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Middenland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Boris Todbringer
Province capital Middenheim
Runefang Legbiter
Specialties Hardened fighters with a splash of monster fighting
Commerce Wool and mining
Primary military colours Blue and White


The Middenlanders are a specific ethnic group within The Empire in the world of Warhammer Fantasy, who reside in the northern provinces of the Empire and are generally regarded as a bunch of uptight old-fashioned assholes; this is most evident in their shunning of Sigmar as the deified emperor of humanity and instead of clinging to the older faith of Ulric. Generally considered the most likely of the Imperial provinces to actually try and break away from the Empire as a whole, they are mostly held back because they happen to be right in the way of any Chaos army that comes storming down from the north.

Many of them have similar buffed body sizes like that of the Norscans, which might either had to do with their pro-Ulric lifestyle or the Nordland migrants moving in. Speaking of the Nordlanders, they were so often subjugated to the rape and pillage of the Norscan across the sea that most of the Nordlanders share the same blonde hair and buffed body size as that of the Norscans'.

They also got their own variant army list for Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition released as part of the Storm of Chaos event.

Army List[edit]

Lords: 0-1 Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf

Heroes: Seneschal of the White Wolf, Wizard, Captain, Priest of Ulric

Core Units: Spearmen, Halberdiers, Swordsmen, Archers, Huntsmen, Knights of the White Wolf, 0-1 Knights Panther

Special Units: 0-1 Teutogen Guard, 0-1 Greatswords, Crossbowmen, Warriors of Ulric, Hunting Hounds

Rare Units: Wolf-kin, Mortar, Great Cannon, Handgunners, Dogs of War


When selecting a Human Mercenary Warband in a game of Mordheim, you can choose whether it comes from one of three provinces; Reikland, Marienburg, or Middenland, with the chosen province granting it a special bonus. Middenlander mercenaries are notorious for their strength and martial prowess, so the band's Captain and any Champions hired as part of it gain +1 Strength, starting at Strength 4 compared to the Strength 3 of every other default human

Provinces of the Empire
Reikland - Averland - Hochland - Middenland - Nordland - Ostland - Ostermark - Stirland - Talabecland - Wissenland
Cities: Altdorf - Averheim - Middenheim - Mordheim - Talabheim - Nuln
Lost Provinces: Solland - Drakwald
Independent Provinces: The Moot - Marienburg - Sylvania