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Mesos' symbol.jpg
Six arms clasping each other to make two triangles overlapped that form a six-pointed star
Divine Rank Titan
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Magic
Domains None
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Arcane devourers, arcane symbiotes, blackpelt slitherin, djinn, druids, gallows eyes, howling abominations, pilfer pixies, sorcerers, sundered mages, vertigern

Mesos (pronounced MAY-sohs or MAY-zohs), also called the Sire of Sorcery, is the titan of magic in Scarn. He's the father of Belsameth, Madriel, and Ashumas.


Mesos was the most powerful of titans, though followers of Kadum and Thulkas would dispute this, for whilst physically weak, he was able to cast any spell he wanted. Wherever he went before the war, the mists surrounding him would mutate and alter the life around him, and those he saw as power hungry enough, he would give the gift of sorcery. He was also one of the reasons the Divine War began, as he took Enkili's divine powers away and severed his/her connection to his/her followers for he had gotten sick of his/her pranks. This was the final straw for the gods, and they agreed to fight against their abusive progenitors, starting with the Sire of Sorcery. The gods ambushed Mesos, under the pretense of Enkili apologizing to him, and before he could fininsh his spellcasting, Tanil shot an arrow to his throat and Corean slashed at him until he couldn't stand up. The gods then held him down, whilst Vangal chopped his body to pieces and scattered his essence around Scarn.


The death of Mesos had a significant impact on Scarn, as the amount of sorcerers rose along with the power of arcane spellcasters. Another effect was Mesos' Bane, an effect that happens when casting arcane magic. The effect is that the caster begins generating either heat, light, or lightning around, which also acts as an in-unverse explanation why wizards and sorcerers wear little armor (that nice full plate can suddenly become an oven or a lighting rod). This effect is actually the scattered pieces of Mesos trying to reform, as arcane devourers absorb the energies made during casting along with pieces of his scattered soul.


Those who worship the Sire of Sorcery are usually sorcerers themselves, along with those who turn to magic as way to improve their lives. Many of the worshippers seek to aid the spawns of Mesos along with helping the arcane devourers rebuild their god by wasting arcane spells, so that one day Mesos may overthrow the gods.

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