Dynasty are a Dynasty of the Necrons. They are known for only three things. The first is that they are literal next door neighbors to Baal and its inhabitants. The second is that they are renowned star-destroyers, their current territory is located in Ultima Segmentum. The third is that their Phaeron was destroyed whilst in stasis, leaving the dynasty currently leaderless. Add a fourth to that: their colour scheme is literally the same as the Cameron's Terminator.


Map of the Mephrit Dynasty.

During the War in Heaven, the Mephrit Dynasty specialised in stellar destruction, harnessing technology capable of turning stars supernova. The Silent King frequently turned to this dynasty to bring troublesome worlds to heel, even though most Necrontyr felt their methods ran counter to their codes of honorable warfare (Which is ironic given the Necrontyr's War with the Old Ones which can be summed up as a bunch of assholes shooting up an Old Folk's Home (an Old Folk's Home populated exclusively with immortal wizards more powerful than Gandalf who previously beat the Necrontyr in war)).

To this day, the Mephrit mastery over stellar phenomena is evident in their weaponry, which are powered by the energy of captive suns. This in turn, somehow turns their Gauss weapons bright orange, which should technically make them into Plasma weapons more than anything else really. Nonetheless, fortunately for the little young'ins, aeons of having a great snooze fest without proper maintenance meant that the Dynasty either lost their superweapons from sheer temporal entropy or through hundreds of millennia of disrepair and thus, unsuitable for eliminating the dust build up within tomb worlds, let alone war time. Jeez, if you thought the Cogboys in red were pretty bad at preserving their shit together, the Mephrit got them beat in the responsibility department. Seriously, what kind of idiot leaves their star destroying doomsday devices laying around unattended for 60 fucking-million years!?

The Phaeron of the dynasty, Khyrek the Eternal, was lost during the Great Sleep (Which is again, ironic given his name); destroyed during his slumber along with the entire crownworld by those pesky Eldar assassins, leaving the awakened dynasty leaderless. Its also mentioned that a Hrud infestation of the crownworld was responsible for its loss, which may be a conflicting history or in addition to the total destruction of the planet itself.

Either way, this has led to the lesser nobility vying amongst themselves for power, each hoping to wrest control of the dynasty and reclaim some of its lost glory; overlord Zarathusa the Ineffable AKA the scary bastard with the giant orange scythe is currently poised at the forefront of this politicking.

The territory of the dynasty is currently located in Ultima Segmentum, and includes the Tomb Worlds of Perdita and Qyrakotosh. Mephrit's dynastic symbol was originally intended to reflect the constellation which surrounded their crownworld; however, the march of time and entropy have left the current formation of the empire unrecognizable compared to its former shape.

Although not as large as the Oruscar Dynasty and the Nekthyst Dynasty, the Mephrit still has more screentime, information and relevance than either of those two. Recently they have been warring against Craftworlds Alaitoc and Saim-Hann for the Exodite worlds.

Known Individuals[edit]

  • Ezandrakh - Executioner and Herald of the "Red Harvest"
  • Khyrek the Eternal - Former Phaeron, got BLAMMED by Eldar assasins
  • Zarathusa the Ineffable - Overlord of Perdita and current runner up for next Phaeron
  • Xergyrn - Cryptek
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