Milan Platoon (Airmobile)

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In Team Yankee[edit]

The airmobile counterpart of the mechanized Milan section, the airmobile Milan Platoon provides a solid wall of missiles guaranteed to terrify any Soviet player. 5 points gives you 4 Milan teams and two Lynxes; 8 points gives you 6 Milans with 2 Lynxes while 11 points gives you 8 Milans and 3 Lynxes. With an identical stat line to all other British infantry, the potential for orders is a vital one. Point for point, the airmobile Milan section is marginally less efficient than the mechanized Milans but only marginally. Consider the points as an investment into having a more durable base of anti-tank units. The lynxes should be treated as expendable since you shouldn't be relocating your Milans about. For obvious reasons, their purpose is to set up a field of fire and obliterate every vehicle in sight.

Even though the Airmobile Milan Platoon is still far more efficient than almost any other ATGM carrier in the Britsh Army due to it being an infantry Milan, its role overlaps severely with the airmobile rifle platoon. As the rifle platoon already features a mandatory Milan compliment, the need for even more Milans may become redundant. As players spam ATGMs, they become ever more vulnerable to artillery and enemy infantry. If a unit of Milans is pinned, consider them useless for a turn or longer. As airmobile platoons already suffer against infantry due to the lack of MG equipped FV432s, list building with the airmobile platoon becomes a juggling act.

A somewhat niche choice, given the abundance of Milans in the Airmobile Company. As intended, the list is capable of representing a force almost dedicated to anti-tank operations. In-game, however, it is balanced by being incredibly vulnerable to pinning and enemy infantry. Surprisingly un-cheesy despite being a Milan unit!


The issue of Milans to an entire platoon is one that echoes the hypothetical history nature of Team Yankee. In modern militaries, the use of the entire weapons platoon being dedicated to fighting tanks would be considered terribly inflexible, and also a waste of resources due to redundancy. ATGMs operate best as small isolated units acting as snipers, destroying enemy vehicles with precision. Ideally, the bulk of anti-armour missions would be undertaken by air support, ATGM helicopters or even your own armoured assets. But sending a platoon equipped only with Milans against tanks is simply asking for 8 Milan launchers to be destroyed by artillery fire.

That said: against 71,000 plus tanks (not including light vehicles) across the warsaw pact, ya there is an argument for concentrating your anti tank to deal against a major armored offensive.

British Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Chieftain - Challenger 1
Transports: Spartan Transport - FV432 Transport - FV510 Warrior - Lynx Transport
Infantry: Mechanized Company - Milan Section (Mechanized) - Airmobile Company - Milan Platoon (Airmobile) - Support Troop
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