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Middenland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Boris Todbringer
Province capital Middenheim
Runefang Legbiter
Specialties Monster fighting, inhuman levels of stubbornness, viking LARP (non-Chaos variety)
Commerce Wool, mining, logging
Primary military colours Blue and White

Middenland is a major province in the Empire situated in the eastern Drakwald forest, a member province since the time of Sigmar. Founded by the fierce Teutogens and occupied to this day by their hot-blooded ancestors, Middenland is politically and militarily powerful, having been the homeland of many emperors and needing to defend against the constant threat of Beastmen in the forests surrounding its heavily fortified capital, which is an Imperial city-state in its own right. While recent centuries have seen a decline in Middenland's power, the province retains a close second position behind the coalition built by the Reikland nobility at the time Karl Franz I's reign.


The Middenlanders are descended from the Teutogens, one of the original tribes that came together with Sigmar to found the Empire. Living in the densely forested and often hilly country of the northern Empire, they define themselves almost directly in opposition to their southern neighbors. Ulric, the chief god of the pre-Imperial tribes, retains his place at the top of the pantheon in Middenland society. Reasons for this vary, but it can safely be said that "Sigmar was an Unberogens and the Unberogens became the Reiklanders and we don't like the Reiklanders" factors into this situation to some degree. In most cases, despite this fierce pride, Middenheim has been willing to swear fealty to the Imperial throne again and again, even if it happens to be occupied by a Sigmarite. Generally considered the most likely of the Imperial provinces to actually try and break away from the Empire as a whole, they are mostly held back because they happen to be right in the way of any Chaos army that comes storming down from the north.

In short, if the Empire is a Holy Roman Empire analogue, the Middenlanders are the Prussians, albeit with the opposite attitude towards cutting-edge military technology.

Middenheimers have historically been more amenable to magic users than those in majority Sigmarite areas. This has had... mixed results.


Helmets and haircuts are for children and Reiklanders.

The adherence to the cult of a more ancient god of warfare has created a military culture that is resistant to some of the advances of early modern warfare, such as ranged weapons, steel plate armor, and, in extreme cases, such Southern frivolities as "the chain of command" and "not charging blindly at the biggest and meanest thing on the field." Nevertheless, Middenland is a military force to be reckoned with, and Ulrican warriors are every bit as dangerous as their more technologically advanced peers.

The Knights of the White Wolf are the major Ulrican templar order, made up of men who look like they could bite wolves in half who run down their enemies and beat the snot out of them with hammers as Ulricans have done since time immemorial. Within this order, the Teutogen Guard (heavy infantry with even larger hammers) forms the personal bodyguard of the Ar-Ulric. Within THIS elite guard is the Brotherhood of the Axe, so named for their double-headed greataxes and presumably elevated due to having enough intelligence to be trusted with edged weapons. Each and every one of these men, from the lowest novice knight to the most smelly and willfully illiterate Brother of the Axe, is fully devoted to the cult of Ulric and the defense of Middenland against all enemies foreign and Reiklander. It is unknown at this time if any further tiers of brotherhood in this order exist; if they do they are probably secret in order to avoid open war with the Sigmarite orders, with whom there is a mutual distrust for numerous reasons.

Major Cities[edit]


Built on the towering white rock of the Fauschlag, Middenheim is a great fortress-city that dominates the Drakwald for miles around. The deep-seated Ulrican distaste for black powder has given way to the deeper-seated Middenland distaste for losing battles and the level-headed practical thinking that is (eventually) required for long-term survival in an environment such as the Empire, and its towering walls are lined with heavy cannon. It has been attacked, besieged, and once nearly destroyed, but has never surrendered or been breached by an enemy. It enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of the safest cities in the Empire under any conditions. Not "safe," mind you, just better than those which do not feature fortifications that would force Dwarfs to admit that human stonemasons are capable of doing decent work from time to time. Here lies the seat of the Ar-Ulric, head of the Ulrican church, and the greatest temple to his god.


Carroburg began as the first seat of the Teutogen chieftains and eventually became the capital of the imperial province of Drakwald, becoming in turn the imperial capital under the Drakwald emperors. After the fall of Drakwald, the city changed hands and relative importance several times during the Age of Three Emperors: A part of Middenland under the Wolf Emperor, forming a new province in opposition to the Wolf Emperor that claimed to succeed the Drakwald electors, being occupied by Reikland for some time, and eventually becoming part of Middenheim again.

Carroburg is a port city on the Reik, and still retains a cultural and economic importance due to its past as a royal city. The Imperial School of Oratory is located here, as well as some impressive palaces. The Drakschloss, residence of the Drakwald emperors, still stands, although it's been actively avoided by all sensible people since Emperor Boris Goldgather and his court died in 1115 IC during the Black Plague.

Army List[edit]

Lords: 0-1 Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf

Heroes: Seneschal of the White Wolf, Wizard, Captain, Priest of Ulric

Core Units: Spearmen, Halberdiers, Swordsmen, Archers, Huntsmen, Knights of the White Wolf, 0-1 Knights Panther

Special Units: 0-1 Teutogen Guard, 0-1 Greatswords, Crossbowmen, Warriors of Ulric, Hunting Hounds

Rare Units: Wolf-kin, Mortar, Great Cannon, Handgunners, Dogs of War


When selecting a Human Mercenary Warband in a game of Mordheim, you can choose whether it comes from one of three provinces; Reikland, Marienburg, or Middenland, with the chosen province granting it a special bonus. Middenlander mercenaries are notorious for their strength and martial prowess, so the band's Captain and any Champions hired as part of it gain +1 Strength, starting at Strength 4 compared to the Strength 3 of every other default human.

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