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... scratch space for notes on official and unofficial material for converting from the d20SRD to the Microlite20 system.


(Taken from greywulf's post in the ENWorld forum thread)

Here are the skills from the d20 SRD and their Microlite20 equivalents:

Appraise com+MIND
Balance phys+DEX
Bluff com+MIND
Climb phys+DEX or phys+STR, whichever is highest
Concentration doesn’t apply. GM’s fiat applies
Craft it’s an out of game thing. No one ever crafts things in-game, so it’s a redundant skill. Alternatively, know+DEX
Decipher Script know+MIND or com+MIND
Diplomacy com+MIND
Disable Device sub+MIND or sub+DEX
Disguise sub+MIND
Escape Artist sub+DEX or sub+STR, depending on what you’re escaping out of
Forgery com+DEX
Gather Information com+MIND
Handle Animal com+MIND or com+STR if the animal is bigger than you
Heal know+MIND
Hide sub+DEX
Intimidate could be phys+STR, or sub+MIND or com+STR. You choose.
Jump phys+STR (long jump) or phys+DEX (high jump)
Knowledge know+MIND
Listen sub+MIND
Move Silently sub+DEX
Open Lock sub+DEX
Perform com+MIND, though it could be DEX if you’re juggling, or STR if you’re a weightlifter
Profession com+MIND, usually
Ride com+DEX
Search sub+MIND
Sense Motive com+MIND
Sleight of Hand sub+DEX
Speak Language doesn’t apply. You either know the language or you don’t. Alternatively, com+MIND to understand subtle nuances, I guess
Spellcraft MIND only
Spot sub+MIND
Survival phys+STR to survive, or sub+DEX or STR to hunt stuff.
Swim phys+STR
Tumble phys+DEX
Use Magic Device you can either use it, or you can’t. GM fiat. Alternatively, MIND only
Use Rope no, never ever. Use Rope is a DEAD SKILL. This skill is dead. It has passed the mortal coil (of rope). Use phys+DEX if you must, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.